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Top 10 Best Hoverboards Under $300

Today we are talking about top 10 hoverboards that can be bought for less than $300! Why under $300? Well, on one hand we think that this is the price limit above which you can find only pro hoverboards and on other hand you can still find high quality hoverboards for safe and fun ride below this price. Of course, you have to understand that some of these models don’t have features and performances like high end ones. But, despite that fact, they are still quality made, ideal for fun ride and if fun is what you’re looking for and you don’t want to spend a ton of money, these next 10 hoverboards are here to meet all your expectations. Despite the fact that the higher your budget, the best are the features and specifications of the hoverboards all presented hoverboards under $300 are amazing machines, not the average low-cost, no-name products.

Whom are these hoverboards ideal for?

Well, the obvious answer might be for beginners. Why is this so? Well, if you are a beginner, than you will need to master your hoverboard skills before buying a high end hoverboard which is much more expensive, thus if you scratch it or bump it you wouldn’t be so sorry like if you do it with top price hoverboards. I remember my first steps – I destroyed my IO Hawk  in just a weekor so while lerning how to ride it. It was scratched all over with more than a few bumps and cracks on the outer shell. Don’t let your ego to keep you off trying to learn how to drive on cheaper model. Later you will have enough time to buy your dream hoverboard.

The second answer would be for children. There’s no need to purchase a $700 hoverboard for your kids to play with. It’s practically throwing money in garbage. They don’t know how to use them correctly and they will most likely break them pretty fast. It’s like buying a Ferrari to a person who never drove a car before.

Are These Hoverboards Reliable?

Believe it or not, these hoverboards are very reliable and all of these 10 models are UL 2272 certified and protected from fire hazard, overheating, over charging, short circuits etc. and mostly they use quality UL 2271 certified batteries. But remember, don’t try to speed them straight into rocks or other hard obstacles or to throw them of the cliff – no hoverboard would survive that.

#1 Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – The Best Hoverboard Under $300

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is definitely the best and most reliable hoverboard on this list. It might not be the best hoverboard out there, but with this price and a huge amount of satisfied users, it’s more than worth buying it. With all features, design and quality Razor Hovertrax 2.0 belongs to high-end hoverboards. You can buy it not just as beginner’s choice, but as your permanent choice!


The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is equipped with two electric motors (with maximum power of 350 kW), one for each wheel, Lithium ion quick-charge battery pack, rubber wheels with aluminum hubs, balance level indicator, charger and as the most important feature comes smart balancing gyro-sensor technology which enables a super smooth ride. New features of Razor Hovertrax 2.0 include cool-blue LED light bar display, fender bumpers, LED battery power indicator, and two riding modes, training and normal use. All this gives Razor Hovertrax 2.0 new edge on the market.

Buy Razor Hovertrax 2.0 on Amazon

#2 Vecaro Glide-X – The Best Colored Hoverboard under $300

First of all, despite the fact that Vecaro Glide-X has generic design it might be one of the most fun under $300 hoverboards. Why? Because of the outer shell metallic colors Vecaro is proud of.


Vecaro GLIDE-X hoverboard is a 2017 model offered by this well known producer. It is a whole new series of 6.5″ hoverboards in different colors (metallic colors are really nice and cool looking). The chassis for GLIDE-X hoverboards is made of 3 mm thick aluminium with ABS outer shell in more than 20 color combinations. This hoverboard is UL2272 certified and you will get some extra features for the reasonable price (lower than competitors’ price). Some of these features are Bluetooth and Ride Control App for better riding experience.

Also, it is powered by Samsung 36V Lithium Ion battery pack made with authentic leg cells (20 Samsung cells per battery for longer riding experience) and certified chargers in order to prevent fire hazard. Don’t forget that Vecaro is a US based company.

Buy Vecaro Glide-X on Amazon

#3 GOTRAX SRX Mini – The Best Hoverboard for Kids

If you search the Internet you will find that GOTRAX SRX Mini hoverboard is often called as the best hoverboard for kids, younger and inexperienced drivers as their first ride.


