Everybody rides a hoverboard, even the cutest and most selling blonde doll Barbie. Actually, it is more a drone-flying Barbie than a hoverboard Barbie, despite original name. This Barbie figure is based upon the movie Barbie Star Light Adventure (available here). Barbie(TM) is a cosmic princess who flies on her hoverboard with her pet sidekick Pupcorn throughout the universe on the mission to save the stars.



This Barbie figure wears her signature molded pink jumpsuit with sculpted silvery vest, blue utility belt and silvery boots and really flies all over the person holding the commands.

It has auto-launch and auto-land functions and command pad with joystick and buttons so you are able to spin it 360 degree across the air. The remote control is also in matching blue and pink colors and this is definitely the funniest Barbie ever. 

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