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Gotrax Hoverfly XL – High Quality 8.5″ Off-Road Hoverboard Under $250

Today we will introduce to you one of the most exciting and wanted hoverboards among hoverboard riders nowadays. It is designed in Denver, USA and has all necessary features for ultimate hoverboard ride and fun. Are you guessing what are we talking about? Not yet? Prepare yourself for Gotrax Hoverfly XL, 8,5” off-road hoverboard suitable for all ages.


Gotrax Hoverfly XL self-balancing scooter is one of the top sellers and one of the most discussed two-wheel self-balancing scooters. You’re asking yourself why? As we said in intro this model is designed in Denver, USA in order to meet all requests and wishes of USA market, has 8,5” rubber wheels, superb sturdiness, LED lights, variety of colors, great performances and retail price below $250. Exciting? It is definitely different on so many levels than similar products available on the market with superb “value for money” ratio.

Technical Details And Safety Of Gotrax Hoverfly XL

Gotrax Hoverfly XL is mid-sized hoverboard, 28.15-inch wide x 8.5-inch deep x 9.6-inch high and arrives with charger and power cable. Because of its’ size, high quality materials used in production, 8.5” tires and built-in features Gotrax Hoverfly XL is slightly heavier than other similar products and weighs 27.8 lbs (around 13 kg). It would be useful to buy carrying bag if you intend to carry it on trips and vacation. This model is powered by dual 350 W motors enabling it to go as fast as 7.4 mph with maximum radius of 12 miles/1,5 hours on a single charge and continuous ride. After that you will need approximately 1,5 hours to fully recharge the batteries.

The turning radius of Gotrax Hoverfly XL is 0 degrees and it can handle 30-degree inclines which puts it on the top of the hoverboards list when it comes to incline capability. Also, we have to mention that this model is UL2272 certified and Electrical Safety Certified, meaning it meets all safety regulations and it is 100% safe for use.

Some thoughtful design touches shows us that this model is more for younger riders, but also, it can be used by an adults because the maximum weight limit is 220 lbs. The sturdy aluminum hubs and lunar LED headlights and rear lights are designed in such matter to provide maximally aggressive look.


Gotrax Hoverfly XL is available in different colors like, black, green, blue, galaxy, pink, purple and red.

One hint – Be aware that Gotrax Hoverfly XL produced after February 2018 don’t have Bluetooth speakers because Bluetooth was discontinued. We are not sure why, but this is the case.

Main Features Of Gotrax Hoverfly XL

  • UL2272 Cetified
  • Electrical Safety Certified
  • Size: 28.15 x 8.5 x 9.6 in
  • Net Weight: 27,8 lb
  • Wheels: 8.5″ Rugged Rubber Tires on Aluminium Hubs
  • Motor: 2 x 350W
  • Maximum Speed: 7,4 mph
  • Maximum Driving Radius: 12 miles or 1,5 hours
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 220 lb
  • Turning Radius: 0 degrees
  • Incline Capability: 30 degrees
  • Charging Time: ~1,5 hours
  • LED Headlights
  • 90 Days Limited Warranty

Buy Gotrax Hoverfly XL on Amazon


W8S – Cool And Fun Hoverboard For Kids And Adults

The W8S self-balancing scooter is an all-terrain hoverboard that is ideal for outdoor fun and ride. We tested the W8S at the maximum speed of 9 miles per hour on several surfaces and found it to perform good on most outdoor terrain, such as grass, gravel, mud, sand, and snow, but, as expected, best results achieves on smooth surfaces .


W8S Hoverboard Features And Characteristics

The W8S is made for kids and adults and has maximum speed of 9 mph. The best thing about this hoverboard is that can handle riders with maximum weight as high as 330 pounds and we loved this fact because even our chubbier colleagues could have a grip on it.

The maximum driving range of W8S is 12 miles or about 1 hour on maximum speed and after that it takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to charge it back. Riders can travel an impressive distance of up to 10 miles on one full charge. Its durable construction, interesting and functional design, 8,5″ rugged tires and slip-resistant foot pads makes riding, balancing  and mastery easy, fun and simple. The W8S is Bluetooth and mobile app enabled (App is available for Android an iOs), allowing the rider to sync music from their phone to the scooter. Also, you will be able to track your speed, battery level and directions.