GOTRAX SRX Mini is a lightweight hoverboard with only 15 lbs and its 2×150 W motors are powered with UL2271 Certified Li-ion batteries. It has basic, generic design with 6.5” wheels and it is available in 7 different colors. In some description of GOTRAX SRX Mini you can find that it is made for all terrains but it isn’t true. Also, don’t be fooled with some comments that SRX is water resistant. It is in compliance with IP56 standard (splash and light rain resistant), meaning you can’t plunge it into water.  This is the best hoverboard for your kids or as your first hoverboard, especially because you will get great price deal for the quality presented.

Buy GOTRAX SRX Mini on Amazon

#4 NHT SMART Hoverboards – The Most Versatile Hoverboards under $300

NHT hoverboards are made in several SMART models as a part of SMART series of self balancing scooters slightly different in performances and design.


NHT hoverboards are certified by UL 2272, UL 991 and ANSI/UL 1998 for electrical systems, batteries and main charger in order to ensure maximum safety for the users. With very attractive design they are available in different colors. Also, all NHT hoverboards are equipped with LED lights as signal and warning lights. NHT SMART self balancing scooters or hoverboards are designed for everyday fun and transport in urban environment.

Buy NHT Hoverboards on Amazon

#5 Gyroor T581 Hoverboard – The Best Wormhole Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers

Gyroor T581 is the most popular hoverboard with wormhole LED lights. The Gyroor T581 hoverboard comes with 6,5″ off road all terrain wheels. Also, it has improved design with sturdy and modern hubs and LED lights. Since it is app enabled you can adjust your speed using an app.

Be aware that the maximum speed of this hoverboard is 10 mph, so, make sure that you have adjusted speed making it suitable for kids and beginners. With remote integrated Bluetooth speakers, wormhole LED lights and app control this is one cool and affordable hoverboard.

Buy Gyrror T581 on Amazon

#6 Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 – The First UL2272 Certified Hoverboard under $300

The Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 by Swagway is the world’s first hoverboard or two-wheel self-balancing scooter with UL2272 certification which makes it one of the safest models on the market. UL2272 certification means that this model was submitted to series of very rigorous tests in order to check battery and charger safety. Also, it is the world’s first hoverboard with the UL 2271 listed SentryShield battery system.


Swagtron T1 is made of fire retardant hard ABS casing with aluminium wheels and strong rubber tires. It has maximum speed of 8 mph and maximum driving range of 12 miles. Also, it is equipped with two driving modes, learning mode for beginners and normal mode. The climbing capability of this hoverboard is just impressive and it is 30 degrees. Bright LED headlights are here for better look as well as for better visibility during the night ride.

Buy Swagtron T1 on Amazon

#7 Improved SURFUS Hoverboard – The Best Waterproof Hoverboard under $300

Each version of SURFUS hoverboard is better than the previous one in design, security and available features. This improved waterproof version has a number of new features like Bluetooth speakers, App for smartphones and stylishly designed LED lights.


This SURFUS hoverboard uses 2x250W motors to reach maximum speed of is 7,5 mph with maximum driving radius of 12,5 miles and maximum climbing capability of 15 degrees. While you ride SURFUS hoverboard you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth connection or available SURFUS App and listen the music on dual, high-fidelity built-in Bluetooth speakers. Also, for better visibility and look this model is equipped with sporty upgraded bright blue LED headlights.

The producer says that this hoverboard is waterproof but be aware that it is water resistant up to IP34 standardmeaning it can handle water spraying from different direction, no more. So, do not go to swim with this model.

Buy Surfus on Amazon

#8 Gyroor G-F1 Racing Hoverboard – The Best Designed Hoverboard under $300

Finally, we have some evolution happening in hoverboard design!!! Gyroor G-F1 hoverbord with 8.5″ wheels and replaceable battery pushes hoverbord design to new grounds. New look is not just for the eye of the beholder, it is very practical too. The design is based upon three-sections with central section containing replaceable and removable Samsung battery and two side sections containing electronics, motors and wheels. Also, central section has carrying handle with digital display and smart LED light.

