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SURFUS is a well known company based in Southern California and is part of 4WRD USA International, LLC. They are founded in 2013 and till today they released several models of 6,5” hoverboards. Today we will present to you improved version of waterproof SURFUS hoverboard with 6,5” wheels and buffing outer shell. Each version of SURFUS hoverboard is better than the previous one in design, security and available features. This improved waterproof version has a number of new features like Bluetooth speakers, App for smartphones and stylishly designed LED lights. Also, one nice feature of improved SURFUS is buffing outer shell in white, black and red color. However, main features of this hoverboard are presented in text below, so enjoy reading it.

Features of Improved SURFUS 6,5” Hoverboard

Since it is a 6,5” hoverboard it weighs only 22 lbs and the maximum load capacity of this SURFUS is 220 lbs. The producer says that this hoverboard is waterproof but be aware that it is water resistant up to IP34 standard meaning it can handle water spraying from different direction, no more. So, do not go to swim with this model. Some nice safety features, when it comes to battery, are over temperature protection in case of over speeding (if you reach 10 mph alert sound turns on to remind you to slow down) and battery charging protection when it is recharged to avoid overheating during the charging. When the battery is fully charged the protection mechanism built in this model will cut the power to avoid overcharge. It will take 2 to 3 hours to fully charge the batteries. This SURFUS hoverboard uses 2x250W motors to reach maximum speed of is 7,5 mph with maximum driving radius of 12,5 miles and maximum climbing capability of 15 degrees. One more useful feature is 3 level battery indicators with green, yellow and red sections. Green means that the battery has more than 50% power left, yellow between 20% and 50% and red that less than 20% of battery power is available.

While you ride SURFUS hoverboard you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth connection or available SURFUS App and listen the music on dual, high-fidelity built-in Bluetooth speakers. Also, for better visibility and look this model is equipped with sporty upgraded bright blue LED headlights. More features you can find in the list bellow.

Main Features of Improved SURFUS 6,5″ Hoverboard

  • UL 2272 Certified
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Wheels: 6.5” Aluminum Alloy Wheels with Non-Pneumatic Rubber Tires
  • Battery Power: 4300mAh
  • Charging Time: 2-3 hours
  • Motor: 2 x 250W
  • Maximum Speed: 7,5 mph
  • Maximum Driving Range: 12,5 miles
  • Maximum Climbing Angle: 15 degrees
  • Turning Radius: 0 degrees
  • Water Resistant: Up to IP34 standard
  • LED Headlights: Yes
  • Smartphone App: Yes
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speakers: Yes

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GTS by California based GT Hover is a new sport hoverboard available on the market.  Actually, it is a version of EPIKGO Sport series but with a twist. Where is the twist? Well, first of all it has improved and more aggressive sport design with metallic colors and 8.5″ alloy wheels in several different colors like red, blue and black.


Features of GTS Hoverboard

GTS hoverboard is a real speedster which can go as fast as 12 mph, but with one major setback, it can go for only 10 miles with one charge on full throttle. If you ride it less aggressive than the ride can last for maximum 2 hours.  It will take approximately 2 hours to fully recharge GTS hoverbord. As we said, the design resembles a lot to EPIKGO Sport series hoverboards meaning that GTS is equipped with aluminium protective wings above tires and it comes with LED headlights and rear lights. Also, it has built-in Bluetooth speakers which you connect to your smartphone through GT Hover app for iOS and Android. Through the app you can control speed, power, steering sensitivity, LED lights, music and choose between normal, advanced and learning mode. The 800W motor is powered with UL 2271 certified LG Li-ion batteries and the hoverboard itself is UL2272 certified meaning it has passed numerous safety tests like overcharged test, short circuit test, over discharge test, vibration test, shock test, drop test, crash test and many more. The GTS hoverboard is water resistant to IPX4 standard and available in metallic gold and silver and jet black color with red, blue and black wheels variation.

