February 29, 2024

ANCHEER city cruiser electric bike with 26-inch tires deserves our attention because it provides range, comfort, and carrying capacity and reasonable price. All these features are so important when looking for affordable yet reliable electric bike for everyday use inside urban environment.

The ANCHEER 26-inch 250W city cruiser is a reasonably priced city commuter electric bike in range of some similar models like Ecotric Lark. The ANCHEER is not a top notch electric bike, but for commuting or running errands it’s more than satisfying with some nice features and options. Its 250W motor is capable of going 15 mph using the throttle or pedal assist. The 36V battery also gives this bike an excellent distance range of 35 miles on a single charge using throttle only mode. This is cruiser style bike and it has a low step-through frame and comfortable upright seated pedaling position, and what I liked the best is tha fact that handling is steady and predictable. So, there will be no surprises while riding it. It is fully loaded with useful features like fenders, a headlight, an electric horn, a bell, a sturdy rear rack etc. But, let’s see why this is going to be your favorite city cruiser.

Design and Main Features of ANCHEER City Cruiser

ANCHEER is one of many brands producing reasonably priced electric bikes and iut stands head to head with Nakto or Ecotric. The ANCHEER 26-inch 250W has classic design fitting into the niche. Also, it is loaded with features. There is no doubt that its simple pedal-assist system can be improved, but we were impressed by its distance range of 35 miles on a single charge and using throttle only mode. Some more expensive models can’t brag whit this kind of battery performance. Top speed of 15 mph is not impressing, but for the city cruising this is enough. I especially liked its comfort, ride quality, and user-friendliness.

The ANCHEER 26-inch commuter bike has a good, predictable, and smooth ride quality. It has a low step-through frame and a comfortable, casual upright seated position. It also comes equipped with most of the features you’ll ever need, enhancing its versatility and user-friendliness.

The ANCHEER comes with front and rear disc brakes for powerful and quick stop if needed. Similarly, the shifting worked well and its 6-speed derailleur will provide great assistance on uphills when the battery runs out.

As I already said, the ANCHEER city cruiser electric bike is pretty comfortable and it has low step-through frame. You could say that this is technically a women’s bike, but I am 6 feet tall and I had zero problems to ride it and to adjust the frame for better performance. I even liked the fact that the step-through frame is low and easy to get on and off the bike. The stem and handlebar can be adjusted several inches to dial in the height to your preferences. It also comes with a nice wide, cushioned comfort seat.

ANCHEER did pay attention to additional features like removable Li-ion battery, front and rear fenders, electric horn, headlight, high-strengthened aluminium front fork for more comfort, rear rack etc.

The battery is placed under the rear rack, so when it runs out of the juice just pull it under the rack and recharge the battery. You will need around 6 hours to fully recharge the battery. Front and rear fenders will help to keep you dry and make this bike suitable for riding in rain or splashing through puddles.

Motor, Battery, Range and Speed

The ANCHEER City Cruiser features 250W rear hub motor with average feeling acceleration. It isn’t particularly quick off the line, but it has no problem getting up to its top speed of 15 mph on flat, and we were relatively impressed by the ANCHEERS’s maximum range of 35 miles on throttle only mode which extends to 45 miles with pedal assist mode. I also liked the fact that when I hit the bike’s top speed it didn’t have an abrupt power cutoff feel.

Thanks to its 36V battery, it went the distance and proved to be one of the top performers in this niche. You can easily switch between three riding modes: pedal-only, throttle-only or pedal-assist. Also, pedal assist mode has three levels and you can choose from “low” to“mid” and “high”. Level “High” is the maximum power of pedal assist, which will bring you faster speed while pedaling.

Final Verdict

The ANCHEER city commuter electric bike strikes us a pretty good value. We feel this bike will represent the best value to the rider who seeks comfort, simplicity, and the ability to carry some cargo. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced electric bike and comfort, distance range, and carrying capacity are high on your list of performance attributes, then the ANCHEER is a must to consider.

Main Specs

Size73.5″ x 26.7″ x 46″
Weight~50 lbs
Motor250W brushless gear motor
FrameAluminium alloy
Battery36V 12.5Ah Lithium battery
Charging Time6~8 hours
Maximum Speed15 mph
Maximum RangeUp to 35-45 miles (Throttle Only – Pedal Assist)
Maximum Weight CapacityUp to 330 lbs
MeterLED 3-speed level meter
Tires20″ x 1.95″ High-Volume City Cruise Tires
BrakeFront/Rear disc brake
SeatComfortable seat
Warranty1-year warranty

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