April 11, 2021

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Best Hoverboard Black Friday Deals 2020 Roundup

Black Friday is already here, don’ wait for the official Black Friday date (it is November 27th) because all hoverboard Black Friday deals 2020 are already on. Here we will give you roundup of best hoverboard Black Friday Deals you can find at the moment.

Best Hoverboard Black Friday Deals 2020

#1 Save up to 25% on Tomoloo Hoverboards

Tomoloo hoverboards are among best designed and most popular hoverboards on the market. Every holiday seaso, and especially on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and foe Christmas they are giving nice discounts on their hoverboard models. Some of the most popular Tomoloo hoverboards are Tomoloo V1 Poleaxe, Tomoloo K1 X-Men, Tomoloo V2 Eagle, Tomoloo Q2 Fire Kylin etc.

If you like you can find full reviews on Tomoloo hoverboards in our Hoverboard Reviews section of our blog.

#2 Save up to 20% on Hover-1 Hoverboards

Hover-1 has a full range of hoverboards for kids and adults as well as off-road hoverboards and hoverboards for smooth surfaces. Some of the most popular hoverboards of this popular budget brand are Hover-1 Titan, Hover-1 Drive and Hover-1 Nomad. Hover-1 Titan is interesting since this is one of rare 10″ hoverboards available on the market.

Beside hoverboards, Hover-1 has full range of electric scooters and you can find more about them here.

#3 Save up to 20% on Segway Ninebot S and S-Plus Hoverboards

Segway Ninebot S and S-Plus are well known high end hoverboards by popular hoverboard and electric scooter brand. Segway Ninebot S-Plus by Segway is the latest and best hoverboard model by popular Segway. Actually it is an upgrade of their best selling model Segway Ninebot S.

Also there is a whole bunch of deals on other Segway electric vehicles like popular electric scooters. Click on banner bellow to check those deals.

#4 Gyroor Hoverboard Black Friday Deals

Hurry up for Gyroor hoverboards. These hoverboards are usually sold much before Black Friday and almost every year there is real shopping madness for Gyroor hoverboards. Why? It’s simple, these hoverboards go as low as $179 and you will get high quality, durable and cool hoverboard for that price. And if you are looking for off-road hoverboards look no further, Gyroor has lots of off-road models available.

#5 Swagtron Hoverboard Black Friday Deals

Swagtron is also known by its great offers for Black Friday. This yeat Swagtron main models for Black Friday sale are Swagtron Swagboard Twist for just $98 and Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 for $246. Also, hurry up, Swagtron hoverboards are very popular and amonfg top sellers on Amazon, so usually they are sold before Black Friday.