GT Hover GTS vs GT8

Also, GT Hover is offering GT8 version of all-terrain or off road hoverboard. Bassicaly it is the same model as EPIKGO Classic, Jetson V8, Halo Rover and Vecaro Trek-X hoverboards with GT Hover logo on it. This model is made for all terrains like grass, mud, snow, sand. For more details just read reviews of above mentioned hoverboards. GT8 is available in same colors like GTS with additional marine camouflage color. In a table below you can find main characteristics of GTS and GT8 hoverboards so you can decide which one is best suited for your needs:


Characteristics GTS GT8
GT-HoverGTS-HoverboardSilver GT-HoverGT8-HoverboardCamouflage
UL 2272 Certified YES YES
UL 2271 Certified Batteries YES YES
Charging Time 2 hrs 2 hrs
Tires 8.5” sport tires 8.5” all-terrain tires
Maximum Speed 12 mph 12 mph
Maximum Range 10 miles or 2 hours, depending on ride 10 miles or 2 hours, depending on ride
Maximum Weight 260 lbs 260 lbs
Maximum Climbing Angle 20 degrees 20 degrees
LED Headlights YES YES
LED Rear Lights YES YES
Bluetooth Speakers YES YES
App Control YES YES

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Buy GT8 by GT Hover on Amazon


SagaPlay is US based company which operates from Silicon Valley and they are bringing to us very good kids’ hoverboard called SagaPlay F1.  If you search the Internet you will find that SagaPlay F1 hoverboard is often called as the best hoverboard for kids, younger and inexperienced drivers as their first ride.


Features of SagaPlay F1 Hoverboard

The SagaPLay F1 is a lightweight hoverboard with only 22 lbs able to lift the person up to 220 lbs. Its 2×250 W motors are powered with 36V UL2271 Certified LG Li-ion batteries with Intelligent Protection thus giving the rider ability to ride as fast as 10 mph and as far as 13 miles before recharging them. To recharge the batteries you will need about 2 hours. It has basic, generic design with protective strips above the 6.5” wheels and it is available in red, white and black color. In some description of SagaPLay F1 you can find that it is made for all terrains but it isn’t true. We would recommend riding it on smooth pavement to prevent any possibility of toppling over. Even more, you should avoid uneven pavement, cracks, and pit holes which may be a bit rough for 6.5” tires. However, tires are having great grip on smooth surfaces. Also, don’t be fooled with some comments that SagaPlay is water resistant. It is in compliance with IP56 standard (splash and light rain resistant), meaning you can’t plunge it into water. Also, it has anti-slip foot pads LED lights and LED battery indicator. 1 year limited warranty covers parts and labor from the manufacturer. If you are looking for suitable hoverboard for your kids or as your first hoverboard this could be it, especially because it has very nice price for the quality presented.

Main Features of SagaPlay F1

  • UL2272 Certified
  • UL2271 Certified LG Batteries with Inteligent Protection
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Maximum Weight: 220 lbs
  • Wheels: 6.5” tires
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Maximum Speed: 10 mph
  • Maximum Range: 13 miles
  • Maximum Climbing Angle: 15 degrees
  • LED Lights: YES

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After Vecaro GLIDE-X hoverboard this US based company introduced one more hoverboard model in 2017. This time it’s an off-road hoverboard called Vecaro Trek-X. It is a well known concept of off-road hoverboards already presented at Halo Rover, Jetson V8 and EPIKGO hoverboards. Actually, it seems to be the same off-road hoverboard with 8.5″ tires mounted on aluminium rims. However, we made some research and here is the full review of Vecaro Trek-X and comparisons with above mentioned Halo Rover, Jetson V8 and EPIKGO off-road hoverboards.


