June 29, 2022

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5 Reasons to Buy Hiboy Electric Scooters

You never heard about Hiboy or you don’t know how they perform though you are not sure if this brand is the right choice for you? Well, this is the reason why we’ll bring these scooters more close to you. Hiboy is well established brand of personal electric vehicles. They got popular several years ago, when hoverboards were the most popular product on the market. Nowadays, Hiboy is offering wide variety of electric vehicles with electric scooters and electric skateboards as a core products.

Is there any reason why you should buy Hiboy electric scooters. It depends if you are interested in this kind of fun or commuting. If you are than Hiboy electric scooters might be the real deal for you. Of course, you should pay attention if you are going to use these scooters for fu, as a commuter vehicle or both. Also, scooters for kids and inexperienced riders are not the same as those for adults and riders with some level of experience or pro riders. Luckily, Hiboy has all, electric scooters for kids, for adults, off-road electric scooters and those for commuting. So, let’s see 5 reasons why you should buy Hiboy electric scooter.

#1 The Price is Unbeatable

So, when I say that the price is unbeatable it means that when you buy a Hiboy electric scooter you will get more for less money. Often, competing models inside same niche are more expensive than Hiboy electric scooters. For example, If you are looking to buy a city commuter, the best choice among Hoboy scooters is the Hiboy S2 Pro. The price of this model is $549 at the moment. Similar competing models like Ninebot MAX G30, Levy Plus, Gotrax G4, Turboant X7 Pro etc. are usually above this price tag. Also, Hiboy often has great discounts, especially around important dates, anniversaries and shopping events like Black Friday. Check all prices and discounts for Hiboy electric scooters here.

Hiboy MAX3

#2 Hiboy Electric Scooters are High Quality Products

When it comes to parts, design and craftsmanship Hiboy electric scooters are high quality electric scooters. The frame of Hiboy scooters is made of high quality aluminium alloy allowing them to be lightweight and portable. Hiboy uses high capacity batteries for longer range. Also majority of Hiboy electric scooter models are equipped with 10-inch pneumatic or compact rubber tires, dual shock absorbers, LED headlights and taillights, they are app compatible with the Hiboy App etc. Their most advanced model is the 2021 Hiboy Titan Pro, an off-road electric scooter with top speed of 32 mph and 40 miles range.

#3 Free and Fast Shipping

Hiboy delivers for free across USA. The company is known by fast delivery and usually you will get your scooter in 5 to 7 days after the order occurs. More about shipping policy you can find here. Also, if you are not satisfied with your order there is 30 days money back guarantee. But be aware that it has to be undamaged and unused.

#4 Hiboy Reward Program for Social Media Sharing

If you already have one Hiboy electric scooter than you can earn some nice rewards. You just need to place video about your Hiboy experience on YouTube and depending on number of views you can win $50 or $100 disount for next shopping or even a free scooter. For more details about Hiboy Reward Program check here.

#5 Plenty of Choice

And finally, there is a plenty of choice when it comes to Hiboy electric scooters. Hiboy features 4 different lines of electric scooters and those are:

  • NEX series of electric scooters – The NEX series consists of 3 electric scooters, the Hiboy NEX, the Hiboy NEX3 and the Hiboy NEX5. These scooters are among best electric scooters for kids and adults and you should pay $249 for the NEX, $429 for the NEX3 and $769 for the NEX5.
  • S2 Series of electrric scooters – The S2 series is specially created for entry-level players. It consists of the Hiboy S2 Lite, the Hiboy S2, the S2 PRO, and the S2R. All these models are affordable electric scooters specially made for adults. The crown jewel of S2 series is the Hiboy S2 PRO.
  • MAX series of electric scooters – The MAX series is the upgraded commuter electric scooter series. There are 3 models in the MAX series, including MAX, MAX V2, and MAX3. This series features upgraded designing, a more comprehensive anti-skid pedal design and a one-step folding design, all of which provide the best experience for commuting.
  • TITAN series of off-road electric scooters – The Titan series of electric scooters is the latest and newest part of Hiboy electric scooter family. It includes two models, the Hiboy Titan and Hiboy Titan Pro. Hiboy Titan is dual electric scooter made for city commuting as well as light off-road scooter. The Hiboy Titan Pro is fully packed for off-road experience and it is a real off-road scooter.

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