The modular structure of this hoverboard gives extra stability making it stable even in off mode thus being safe for children. Beside 8.5″ wheels it is powered by dual 700 W motors enabling it to go as fast as 12 mph with maximum radius of 12 miles/1,5 hours on a single charge and continuous ride. The sturdy aluminum board and lunar LED headlights and rear lights are designed in such matter to provide maximally aggressive look.

Buy Gyroor G-F1 on Amazon

#9 Gyroor Warrior 8,5″ – The Meanest Looking All-terrain Hoverboard under $300

We stumbled upon this hoverbord by pure accident and we liked its design at the first look. It has 8,5″ wheels with solid tires on beautifully designed chassis. But be aware that not everybody would like and appreciate this design. However, we liked it a lot.


It is UL2272 certified and uses UL2271 certified Li-ion batteries. Its 2x350W motors are enough to provide you maximum speed of 9,95 mph and maximum driving range of 9,5 miles. How not to love this model when it looks as mean as possible and has 4.0 Bluetooth speakers and colorful LED lights. Also, it is water resistant up to IP54 standard meaning it is protected from dust particles and water sprays. Gyroor Warrior is made for kids and adults since it can handle up to 265 pounds. The limited warranty of Gyroor Warrior is for 1 year and 6 months for battery. Enjoy the ride!

Buy Gyroor Warrior 8,5″ on Amazon

#10 SISIGAD Smart LED Hoverboard – The best and cheapest hoverboard under $300 with LED lights & plating colors

This one is the among cheapest UL2272 hoverboards available on the market. It doesn’t mean it is not good, it’s just not as good as high-end hoverboards. It has passed all necessary safety tests and it has UL2272 certification. It will give you about 9 miles of ride with one charge and we liked it because it is really cheap hoverboard ideal for learning process, children and beginners. This way you will avoid any damage on your favorite hoverboard before mastering the ride. This model is available in different colors.

Buy SISIGAD Smart Hoverboard on Amazon

Review Of Gotrax SRX Mini Hoverboard – MADE FOR KIDS

Gotrax is US (Denver) based brand of hoverboards and other electric rideables and they are bringing to us some cool kids’ hoverboards called Gotrax SRX Mini.  If you search the Internet you will find that Gotrax SRX Mini hoverboard is often called as the best hoverboard for kids, younger and inexperienced drivers as their first ride.

Features of Gotrax SRX Mini Hoverboard

The Gotrax SRX Mini is a super lightweight hoverboard with only 15 lbs able to lift the person up to 132 lbs. Its 2×150 W motors are powered with batteries tested & certified to UL 2272 safety standards thus giving the rider ability to ride as fast as 6 mph and up to 3 miles before recharging them, depending on speed and terrain. To recharge the batteries you will need about 3 hours.

In some descriptions of Gotrax SRX Mini you can find that it is made for all terrains but it isn’t true. We would recommend riding it on smooth pavement to prevent any possibility of toppling over. Even more, you should avoid uneven pavement, cracks, and pit holes which may be a bit rough for 6.5” tires. However, tires are having great grip on smooth surfaces. Also, don’t be fooled with some comments that SRX Mini is water resistant. It is in compliance with IP56 standard (splash and light rain resistant), meaning you can’t plunge it into water. Also, one of the coolest things about this hoverboard are its 2 built in handles making it easier to transport and 4 available colors. If you are looking for suitable hoverboard for your kids this could be it, especially because it has very affordable price for the quality presented.

Main Features of Gotrax SRX Mini

  • UL2272 Certified
  • Weight: 15lbs
  • Maximum Weight: Up to 132 lbs
  • Wheels: 6.5” tires
  • Motor: 2 x 150 Watt Dual Motors
  • Charging Time: 3hours
  • Maximum Speed: 6 mph
  • Maximum Range: Up to 3 miles depending driving conditions
  • Maximum Climbing Angle: 15 degrees
  • Built-in Carrying Handles: YES