We loved the fact that W8S has strong LED headlights as 4 separate light sources and cool LED rear-lights for better visibility and more cool factor. The W8S comes with an easy to use instruction manual, certificate, AC power adapter and one li-ion battery and you will get  1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty. This hoverboard is  safety tested and UL 2272 Certified, so don’t worry about safety issues. It is available in red, gold, silver and black color.

In summary, the Cool & Fun W8S hoverboard is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to get fun time on different surfaces and to look cool..

Main Features of W8S Hoverboard

  • UL 2272 Certified
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • Size: 700 x 250 x 255 mm
  • Tires: 8,5 ” Rugged Tires
  • Maximum Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Maximum Speed: 7 mph
  • Maximum Driving Range: 12 miles
  • Maximum Angle Exceeds: 15°
  • Battery: Li-ion 4400 mAh
  • Charging Time: 2 – 3 hours
  • Bluetooth: YES
  • App Enabled: YES

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Swagtron T8 – The Best Budget Hoverboard For 2018

When searching for the perfect gift for your kid you are looking for  affordable, sturdy and quality hoverboards in compliance with UL2272 certificate. We decided to do this quest for you and finally gave a test  to the Swagtron T8 hoverboard since we know it is marketed as the best choice for kids and saw that it ranked high among younger riders. After running the idea we are delivering to you this review. You can read our reviews on Swagtron T6, Swagtron T580, Swagtron T1 and Swagtron T5 as well.


Swagtron T8 Characteristics And Features

It’s no surprise that the Swagtron T8 hoverboard was on the “must-have” list of countless hoverboard enthusiasts heading into 2018. why? Well, first of all this hoverboard represents a whole new level in Swagtron hoverboards because this is first LITHIUM-FREE Swagtron hoverboard meaning it uses lithium-free batteries bringing safety on a higher level and together with SentryShield protection it meets all UL2272 requirements regarding safety and fire issues.

Also, Swagtron T8 uses 200W dual motorized wheels for better performance and stability. However, this feature spends batteries on much faster pace so you will have about 45 minutes of continuous ride before batteries recharged. Sturdy and durable design of Swagtron T8 is revolutionized through central one-point connection enabling two halves to act separately giving the T8 faster change of direction and 0 degrees turning radius.

With its bold and sleek features, the Swagtron T8 hoverboard is hovering at the top of the hoverboard rankings in price, durability, safety, speed, and ease of mastery. Ideal for commutes to the office, running errands or to school. In addition to the crazy fun in riding the Swagtron T8 hover board, riders are boasting of improved balance and a tight core.

Swagtron T8 has 6″ tires mounted on rectangular frame with steel casing giving T8 extra durability and 200W dual motorized wheels are strong enough to conquer inclines of up to 30 degrees.

But, if you are crazy about fast and adventurous ride, maybe you will find Swagtron T8 as pretty slow because the maximum speed of Swagtron T8 is “just” 7 mph (have in mind that 7 mph on hoverboards, especially for beginners, looks like crazy fast). Below you can find our pros & cons…

Swagtron T8 Pros And Cons

Here’s a list of the awesome swag appeal of the Swagtron T8,  for kids and kids at heart. While there are pros and cons with every product, I must say the Swagtron T8 hover board has just two potentialcons. I’ve also listed those below.


  • The Swagtron T8 is UL Certified, environment-friendly with lithium-free batteries, has a slip-resistant rubber platform and steel casing.
  • It is semi-waterproof, up to IPX4 standard—it can handle slight splashes.
  • Modern and apealing design with improved safety features and at the same time easy to master.


  • It is semi-waterproof, up to IPX4 standard—it can handle slight splashes, but not a full-on downpour. (you will see that this is also on pros side)
  • Only capable to lift persons up to 200 lbs but this may not be important because Swagtron T8 is intended primarily for kids.
  • Charging time of batteries 5,5 hours – this is definitely a problem because you can ride it on maximum speed for just 5,8 miles.

Main Features Of Swagtron T8

  • UL2272 Certified
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Maximum User Weight: 200 pounds
  • Tires: 6” Hard Rubber Tires w/Aluminum wheel covers
  • Batteries: Lithium-Free Batteries
  • Design: Rectangular Design With Steel Casing & Slip-Resistant Rubber Platform
  • Maximum Speed: 7 mph (not too fast, but fast enough to stay safe.)
  • Charging Time: 5.5 Hours
  • Distance Per Charge: 5.8 Miles
  • Water-resistant: Up to IPX4 standard (Can handle slight water splashes well)
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Buy Swagtron T8 on Amazon



Segway miniPLUS was introduced by Segway on IFA 2017, the same time as Segway miniLITE, as two key products by Segway for 2018. We have already presented to our readers miniLITE earlier and now you can read our review on miniPLUS.

