Among number of self balancing scooters/hoverboards, electric unicycles and skateboards (check all here) Airwheel brings to us some interesting safety accessories and gadgets like smart helmets (more about available smart helmets look here). Smart or intelligent helmets are made for safety and fun. Primary role of smart helmets is to protect the rider and when you are fully protected you will be able to use them to boost your ride with tons of fun. Among other producers Airwheel offers to us very interesting smart helmets for hoverboards, scooters, skateboards, motorcycles and even for racing. Here we will present to you 2 Airwheel smart helmets best suited for hoverboard ride:

  1. The Airwheel C5 Intelligent Helmet is made for cycling, mounting, skateboarding and hoverboarding. This smart helmet combines in one product Bluetooth wireless headphones, a GoPro camera (check for available GoPro cameras here), and a skateboarding helmet thus giving us safety and fun in one product.

    It has built-in front HD 2K camera and Bluetooth speaker. The helmet has internal storage of 128 GB and it is adjustable to different head girths. Through mobile app you can connect the helmet to your smartphone in order to take high quality photos and videos, make calls during the ride and play music. There are several side buttons the helmet for capturing photos, taking video, activating Bluetooth, volume control, music play, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The built-in Wi-Fi modules enable C5 to connect to mobile phones and Wi-Fi network in order to share HD videos and photos to your friends on social media.With fully charged Li-ion battery you will have 180 min before recharging. Definitely it will make your rides fun as never before. It is available in more color combinations like orange and silver, green and silver or just black carbon.
    AirwheelC5_smart-helmetBuy Airwheel C5 on Amazon

  2. The Airwheel C6 Intelligent Helmet is primarily made for motorcycles but it looks really cool and we think it is great for hoverboard ride (if you don’t mind retro look). The helmet can be connected to your smartphone via mobile app using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 4000 mAh Li-ion battery will give you around 300 min of great 2K videos made with 120° wide angle view camera (2304×1296 HD resolution), music through built-in Bluetooth speakers and phone calls. Also, via mobile app, you can instantly share your videos and photos on social media. On the rear side of the helmet red flashing light will be automatically turned on, when the lighting is insufficient, to warn the vehicles. The helmet is available in black carbon or leather finish, Also, front sun visor is detachable. AirwheelC6_smart-helmetBuy Airwheel C6 on Amazon