Buy Gotrax SRX Mini on Amazon

Tomoloo Q3 Star Traveler – Best Hoverboard Under $200

Tomoloo Q3 Star Traveler Hoverboard is expected to be outstanding top seller this year, based on buyers’ interest, price, quality and design. It is one of the best hoverboards under $200 and we really liked it. Why? Thе fire-proof саѕеѕ, safety сеrtifiсаtiоn, еxрlоѕiоn proof battery аnd battery рrоtесtiоnѕ, maximum lоаd сарасitу of 220lbs/100kg, up to 4 hrs of drive on fully charged batteries, maximum speed of 8 mph аnd орtiоnаl functions (Bluеtооth/Aрр орtiоnаl сuѕtоmizеd) mаkе thе рrоduсt an ideal buу for thоѕе who are looking fоr сhеар hоvеrbоаrdѕ but уеt with high-tech functionalities whiсh makes Tоmоlоо Q3 Smаrt Hоvеrbоаrd a tор ѕеllеr.

Tomoloo Q3 – Best Hoverboard Under $200

This ѕеlf-bаlаnсing scooter uses the kеу invention technique оf mесhаniсаl ѕеlf-bаlаnсе making the riding оn it a vеrу соmfоrtаblе аnd exhilarating еxреriеnсе.  One of major advantages and WOW factors at Tomoloo Q3 is itѕ design whose inѕрirаtiоn соmеѕ from thе ѕрасеѕhiр in thе ѕсiеnсе fiсtiоn ѕуmbоlizing ѕhuttlе, univеrѕе аnd unfеttеrеd соurаgе, mаking уоu fееl likе you’re juѕt in thе space.

Tоmоlоо Q3 Smart Hoverboard  comes with аll thе features уоu’vе еvеr drеаmt уоur hoverboardѕ shоuld have. Lеt us ѕhоw you the hоvеrbоаrd in dеtаil аnd find оut what mаkеѕ it the best оf the many.

While producing this model, Tomoloo had in mind strict safety regulations. Because of that they have included just top materials and battery producers resulting in one of the safest hoverboards available on the market in 2018. While many hоvеrbоаrdѕ fаilѕ аt еlесtriсаl аnd other ѕаfеtу ѕtаndаrdѕ, thе manufacturers оf Tomoloo Q3 Smаrt hоvеrbоаrd hаvе taken ѕресiаl саrе tо еnѕurе utmоѕt ѕаfеtу resulting in thе рrоduсt ѕаfеtу сеrtifiсаtiоn UL2272. Thе Q3 Smart hоvеrbоаrd has come with firе-rеѕiѕtаnсе cases, a waterproof cap аnd аn explosion-proof tуrеѕ.

Besides that Tomoloo Q3 Smart hоvеrbоаrd has come with 14- ѕаfеtу еxрlоѕiоn proof Samsung 18650 lithium bаttеriеѕ with 108.3Wh/4.3Ah. The charging time ranges bеtwееn 180-210 minutеѕ and someone finds it a bit too long, but after you charge the batteries you will have 4 hours of riding fun. The bаttеriеѕ have firе-rеtаrdаnt fire shells, short circuit аutоmаtiс power сirсuit tо ensure thе ѕаfеtу оf riders. Yоu does not nееd tо worry аbоut оvеrсhаrging уоur bаttеrу or cases of bаttеriеѕ over-discharging, thе Tоmоlоо Q3 Smаrt hoverboard provides you with оvеrсhаrging and over-discharge рrоtесtiоn nеithеr dо you need tо wоrrу about high сurrеntѕ entering your bаttеrу while charging, the Tоmоlоо Q3 Smаrt hoverboard has also offered уоu with overcurrent рrоtесtiоn.

With a mаximum ѕрееd of 8 mph, thе Tоmоlоо Q3 Smаrt Hоvеrbоаrd uѕеѕ high реrfоrmаnсе lithium bаttеrу оf ѕuреriоr еndurаnсе, more durаblе without fеаr оf high lоаd. It iѕ аblе tо саrrу a mаximum load оf 220 lbs/100kg with a mаximum сlimb аnglе of 15 degrees with 6.5 inches wide expanded tуrеѕ.