Features and Characteristics of Segway miniPLUS

Segway miniPLUS is top model of Segway mini hoverboards and represents ultimate mini hoverboard offering, besides features available with miniPRO and miniLITE, numerous additional features and characteristics.

First let’s talk about downsides. Firts downside of miniPLUS is non existing trolley handle in case that you need to walk your Segway around (in case of empty battery or when you in area non suitable for Segway ride). This could be very important when you know that miniPLUS is noticeably heavier than the miniPRO, at 36lbs, versus the 28lb miniPRO. Also, you need to be aware that mud-guards on the miniPLUS are now part of the base meaning you will need to spend much more money to replace them in case of damage. And one of major downsides is the absence of height-adjustable knee bar and this could be very annoying for tall riders making the steering much more difficult and even dangerous for them.


But, not all is so bad at miniPLUS. There are many important, useful and cool additions and upgrades like 11″ tires versus 10,5″ at miniPRO enabling faster ride than on miniPRO and adding more security on rougher terrains. The maximum speed of miniPLUS is 12,5 mph. Except more speed larger tires are giving bigger driving radius of unbelievable 22,5 miles or almost two hours of ride. It is important for riders who are using this Segway as a commuter vehicle.

Secong important upgrade is “follow me” feature with remote control. However, it doesn’t mean that miniPRO will follow you around the corner or obstacle, it will go in straight line behind you and if you are far away from the vehicle check if there are any obstacles because it will bump the obstacle.  So, you will need to set closer follow distance between Segway and remote.

And third important upgrade are 800W dual motors for greater power and speed.

Also, there are some new cool features at miniPLUS. The steering column is wider and has a storage for remote control, LED lights are placed on the rim of wheel hubs and LED headlight is positioned on top of the steering bar giving better lightning and more futuristic look. And, at the end, Segway miniPLUS represents the most exclusive Segway mini hoverboard where the rider will be noticed for sure.

We recommend it for those willing to pay an extra price for prestige and quality!!!

Segway miniPRO vs miniPLUS

FEATURES Ninebot miniPRO Ninebot miniPLUS
Length x Width 10.3 x 21.5 in 11 x 22.7 in
Height 20-34 in (adjustable height) 24.4 in (non adjustable)
Weight 28 lbs 35.9 lbs
Maximum Speed 11 mph (18km/h) 12.5 miles (20 km/h)
Maximum Range 19 miles 22.5 miles
Max. Climbing Angle 15o 15o
Maximum Weight 220 lbs 220 lbs
Charging Time 4 hours 4 hours
Steering Bar Adjustable steering bar Fixed steering bar
Trolley Handle YES NO
Dual Motor YES (400Wx2) YES (800Wx2)
Warranty 1 year waranty 1 year waranty

Buy Segway miniPLUS on Amazon


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend who is in tech and/or likes fun stuff you’ll probably search for a coolest tech gift. In order to help you we’ve got you covered with the best and funniest gadgets to give gift your special someone. From best available hoverboards and Surface Pro 4 laptop to Samsung’s virtual reality headset and much more.  Look no further than these 5 Valentine’s Day tech buys for her and him.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for Her

1. EPIKGO Rose Gold Hoverboard


If you are in the mood to ride together with your better half or she is just an outdoor type EPIKGO Rose Gold hoverboard will make her day. Nicely designed all-terrain hoverboard with extra durability and yet gentle Rose Gold finish suites her perfectly.

Buy EPIKGO Rose Gold on Amazon

2. The New Apple iPhone 8 Plus  (Gold, Silver and Space Grey)



The new iPhone 8 Plus is an attractive smartphone designed and build to maintain top quality, phone features, tech specs, speed, camera capabilities and to provide maximum value for money. With IP67 water resistance and in silver, gold, space grey this would be very desirable and attractive Valentine’s day gift for her. Of course, gold edition would be the best choice.

