April 17, 2024

First of all, the Hiboy P10 folding electric bike is a budget bike from which you should not expect miracles. This electric bike is characterized by quite good workmanship, which implies a compact, foldable design and overall weight of 35 lbs. In fact, it’s not really fully foldable bike, but more collapsible as it overlaps only the steering rod, and the seat is height-adjustable. However, it is quite enough to easily pack it in the trunk of a car because its dimensions are extremely small (39.3 x 35.4 x 19.6 inches).

The entire construction of the Hiboy P10 electric bike stands on 12-inch pneumatic tires. Pay special attention here. Although some point out that this model has off-road capabilities it does not. This is a classic commuter or urban electric bike intended primarily for flat terrains. If you live in an area with frequent uphills and downhills this bike is not for you. In that case, you could choose Ecotric Hammer, Ecotric Lark, Gotrax EBE2 etc. Small 12-inch wheels just can’t easily overcome off-road terrains with stones, various cracks, etc. On the other hand, in urban environments, on asphalt, concrete and bike paths, this small electric bike will easily push through city and it is an ideal last mile option.

The performance of the Hiboy P10 electric bike is not bad at all. It has a fairly powerful 350 W motor that allows you to accelerate to a top speed of 15.5 mph. The maximum range of this model is 18 miles on a single charge when using throttle only mode, which is quite enough for a small commuter e-bike. But, if you use pedal assist mode, which I definitely advise you, then up to 31 miles can be covered on a single charge. Although this bike also has pedal only mode, I do not recommend using it. The reason for this is the fact that Hiboy P10 is a single gear bike and pedaling with such small wheels and pedals is a real torture.

The starting price of the Hiboy P10 e-bike is only $469 and that is why this is a very popular model. Also, thanks to numerous discounts the price is often lower than the starting price (check the price here). In this review I will give you 25 reasons why you should/should not buy this e-bike. The list of reasons was made based on a customers’ reviews and their opinions, ie their experiences with this model. So let’s start.

18 Reasons to Buy Hiboy P10

As I already said, Hiboy P10 is a small, budget frindly commuter e-bike that offers pretty much for the price. Here is the list of 18 most common reasons to buy this bike:

Reasons to Buy Hiboy P10 Electric Bike
  •  Obviously, the first reason to buy Hiboy P10 is its price of only $469. You just can’t find an e-bike with this price/quality ratio.
  •  Interesting contemporary collapsible design with sturdy structure will provide long lasting use of this e-bike.
  •  This bike comes almost fully assembled, so you won’t be having any trouble to assemble it.
  •  Powerful 350 W motor with 7.5 Ah batteries enables great experience on flat terrains and with pedal assist mode you can ride it as far as 31 miles on a single charge.
  •  The Hiboy P10 features double disc brakes for easy and smooth braking.
  •  Maximum load capacity of this compact e-bike is 265 lbs, so it fits kids and adults.
  •  The Hiboy P10 features large headlight for better visibility during night rides and automatic large surface brake light. This way it’s far more secure for riding.
  •  Horn is nice addition to this model and lost of users just love it, me to.
  •  Adjustable seat allows the user to personalize the riding experience. I recommend it to riders between 5’4″ and 6’1″
  •  There are 3 riding modes available: throttle only, pedal assist and pedal only mode.
  •  This e-bike is often first choice for camping and vacation as a personal transporter for exploring the area.
  •  The motor kicks in fast and maximum speed is reached in no time.
  •  Space is not a problem when it comes to Hiboy P10. You can easily fold it and sore anywhere in the house, garage or just leave it in the trunk fo your car.
  •  Battery holds well and you can ride on maximum speed more than an hour before it needs to be recharged.
  •  Free shipping on all orders across USA and fast 5 days delivery are available.
  •  If, by any chance you don’t like this bike you can return it back in 30 days and you will be refunded.
  •  Hiboy has 12 Months Warranty on this bike. It’s just great, sometimes even more expensive bikes don’t come with 12 Months Warranty.

7 Reasons Not to Buy Hiboy P10

In this list you will find 7 reasons not to buy Hiboy P10. but, these reasons are more related to its size and usage, than to its overall quality. Here they are:

Reasons Not To Buy Hiboy P10
  •  Small 12″ tires are not performing well on off-road terrains.
  •  Battery pack is not removable, so you need to take the whole bike when recharging the batteries.
  •  For some users seat is not comfortable enough for longer rides.
  •  Pedal only mode is to hard to use, especially on uphills since this is a single gear bike.
  •  Some users had problems with Hiboy support getting no response.
  •  The bike slows down oh uphills and battery tends to drain faster.
  •  Some users had problems with wires disconnecting.

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