Thе foot pads аrе available tо givе уоu maximum ѕuрроrt аnd a bаlаnсеd рrоtесtiоn whilе uѕing Tоmоlоо Q3 Smаrt hоvеrbоаrd either for trаvеlling оr fоr оutdооr fun. Aѕ a learner, уоu nееd no wоrriеѕ with Tomoloo Q3 Smart Hоvеrbоаrd. The Tоmоlоо Q3 Smаrt hoverboard сomes with ѕоmе fеаturеѕ thаt permit thе use оf ѕосiаl, Bluetooth muѕiс whiсhm аkеѕ your trаvеl ѕlivеlу аnd exciting. Yоu саn track уоur GPS, mileage, аnd set ѕрееd fоr reaching уоur destination. We еnjоуеd thiѕ feature.

  •  Hаѕ thе cheapest Priсе in thе саtеgоrу
  •  One year manufacturer wаrrаntу iѕ рrеѕеnt
  •  Unique соlоurеd lights
  •  Struсturаl dеѕign еnѕurеѕ strong griр аnd ѕеlf-еаѕу balancing funсtiоn
  •  Bаttеrу рrоtесtiоnѕ
  •  Suрроrt use оf Aрр
  •  Cоmеѕ with different colors оf уоur сhоiсе
  •  Thе сhаrging time of 180-210 minutеѕ might seem too lоng compared tо competition
  • Limited number of available units

Tomoloo Q3 Hoverboard Specs

  • UL2272 Certified
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Wheels: 6,5″ Explosion-proof Tires
  • Batteries: Samsung 18650 Li-ion Bаttеriеѕ
  • Charging Time: 2~3 hrs
  • Maximum Speed: 8 mph/12km/h
  • Maximum Driving Range: up to 4 hrs of driving or 8 miles of constant driving on maximum speed
  • Maximum Loading Capacity: 220 lbs/100 kg
  • Max. climbing limit: 15º- 20º
  • Bluetooth/App Optional Customized
  • 1-Year manufacturer warranty against mechanical defects

Buy Tomoloo Q3 on Amazon

Buy Best Hoverboards on Amazon’s Black Friday Deals 2019

Happy hour (or better say month) is finally here and you can find best and cheapest hoverboards, electric scooters, smartphones, smart LED TVs, toys etc. for you during Amazon Black Friday Deals 2019. Black Friday 2019 starts on Friday, November 29th, but most Black Friday sales will start on Thanksgiving (or even before) and extend later throughout the Black Friday weekend and into Cyber Monday 2019. So, it is not just one day, it is a whole month of deals Amazon usually starts on Nov. 1st. As usually, their Countdown to Black Friday Event is full of exclusive and wild discounts and you can use them before the event itself. The list of products on discount during the Countdown changes daily and you need to check it constantly because you may run into great deals on wanted articles.

Things to know about Amazon Black Friday 2019


Here is the list of tips and tricks about Amazon Black Friday Event 2019:

  1. Black Friday Store is already opened and you don’t need to wait Black Friday because deals are already live and kicking. Just go and grab yourself some products for the bargain price.
  2. Just few days before Black Friday Amazon will issue special information about Black Friday door-busters so be ready to check announcement and react instantly.
  3. After Black Friday Amazon will issue special information about Cyber Monday, another big event where you can grab great deals on electronic products, including hoverboards, electric scooters etc.
  4. The best deals you can expect on Amazon own brands like Echo and Fire so if you are into buying them check deals closely, they are already on sale.
  5. And finally, if you are looking for starting advance you should apply for Amazon Prime because you will get 30 minutes early access to Amazon Black Friday Deals and free 2 day shipping. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial
  6. If you are looking for hoverboards and hoverboard accessories deals this is one of the best periods in the year for buying hoverboards.

Top 5 Best Off-Road Hoverboards In 2019

When you choose a hoverboard best suited for your needs and desires it takes time and careful research. Choosing best hoverboard is long and hard process  because hoverboards have evolved in past couple of years. There are so many models similar to each other yet so different in performances, materials used for their manufacture, durability and sturdiness, battery life, prices etc… Nowadays, off-road or all terrain hoverboards are among best sellers models on hoverboard market.