Buy Apple iPhone 8 Plus on Amazon

3. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker in Various Colors


If your woman is a tech athlete the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker is a perfect stylish gift for her. The Fitbit Alta with swappable bands, phone notifications and week-long battery life will give her maximum mobility to enjoy in.

Buy Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker on Amazon

4. Barnes & Noble NOOK GlowLight 3 eReader, 6″ model– Waterproof and Dustproof



The Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight 3 eReader is a great gift for a tech reader. This is waterproof ebook reader for the beach or the bathtub, connectable to Wi-Fi and designed to meat lady’s hunger for a good read and to emphasize her elegant look.

Buy NOOK GlowLight 3 eReader on Amazon

5. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Rose Gold

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Rose Gold

If your woman loves music and outdoor activities as much as she loves you, the Beats Solo 3 Wireless on-ear Bluetooth headphones by Dre will make her favorite tunes sound better than ever. They’re especially comfortable to wear and designed to be worn outdoors. The Rose Gold headphones would be a great Valentine’s Day gift for her.

Buy Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones on Amazon

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for Him

1. EPIKGO Sport + Hoverboard With Red Wheels


If he’s always wanted a product like a hoverboard, the EPIKGO Sport + is what he needs. This is the most advanced model of EPIKGO hoverboards as one of the best selling hoverboard brands in 2017. This practically indestructible sporting model will make your man the fastest and best looking hoverboarder around. Something that every man and boy hidden inside him would like to have.

Buy EPIKGO Sport + on Amazon

2. Microsoft Surface Pro (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB) – Newest Edition



With Surface Pro you’ll never hear him complaining about a tablet again. The latest Surface is ultrathin, fast, and versatile and has a fingerprint reader, a new pen, and perfect balance of portability and power. Surface Pro comes with 6th generation Intel Core processors with the full power of the latest Microsoft Office Suite3, including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. This is the perfect solution and platform for all of your programs, apps, photos, videos and music.

Buy Surface Pro on Amazon

3. Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) with improved sound, powered by Dolby, and a new design



Amazon’s voice-activated smart home speaker Echo is futuristic, practical and smarter than ever. Amazon Echo will give your man the power to control all his gadgets around the house with the help of Alexa and to do almost everything around the house. Definitely this small and practical gadget is one of the best connected home products money can currently provide. 2nd generation of Echo comes in new design and with improved sound!!!

Buy Amazon Echo

4. Samsung’s VR Headset (Latest Edition!) – With Warranty



If you are a virtual reality fan take a look at the latest edition of Samsung’s Gear VR. It is a joy to wear, and it’s even more immersive than before and it’ll enable you to enjoy the world of VR if you are a Samsung phone owner. Just plave your Samsung phone in and start playing video games or watching movies in a virtual reality experience.

Buy Samsung’s VR Headset on Amazon

5. Powerbeats 3 Wireless Earphones in Various Colors


The new Powerbeats 3 Wireless Earphones by Beats by Dre will give to anyone 12 hours of pure fun with finest sound. These earphones are available in black, white, red, yellow and blue color and they are tough, connectable to a phone via Bluetooth, water-resistant especially designed for workouts but perfect choice for any surrounding.

Buy Powerbeats 3 Wireless Earphones on Amazon


Neon Nitro 8 – New Monster Electric Self-balancing Board

After already reviewed Onewheel + here it comes, new one wheel electric board already known as monster board or Neon Nitro 8. Neon Nitro 8 is getting a grip to the market fast and offers ultimate fun and ride to kids and those feeling like one (if you have less than 154 lbs because it is the maximum weight limit). It is superfast and superdurable one wheel self-balancing board with centrally positioned 8” pneumatic wheel which is designed to maximally absorb all bumps and vibrations.

Neon Nitro 8 Features And Caharacteristics

Neon Nitro 8 is a board with modern, aggressive design and futuristic light effects. It uses Li-ion batteries able to give you around 60 minutes of pure fun and joy. Maximum Speed of Neon Nitro 8 is 8 mph and you will need 2 hours to fully recharge the batteries. One neat feature of Nitro 8 is built-in carrying handle when your battery runs out of juice so you could easily pick it up and carry it. As its name says it has neon green glow with headlight, tail light, down-lighting on the undercarriage and wheel cover light, If it happens to damage the wheel cover don’t worry, it is replaceable.