Main Features of Vecaro Trek-X Hoverboard

The first cool thing about Vecaro Trek-X is its real camo cover which is very suitable for off-road hoverboards. The TREK X model has 8.5″ wheels with rubber tires mounted on black aluminium rims enabling it to go over thoughest terrains like dirt, sand, gravel, grass, snow and mud. But don’t forget that it can’t go through deep snow or mud, keep it real!!! As we review only UL2272 certified hoverboards it’s understandable that Trek-X has passed all necessary UL requirements and tests. For extra stability Trek-X is equipped with AINiCo magnets with 100% copper wiring. Also, it is powered with Samsung 36V Li-ion battery pack as most reliable power source for hoverboards. with fully charged batteries you can drive as far as 12 miles (depending on riding style and terrain) with maximum speed of 10 mph. Be aware that you will need approximately 2.5 hours to fully recharge batteries.

Vecaro has developed mobile app for Vecaro Trek-X in order to give buyers extra experience during the ride. Through this mobile app rider will be able to control speed and force, set steering sensitivity, shift between beginner and advanced riding modes, check battery life indicator with 5 level battery indicator, turn on/off the music on built-in Bluetooth speakers etc. Also, Trek-X has integrated bright LED headlights for safer ride during the night.

Vecaro Trek-X vs Halo Rover vs Jetson V8 vs EPIKGO

Here we will give you main characteristics of Vecaro Trek-X, Halo Rover, Jetson V8 and EPIKGO Classic hoverboards in order to compare them and ease your choice. Basically, they are the same with one nice touch, Vecaro Trek-X is in camo finish.

Hoverboard Vecaro Trek-X Halo Rover Jetson V8 EPIKGO Classic
  Vecaro-Trek-X-Camo Halo_Rover Jetson-V8-hoverboard-rear EPIKGO-Grey
Tires 8.5” all-terrain tires 8.5” all-terrain tires 8.5” all-terrain tires 8.5” all-terrain tires
Maximum Speed 10 mph 10 mph 10 mph 10 mph
Maximum Driving Range 12 miles 12 miles 12 miles 12 miles
Charging time 2.5 hours 1.5 hours 1.5 hours 1.5 hours
Maximum Load Capacity 240 lbs 240 lbs 240 lbs 240 lbs
Maximum Climbing Angle 18 degrees 18 degrees 18 degrees 18 degrees

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Buy Halo Rover on Amazon
Buy Jetson V8 on Amazon
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Among number of self balancing scooters/hoverboards, electric unicycles and skateboards (check all here) Airwheel brings to us some interesting safety accessories and gadgets like smart helmets (more about available smart helmets look here). Smart or intelligent helmets are made for safety and fun. Primary role of smart helmets is to protect the rider and when you are fully protected you will be able to use them to boost your ride with tons of fun. Among other producers Airwheel offers to us very interesting smart helmets for hoverboards, scooters, skateboards, motorcycles and even for racing. Here we will present to you 2 Airwheel smart helmets best suited for hoverboard ride:

  1. The Airwheel C5 Intelligent Helmet is made for cycling, mounting, skateboarding and hoverboarding. This smart helmet combines in one product Bluetooth wireless headphones, a GoPro camera (check for available GoPro cameras only here), and a skateboarding helmet thus giving us safety and fun in one product. It has built-in front HD 2K camera and Bluetooth speaker. The helmet has internal storage of 128 GB and it is adjustable to different head girths. Through mobile app you can connect the helmet to your smartphone in order to take high quality photos and videos, make calls during the ride and play music. There are several side buttons the helmet for capturing photos, taking video, activating Bluetooth, volume control, music play, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The built-in Wi-Fi modules enable C5 to connect to mobile phones and Wi-Fi network in order to share HD videos and photos to your friends on social media.With fully charged Li-ion battery you will have 180 min before recharging. Definitely it will make your rides fun as never before. It is available in more color combinations like orange and silver, green and silver or just black carbon.
    AirwheelC5_smart-helmetBuy Airwheel C5 on Amazon
  2. The Airwheel C6 Intelligent Helmet is primarily made for motorcycles but it looks really cool and we think it is great for hoverboard ride (if you don’t mind retro look). The helmet can be connected to your smartphone via mobile app using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 4000 mAh Li-ion battery will give you around 300 min of great 2K videos made with 120° wide angle view camera (2304×1296 HD resolution), music through built-in Bluetooth speakers and phone calls. Also, via mobile app, you can instantly share your videos and photos on social media. On the rear side of the helmet red flashing light will be automatically turned on, when the lighting is insufficient, to warn the vehicles. The helmet is available in black carbon or leather finish, Also, front sun visor is detachable. AirwheelC6_smart-helmetBuy Airwheel C6 on Amazon