But you have to consider multiple factors when buying an off-road hoverboard in order to buy the one you wish and to avoid possible problems. These factors are:

The quality of materials used for off-road hoverboard: If possible, always choose off-road  hoverboard that is made of top quality materials and components so it could be driven across rough terrains without major problems or damage. It is important to avoid extra expenses for repairs.

Safety: safety is a big issue for hoverboards. Since off-road hoverboards are using batteries an electrical mishap or even fire may occur if your hoverboard is not in compliance with safety regulations. Always choose hoverboard that is UL2272 tested and certified meaning that  it has been subjected to different tests, so there should be no concerns about safety.

Weight limit: An average hoverboard model can support up to 200 lbs, and some can take up to 420 lbs without affecting their stability. Always try to buy a hocverboard that cen support 220 lbs or more. It means that it was built for adults, not only for children.

Speed and range: Average speed at off-roads hoverboards is around 7 mph, but some are going fast as 15 mph. Do not buy fastest hoverboard, it doesn’t mean it will be best for you. It is better to buy hoverboard that best suites your level of expertise. 15 mph looks pretty fast when you are on board and could be difficult to ride if you are not top notch rider. Average range on most models on full battery is around 10 to 12 miles before recharging.

Charging time: Usually you will need at least 2 to 3 hours to fully charge batteries on majority of off-road hoverboards.

Portability: Choose those models of off-road hoverboard that you can easily carry around. Be aware that average weight of an off-road hoverboard is 30 lbs. Some models have built-in carrying handles thus being easier for carrying.

Price: Usually price corresponds with quality and performances, but not always. Some more expensive and high end hoverboards could be bought for less money on special deals and sale events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Use those deals and events.

Versatility: The best off-road hoverboard is made for different surfaces like whether mud, grass, gravel or dirt. So, best off-road hoverboards should easily master these terrains.

Now, we are bringing to you the list of Top 5 Off-Road Hoverboards in 2019.

Top 5 Best Off-Road Hoverboards In 2019

#1 Gyroor G-F1 Racing Hoverboard – High Quality Aluminium Off-Raod Hoverboard

It can be a troubling quest to find a perfect hoverboard that offers proper feature, speed and power. Gyroor G-F1 Racing Hoverboard has all it takes for a consumer to jump-start into the hoverboard foray. If you’re going for quality and essential features Gyroor G-F1 Racing Hoverboard has got you covered. Its easy training mode feature enables you become a hoverboard master in seconds, gliding around just like fine-tuned android. Nebula Black color and LED lights enables you to glide through the galaxy in hi-tech style. Gyroor’s F1 self-balancing gyroscopic technology offers the best experience by making you feel like you are floating in zero gravity for up-to 12 miles on a single full charge. Its heavy duty aluminum board and the 8.5-inch rubber tires make it convenient for use on different terrains thus challenging your riding experience.

  •  Quality Manufactured All terrain Off-Road Hoverboard
  •  SUV Hoverboard and Sturdy Structure
  •  Struсturаl dеѕign еnѕurеѕ strong griр аnd ѕеlf-еаѕу balancing funсtiоn
  •  8.5-inch Tires and High-Quality Space Materials
  •  Cоmеѕ With Different Colors оf Yоur Chоiсе
  • May be a bit expensive

Buy Gyroor F1 on Amazon

#2 Gyroor Warrior 8.5 inch All Terrain OFF ROAD Hoverboard

The Gyroor Warrior is designed for all terrain, tough and ready to roll. Gyroor Warrior does not disappoint when it comes to safety and durability, it treats you just like a baby. The Warrior 8.5 inch Off- Road Hoverboard is produced using an ideal blend of UL endorsed materials which make up its durable structure that ensures strength while protecting you during rides and permitting you appreciate this hoverboard for a considerable length of time to come.
No ride is fan without music, its built-in branded high quality Bluetooth speakers allows you enjoy each moment of the ride. The amazing part is that, this big brother has taken into consideration new riders. Its self-balancing technology allows new riders master the art of balancing in minutes.