Definitely, Neon Nitro 8 is one of the most attention grabbing self-balancing boards and everyone will be astonished by its appearance.

Neon Nitro 8 Main Features

  • UL 2272 Tested and Certified
  • Batteries: Tested Li-ion Batteries
  • Charging Time: 2 Hours
  • Wheels: 8” pneumatic wheel able to absorb bumps
  • Length: 27.7″
  • Height: 8.8″
  • Width: 9.25″
  • Maximum Speed: 8mph
  • Maximum Driving Radius: 8 miles or 60-minutes
  • Replaceable Wheel Cover: YES
  • Buil-in Carry Handle: YES
  • 360 degrees neon green lights for night riding
  • Max Weight: 154 lbs
  • Suitable for ages 8 +

Buy Neon Nitro 8 on Amazon


By some force of nature you have missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and now you are wondering if there is any chance to buy quality yet cheap hoverboard for yourself and loved ones? Yes there is!!! Amazon has already started its Year-end Deals 2017 as an intro to this year’s big Christmas Sale Event 2017. But, you must be quick and act fast because every day different items are on special discounts and for sure most hoverboard brands and models will be sold out soon. Last year some buyers were waiting for the last moment before ordering desired hoverboards and they stayed empty handed.

Tips And Tricks About Amazon Christmas Deals 2017

There are some basic rules when it comes to Amazon Christmas Sale, especially about hoverboard sale and here they are:

  1. Christmas Deals for 2017 are already on and rolling fast, so don’t wait and check daily offers now! Amazon has unwritten rule to make some of the most exclusive discount way before Christmas sale itself.
  2. Most hoverboard brands will be on sale as soon as December 5th because customers would like to have their hoverboards before Christmas. If you order your hoverboard after December 21st there is a huge chance that you will get it after Christmas. So, hurry up and don’t wait last moment.
  3. If you are looking to buy 2 or more hoverboards as a Christmas gifts then look for joint offer for 2 or more products just bellow main offer and you might get some extra discount. It is worth checking it!!!
  4. During December most hoverboard are offered with free gift wrap so choose this option if offered, This way you wan’t be having extra costs for wrapping the gift.

Top 10 Hoverboards For Christmas 2017

Here we will give you our list of Top 10 hoverboards for Christmas 2017. We have took in consideration criteria like quality, design, price, user experience and popularity of each model.

#1 Ninebot by SEGWAY miniLITE – The Best Urban Hoverboard in 2017

This is downscaled version of miniPRO but not downgraded hoverboard by Segway. It is most wished Segway among younger riders, urban explorers and trend setters of free spirit and adventurous mind.  It has all perks that miniPRO offers like 10,5″ pneumatic tires as miniPRO, same maximum speed of 11 mph and it is fully compatible with miniPRO app so you could personalize your riding experience to the maximum. Main difference is in price and it is already on discount.

Buy Ninebot by Segway miniLITE on Amazon

#2 Hoverheart Hoverboard 6,5″ – Top Seller During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

This is 6.5″ hoverboard model by Hoverheart available in variety of metallic colors as well as in different print coating patterns. Hoverheart is the high end brand for hoverboards under $200. Even among more expensive hoverboards you will definitely stand up because of its cool outer shell and LEDs on side of the wheels. Maximum speed of this model 10 mph with maximum driving range of 12 miles. It is made for kids so rider weight shpouldn’t exceed 220 lbs. LED outer shell lights and built-in Bluetooth speakers will give your kids tremendous fun.

Make sure to be fast because this model is going to be sold out quickly.



Buy Hoverheart 6,5″ on Amazon

#3 SagaPlay F1 – Best Hoverboard For Kids

SagaPlay is US based company which operates from Silicon Valley and if you search the Internet you will find that SagaPlay F1 hoverboard is often called as the best hoverboard for kids, younger and inexperienced drivers as their first ride.

SagaPlay F1 is a lightweight hoverboard with only 22 lbs able to lift the person up to 220 lbs. In some description of SagaPlay F1 you can find that it is made for all terrains but it isn’t true. We would recommend riding it on smooth pavement to prevent any possibility of toppling over. However, tires are having great grip on smooth surfaces1 year limited warranty covers parts and labor from the manufacturer. If you are looking for suitable hoverboard for your kids this could be best choice. We loved it a lot.