The Inmotion V8 electric unicycle is one of the most wanted and best electric unicycles available today. It represents next stage in electric unicycle development concerning performances, durability and design. You might sense that you have already met this unicycle earlier and this is not too far from the truth. It has great resemblance to earlier model V5F when it comes to design. But one cool thing about Inmotion V8 are customizable side LEDs in different colors placed across the outer black shiny shell. The side pads on V8 are made of hard plastic with grip tape for better traction and soft ankle pads included in the packaging for soft and comfortable ride. It comes (as most of other electric unicycles) with built-in trolley handle hidden inside the shell for easier handling and moving around (after all V8 weights around 30 pounds). Beside trolley handle V8, also, has a fixed handle with physical button that turns off the drive which is very useful.


Features of Inmotion V8 Electric Unicycle

Inmotions 800 W motor gives maximum power output of approximately 2000 W thus enabling maximum speed of 18 to 19 mph (sustainable speed is a less lower, about 15 mph) with maximum driving range of approximately 30 miles. The motor is powered with Li-ion Samsung 480 Wh battery pack and the charging port is protected with rubber cover to keep it out of the reach of water and rain. Decorative side LEDs are placed in 3 circular shaped rows around pedal. Also, there is a battery indicator close to the power outlet. The tail light is in the shape of red Inmotion logo and it looks really cool. Strong and bright lamp is placed on the front side of Inmotion V8 for safer ride during the night. Also, V8 has an app for smartphone through which you can turn on/off the lights and adjust LED settings on the side of the V8 unicycle.  Also, the light can be turned off via power button when you press and hold the button and then press other button below the handle. The app enables us to track hardware diagnostics, connect to a rear speaker and adjust/turn off system sounds, to set a speed limit, track our speed and vehicle mileage. It is up to IP55 standard water resistant, so light rain and puddles are fine, but it’s not designed to be immersed.

Main Fatures of Inmotion V8:

  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Motor: 800 W
  • Battery: 480 Wh Li-ion
  • Charging Time: 4 hours
  • Wheel Size: 16″
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 260 pounds
  • Maximum Speed : 18 miles
  • Maximum Driving Range: 30 miles
  • Maximum Climbing Angle: 25 degrees
  • App: YES

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Hoverboards are not indestructible and during the ride you will experience a lot of bumps and fall-downs. In that case you will need to protect your hoverboard in order to avoid some serious damage to your two wheel ride. But, ordinarily covers, stickers and silicone cases for hoverboards are boring, right? Not any more. we made a detailed search for the most fun and vivid silicone cases for hoverboards available on the market and found some perfectly designed for fun and ride. With Drifft silicone cases you will get a chance to make your hoverboard even more desirable. In various colors and color schemes these silicone cases will make the ride more fun than ever. Drifft has silicone cases in different color patterns for 6.5″ and 10″ hoverboards and some of them you can see below. For full offer of Drifft silicone cases and their prices check here.


Drifft Hoverboards Review

Except silicone cases you can find Drifft hoverboards in different colors. Basically those are generic, white label hoverboards with 6.5″ wheels and basic functions. However, they are in various metallic, camo, graffiti and basic colors. Also, all Drifft hoverboards are UL2272 certified and in compliance with the most strict rules concerning fire hazards.  Drifft hoverboards run at up to 8 mph and they have maximum driving range of 12 miles. Maximum weight of the rider is 220 lbs. One big plus for the Drifft hoverbords is that they are shipped by USA Company stationed in Frisco, Texas.