Buy SagaPlay F1 on Amazon

#4 Swagtron T580 – The Newest Addition to Swagtron Family

Swagtron T580 is a newest addition to Swagtron family of hoverboards with upgraded and updated design, it is app enabled and has built-in Bluetooth speakers. We could say that this is improved and upgraded version of their T5 model with some real improvements. Swagtron T580 uses same gyroscopic technology already present on previous models but with modernized and upgraded design and features. It has 6,5″ rubber wheels and 150W dual motors able to take a person up to 220 lbs. It has 3 riding modes, learning mode for beginners, normal mode (same as T5) and advanced mode as a new feature.


Buy Swagtron T580 on Amazon

#5 Tomoloo V2 Eagle – The Best Off-Road Hoverboard Under $400

Tomoloo V2 Eagle is UL2272 certified and uses high quality UL2271 certified Li-ion batteries with Intelligent Management Battery System. It uses 400W dual motors able to develop maximum speed of 12 mph, much more than similar products available on the market. The dsign of V2 Eagle resembles on eagle with spreaded wings giving the rider sense of power, speed and dominance.


V2 Eagle has LED headlights with RGB LED design allowing the rider to adjust the color of LED lights (16 million colors) through personal Tomoloo App, 8,5″ all terrain wheels suitable for gravel, grass, tiles and flat surfaces, built-in Bluetooth speakers with Bluetooth 4.0 technology providing Stereo surround sound. It can develop maximum speed of 12 mph with maximum driving range of 12 miles. This is a high end hoverboard with superb performances.

Buy Tomoloo V2 on Amazon

#6 OXA 6,5″ Hoverboard – Super Sturdy And Super Durable 6,5″ Hoverboard

OXA Hoverboard with 6,5″ wheels could be your best Christmas hoverboard this year because it brings, durability, extra durable materials, intelligent LED system, super stable foot pads, speed and super fun ride. This is UL2272 certified hoverboard with extra durable materials ( it has passed the test of car rolling over it without deformation) and lifetime warranty.


It has pretty unusual design with extra stability foot pads, strong front flashlights, rear LED lights and built-in Bluetooth speakers. Maximum speed of OXA hoverboard is 12 mph with maximum driving range of 12 miles. We predict that this model will be one of this year’s favorite Christmas  gifts.

Buy OXA Hoverboard on Amazon

#7 EPIKGO – Top Seller Among High-End Off-Road Hoverboards

For more than a year EPIKGO is a top seller among high-end off-road hoverboards. This is because of high quality production, finish, materials, features and performances. This model practically has no complaints about it and it is famous in the world of all terrain hoverboards.


It has robust design for ultimate ride over all terrains. 8.5 inches inflatable all-terrain tires are here to make the rider feel more powerful and free to ride over  gravel, grass and other surfaces. This model is equipped with 3 driving modes (learning, standard and pro mode), so the rider could be more comfortable on the hoverboard before mastering it. Maximum speed of Halo Rover is 1o mph with driving range of 12 miles. High quality brings some higher price than competition but it is expected it’s going to be on discount before Christmas.

Buy EPIKGO on Amazon

#8 SURFUS HR JUNIOR 4.5″ – The Smallest Hoverboard On The Market

Surfus HR JUNIOR with 4,5″ wheels is definitely the smallest available hoverboard at the moment and as such is perfect for kids. This junior hoverboard has same durability and quality as other SURFUS hoverboards and represents ideal option for smaller kids because it has maximum speed of just 3,1 mph and driving radius of 6 miles. This way any possible serious injures are avoided.


Light-weight shell with a matte finish, bright blue LED headlights, battery indicators, and quality rubber tires and aluminum rims are making this model very attractive and interesting for younger riders. Maximum weight of the rider shouldn’t exceed 130 lbs. This would be great Christmas gift for your kids.

Buy Surfus HR Junior on Amazon

#9 Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – The Best Hoverboard Under $300

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is definitely the best and most reliable hoverboard on this list. It might not be the best hoverboard out there, but with this price and a huge amount of satisfied users, it’s more than worth buying it. With all features, design and quality Razor Hovertrax 2.0 belongs to high-end hoverboards.


The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is equipped with two electric motors (with maximum power of 350 kW), one for each wheel, Lithium ion quick-charge battery pack, rubber wheels with aluminum hubs, balance level indicator, charger and as the most important feature comes smart balancing gyro-sensor technology which enables a super smooth ride. Also, Razor Hovertrax 2.0 has cool-blue LED light bar display, fender bumpers, LED battery power indicator, and two riding modes, training and normal use. It is available in black, blue, white, red and green color. This would be our recommendation if you are looking for high quality and not expensive hoverboard.

Buy Razor Hovertrax 2.0 on Amazon

#10 GT Hover GTS – The Coolest Sport Hoverboard

GTS by California based GT Hover is sport hoverboard and represents   a version of well known EPIKGO Sport series but with a twist. Where is the twist? Well, first of all it has improved and more aggressive sport design with metallic colors and 8.5″ alloy wheels in several different colors like red, blue and black.


GTS hoverboard is a real speedster which can go as fast as 12 mph, but with one major setback, it can go for only 10 miles with one charge on full throttle. The 800W motor is powered with UL 2271 certified LG Li-ion batteries and the hoverboard itself is UL2272 certified meaning it has passed numerous safety tests like overcharged test, short circuit test, over discharge test, vibration test, shock test, drop test, crash test and many more. Also, GT Hover is offering GT8 version of all-terrain or off road hoverboard. Bassicaly it is the same model as EPIKGO Classic, Jetson V8, Halo Rover and Vecaro Trek-X hoverboards with GT Hover logo on it. This model is made for all terrains like grass, mud, snow, sand.

Buy GTS Hoverboard on Amazon

Buy GT8 Hoverboard on Amazon


TOMOLOO Technology Industrial Co., Ltd is already well known as reliable and innovative hoverboard manufacturer. Tomoloo produces wide range of hoverboard models diversified in 3 production lines as K, Q and V lines of hoverboards. Among these lines V line represents off-road or all terrain hoverboards and includes 2 models, V1 Poleaxe and V2 Eagle. Tomoloo V1 Poleaxe is inspired by Nordic Poleaxe referring to power and authority this model will give to its rider and V2 Eagle is inspired by the strength, magnificent endurance and power of an eagle while flying.

Tomoloo V2 Eagle Features


As we already said, Tomoloo produces high end hoverboards with superb and innovative design using best available components and parts. Like other Tomoloo models V2 Eagle is UL2272 certified and uses high quality UL2271 certified Li-ion batteries with Intelligent Management Battery System as a power source for 400W dual motors thus giving the V2 Eagle possibility to develop maximum speed of 12 mph, much more than similar products available on the market. The chassis of V2 Eagle is designed to resemble on eagle with spreaded wings. Materials used for chassis are resistant to high-temperatures and fire retardant possessing high strength and toughness. This will allow to rider to be more stable and secure while riding it. Also, standing surfaces are equipped with foot pedals made of thickened rubber in order to reduce vibrations and ti ensure extra comfort.

V2 Eagle has LED headlights with RGB LED design allowing the rider to adjust the color of LED lights (16 million colors) through personal Tomoloo App. Also,  through intelligent App System the rider can  control on/off switch, standby/riding mode, steering sensitivity, maximum speed limit, battery status, mileage, music and finally already mentioned color, brightness and effect of integrated LED lights. Built-in Bluetooth speakers are using Bluetooth 4.0 technology providing Stereo surround sound for maximum joy and fun while riding and listening your favorite music.

This model uses 8,5″ all terrain wheels suitable for gravel, grass, tiles, concrete giving sense of stability and power both on slopes and flat surfaces. Maximum driving range of V2 Eagle is 12 miles or approximately 1 hour of ride. After that you will need about 2,5 hours to fully recharge batteries.

Tomoloo V1 Wagle Main Features

  • UL2272 Certified
  • UL2271 Certification for the batteries
  • Wheels:8,5″
  • Motor: 400 W Dual Motors
  • Top Speed:12 mph
  • Maximum Range:up to 12 miles
  • Charging Time:~2,5 hours
  • Maximum Load Capacity:265 lbs
  • Maximum Climbing Angle:15o
  • LED Headlights:RGB LED Headlights with 16 million colors
  • Built-in Bluetooth:5 Watt Bluetooth Speakers
  • Ride Control App:YES
  • Water Resistant:Up to IPX4 Standard
  • Warranty:1 Year Warranty

Buy V2 Eagle on Amazon


The Black Friday 2017 didn’t even started yet and we already have first Cyber Monday 2017 deals rolling out. Official Cyber Monday 2017 date is November 27th, immediately after Black Friday, but Countdown to Amazon Cyber Monday Deals Week 2017 has already started few days ago.  This is great opportunity for all shoppers to buy some extra tech products in order they have forgot it on Black Friday or even better opportunity to get extra discounts during Cyber Monday Deals Week.