Buy Drifft Silicone Cases on Amazon

Buy Drifft Hoverboards on Amazon


Tomoloo Technology Industrial Co. Ltd is a Chinese company established in 2013 and they are specialized in production of electric unicycles, electric scooters and hoverboards. Among hoverboard series Tomoloo K1 X-Men hoverboard presents one of their main hoverboards. Tomoloo K1 X-Men is a new generation of hoverboards with interesting and aggressive design and sturdy finish. It’s UL2272 certified, as well as their other hoverboards. What is so exciting about this hoverboard? Well, first of all it is produced in several basic colors like white, black, silver, gold, blue, green, red etc. Also, it comes with omnidirectional LED headlights with RGB LED design allowing the rider to adjust the color of LED lights through personal Tomoloo App. Such lights are enabling better visibility during the night giving the rider to adjust the lights to his personality.


Main Features of Tomoloo K1 X-MEN Hoverboard

Beside omnidirectional adjustable RGB LED headlights and personal Tomoloo App this hoverboard has some more interesting features. One of those features is waterproof cap for power jack keeping it safe from water during the ride. It is very useful and practical because it ensures that your power station is always dry and safe. Also, Tomoloo K1 X-MEN uses Samsung Battery Core batteries which are UL2271 certified and placed inside fire retardant shell thus giving extra security for the rider. Smart Battery Management System is in its brightest edition with over current, over heating, short circuit, overcharge and excessive discharge protection. Not just that the battery shell is fire retardant but the whole outer shell of Tomoloo K1 hoverboard is made of fire retardant materials giving the extra edge in security issues. Through Tomoloo App you can connect your smartphone to the hoverboard and obtain some important information like battery level, speed, adjust the riding mode, steering sensitivity, maximum speed limit, RGB LED headlights, play music through built-in Bluetooth speakers etc. Pure fun is ahead of you. Below you can find the list of main features of Tomoloo K1.

Tomoloo K1 X-MEN Hoverboard Features

  • UL2272 Certified
  • UL2271 Certification for the batteries
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Wheels: 6.5″
  • Top Speed: 10 mph
  • Maximum Range: 12 miles
  • Charging Time: ~2 hours
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 240 lbs
  • Maximum Climbing Angle: 15o
  • LED Headlights: RGB LED Headlights with 16 million colors
  • Bluetooth: YES
  • Ride Control App: YES
  • Water Resistant: Up to IPX4 Standard

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You like to glide on your hoverboard or self-balancing scooter but you, also, like to look cool. We searched the market in pursue for the coolest hoverboards and we finished whit Top 5 coolest looking hoverboards in 2017. In our search we have took in consideration different criteria like design, speed, LED, price, functionality and quality. So, look at our

Top 5 Coolest Looking Hoverboards in 2017

#1 Ninebot by Segway miniPRO

Ninebot by Segway miniPRO is one great hoverboard made by famous Segway and represents its comeback on the market of two wheel self-balancing scooters. This is real monster on wheels which weighs 28 pounds (around 19 kg) and runs as fast as 11 mph. You will definitely look cool riding this hoverboard anywhere you are, in school, college or job (this is great commuter vehicle). It has classy look and soul of Ferrari. Just stand on and glide with style.


Buy Ninebot by Segway miniPRO on Amazon


EPIKGO Sport +  is one of the EPIKGO Sport Series hoverbord, UL2272 certified and thus safe for riding.  The EPIKGO is based in Silicon Valley which is great plus for maintaining close relation with the customers and quick reaction for their needs. At the first glance you will notice that EPIKGO Sport + is heavy and very well built. One could think that heavier construction is the downside of EPIKGO because carrying it would not be much fun, but sturdy and durable aluminium alloy chassis, aluminium wheel fenders and 8,5″ alloy rims and wider foot pads are here to make the ride more aggressive and at the same time to prevent serious damage on your hoverboard. The EPIKGO Sport is a machine that will power you anywhere, and if you need hoverboard that is going to last choose this one. Also, one nice feature of this model are red aluminium alloy wheels giving this model very cool look.