What Is Amazon Cyber Monday And How To Use It To Find Best Hoverboard Deals?

Well, Cyber Monday is the date when you are able to buy tech products and gadgets like 4K Ultra HD, Smart TVs, Cameras, Hoverboards, Video Games, Movies, Smart Phones, Drones, Headphones, Speakers, Coolest and Newest Toys etc. for bargain prices because discounts on these goods are, sometimes, almost insane. After Back Friday this event is growing to a leading America’s discount event of the year. the day when you will get the hottest deals on new tech and opportunity to buy for you and everyone on your list.

Among others, it is expected that Amazon will give the best deals and highest discounts of above mentioned products during this year’s Cyber Monday (actually through Amazon Cyber Monday Deals Week) and you should use it to find and buy best and cheapest hoverboards available. Just be aware, that last year some brands were sold out during Black Friday Deals Week so you couldn’t found them on Cyber Monday sale.

Things To Know About Amazon Cyber Monday Deals Week 2017

Here is the list of tips and tricks about Amazon Cyber Monday Deals Week 2017:

  1. Most of you who are waiting for Black Friday Event 2017 as the ultimate sale event of the year maybe should wait for Amazon Cyber Monday 2017 because Amazon uses to give biggest discounts during Cyber Monday Deals Week.
  2. Unlike other retailers usually offering savings just on one day (Cyber Monday) Amazon will treat you with one whole week of discounts known as Cyber Monday Deals Week. So, you will have enough time to find hoverboard deals. But, have in mind that during this period products will be on limited-time discounts meaning that the list of discounted products will change each day, so pay attention and check offers constantly.
  3. And just when you thought that there couldn’t be any more surprises Amazon pulls out Deals of the Day and Lightning Deals as  super special saving opportunities and discounts for different products every day During Cyber Monday Deals Week and they are already on. It is worth checking them out daily and constantly, believe us!
  4. On Nov. 25th Amazon will issue special information about Cyber Monday so pay attention. Probably, the best offers will be for Amazon’s own brands and products like Echo, Echo Dot and Fire.
  5. In order to get starting advance for buying hoverboards and hoverboard accessories you should Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and apply for Amazon Prime because you will get 30 minutes early access to Amazon Cyber Monday Deals and free 2 day shipping.


For the end of 2017 Swagtron has released new and upgraded hoverboard. After T1, T3, T5 and T6 they are bringing to us new T580 model, After checking on it we can say that T580 is, actually, upgraded T5 with the twist. This model uses the same gyroscopic technology like Swagtron T5 but it has several extra features mainly in design, speed and LED lights.


Swagtron T580 Features

As we already said, Swagtron T580 uses same gyroscopic technology already present on previous models but with modernized and upgraded design and features. This is light weight hoverboard and weighs 20 lbs (25 in box) and it is able to run as fast as 7,5 mph with maximum riding radius of 8 miles. It has 6,5″ rubber wheels and 150W dual motors able to take a person up to 220 lbs. It has 3 riding modes, learning mode for beginners, normal mode (same as T5) and advanced mode as new feature.


The main improvement when it comes to T580 is in its design which is much improved despite the fact that it is available only in black color (with red or blue details) and app for iOS and Android which enables you to toggle between modes, use map function, plan your routes, check battery level, control the speed etc. Also,l for more fun while riding it has built-in Bluetooth speakers and multi lever LED lights.

Swagtron T580 vs T5

Swagtron T580 Swagtron T5
UL 2272 Certified
Weight 20 lbs / 9 kg 18.9 lbs / 8.6 kg
Battery Voltage 29.4 V 32 V
Motor 150 W dual motors 1 x 200 W motor
Battery Watt/Hour 67.34 WH 67.34 WH
Maximum Range 8 miles ~12 miles
Maximum Speed 7.5 mph  7 mph
iOS & Android App YES  NO
Bluetooth Speakers YES NO
LED Movement Indicators Multi-Level NO
Max. Load 220 lbs / 100 kg 187.4 lbs / 85 kg

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