Buy EPIKGO Sport + on Amazon

#3 Skque Hoverboard with 8″ Wheels

This is one of the coolest looking Skque hoverboards available on the market. Among vast number of Skque hoverboards this 8″ wheel model is durable, stable and very cool with side LED lights on top of the wheels. It is UL 2272 Certified Skque hoverboard  with upgraded and improved motherboard with professionally tuned gyro sensors for smoothest ride, stronger shell and enhanced chassis for greater durability, built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker (only equipped in Bluetooth models) connectable with your cell phone and 1 year limited warranty that covers parts and labor. The coolest thing about this model are LED lights in different colors.


Buy Skque with 8″ Wheels on Amazon

#4 Swagtron T6 with Desert Camo

Swagtron T6 with 10″ wheels is the latest hoverboard edition by Swagtron. Indiana-based Swagtron decided to come up with they own all-terrain self-balancing scooter and that’s not all. They released this model in a cool desert camo design. This is first hoverboard on the market available for a bigger riders since its maximum load capacity of 420 lbs enables pleasant ride for people of all shapes and sizes. Also, for greater fun this hoverboard is packed with LED headlights and non-slip foot-pads, Bluetooth speakers, app control and built-in carrying handle. Enjoy in it!!!


Buy Swagtron T6 Desert Camo on Amazon

#5 Koowheel K5 Hoverboard

Koowheel K5 hoverbord (or Genesis H1 Gemini, both share the same modular design and features) with 7.5″ wheels and replaceable battery pushes hoverbord design to new grounds. The modular structure of this hoverboard gives extra stability making it stable even in off mode thus being safe for children. Beside 7.5″ wheels another big difference at Koowheel K5/Genesis H1 Gemini are gyro sensors where the rubber gyro sensors that fail often are replaced with gravity sensors for improved motion detection.


Buy Koowheel K5 on Amazon

Buy Genesis H1 Gemini on Amazon


Finally, we have some evolution happening in hoverboard design!!! Koowheel K5 hoverbord (or Genesis H1 Gemini, both share the same modular design and features) with 7.5″ wheels and replaceable battery pushes hoverbord design to new grounds. New look is not just for the eye of the beholder, it is very practical too. The design is based upon three-sections with central section containing replaceable and removable Samsung battery and two side sections containing electronics, motors and wheels (look at the pics below). Also, central section has carrying handle with digital display and smart LED light.



The battery is placed in central section of Koowheel K5/Genesis H1 Gemini for better stability of the hoverboard because this way both sides have the same weight, unlike other hoverboards where one side is heavier due to battery being placed in one of the wheel wells.


Koowheel K5 vs Genesis H1 Gemini vs Other Hoverboards

Beside revolutionized design, centrally placed replaceable Li-ion battery and built-in carrying handle with smart display Koowheel K5/Genesis H1 Gemini hoverboard has more unique and exiting features unavailable at other hoverboards on the market.  The modular structure of this hoverboard gives extra stability making it stable even in off mode thus being safe for children. Beside 7.5″ wheels another big difference at Koowheel K5/Genesis H1 Gemini are gyro sensors where the rubber gyro sensors that fail often are replaced with gravity sensors for improved motion detection. More features you can find bellow.

Main Features of Koowheel K5/Genesis H1 Gemini Hoverboard

Features Kowheel K5/Genesis H1 Gemini with 7.5” wheels
UL2272 Certified YES
Design Modular structure
Weight 28.6 lbs
Wheels 7.5 inches
Top Speed 7.5 mph
Maximum Range 12.4 miles
Charging Time ~2 hours
Maximum Load Capacity 220 lbs
Maximum Climbing Angle 20o – 25o
LED Headlights YES
Bluetooth Speakers YES
Mobile App YES
Built-in Carrying Handle YES
Warranty 1 Year Warranty on Motor and Motherboard

Buy Koowheel K5 Hoverboard on Amazon
Buy Genesis H1 Gemini on Amazon

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