  •  SUV Hoverboard and Sturdy Structure
  •  App Enabled With Bluetooth Connectivity
  •  Suitable For Beginners & New Riders
  •  DIY Colorful LED Lights
  •  Limited Control
  •  The 39.9 Pounds Weight May Be Pretty Heavy For Kids To Handle
  •  The Bluetooth Connectivity Requires a PIN Code To Connect To Any Device

Buy Gyroor Warrior 8.5″ on Amazon

#3 HYPER GOGO Off Road Hoverboard – Best All Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard For Kids

The cool thing about HYPER GOGO Hoverboard is that it has super affordable price with high quality materials. Its 8.5-inch off-road rugged tires are hitting speed of 6 mph that last for up to 13 miles with a max 10 degree climb powered by dual motors that enable it go for long on a full charge. HYPER GOGO Off Road Hoverboard is UL 2272 certified, which means it has been tested for electrical and fire-safety to protect you and your family during the ride. Its LED lighting provides sleek look and sturdy structure to enable balance achievement while riding on the top speeds. Larger wheels helps you keep steady while on bumpy terrain.

HYPER GOGO Off Road Hoverboard is Bluetooth enabled to make you get that extra experience during the ride. You can connect with your on-board speaker by means of Bluetooth and make the most of your most loved music through your stereo speaker with premium sound quality while riding. It can connect from your PC, iPhone, Samsung smartphone, or some other Android gadget. Amazing!

  •  Hаѕ Thе Cheapest Priсе In Thе Cаtеgоrу
  •  All Performances Suited Best For Kids
  •  Attractive Design & Sporty Look
  •  LED Lights
  •  Bluetooth Enabled
  •  Maximum Weight Capability 200 lbs

Buy HYPER GOGO 8.5″ on Amazon

#4 CHO[TM All Terrain Rugged 6.5 Inch Wheels Hoverboard

We all love hoverboards with high battery capacity and at the same time have the highest speed. CHO[TM All Terrain smart hoverboard has 36/4000 mAh large-capacity Li-ion battery zero emissions, safe, and environmentally friendly. Now you can enjoy your rides with zero foot prints on the environment. Apart from the speed and the large battery capacity, the Bluetooth provides you with an incomparable riding experience. Yes-stereo speaker with Premium Sound quality which can be connected to any device that is Bluetooth enabled make the riding experience fan. Most importantly, the hoverboard has 6.5-inch off-road solid rubber tires for all terrain purpose. Stop worrying about the bumpy areas around your compound and grab the hoverboard for maximum experience.


  •  Great Price
  •  Comes With Free Carrying Case
  •  Bluetooth Enabled
  •  High-capacity Li-ion Battery
  •  High Intensity LED Headlights
  •  Cоmеѕ With Different Colors оf Yоur Chоiсе

#5 EPIKGO Sport 8.5 Inch Off-road All Terrain Hoverboard

EPIKGO Sport Off-road All Terrain Hoverboard is an exceptional hoverboard and provides you with a thrilling ride over the tarmac, gravel and sandy terrains. EPIKGO Sport Series passed 159 separate test which are determining if this product is fire safe and fire resistant as well as vibration, crash and drop resistance of the product. EPIKGO Sport Series have successfully fulfilled all UL2272 requirements.  Sport Series of EPIKGO hoverboard are equipped with UL2271  certified LG smart battery with intelligent protection. Also, the EPIKGO is based in Silicon Valley which is great plus for maintaining close relation with the customers and quick reaction for their needs.

What is so different at the EPIKGO Sport than at the Classic EPIKGO? Well, we could say that the main difference is in their design, where Sport Series have more aggressive look (it doesn’t mean that Classic EPIKGO is not aggressive enough) and they are equipped with performance tires which transfers more power from the board to the ground instead of all-terrain tires present at EPIKGO Classic.

  •  UL Certified & Tested Built-in Genuine Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
  •  App & Bluetooth Enabled
  •  Unique Performances
  •  More Stable With Wider Foot Pedals
  •  1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  •  Limited Number of Available Units

Buy EPIKGO Sport on Amazon

Review of Tomoloo V2 Eagle – Best Designed Hoverboard Under $400

TOMOLOO Technology Industrial Co., Ltd is already well known as reliable and innovative hoverboard manufacturer. Tomoloo produces wide range of hoverboard models diversified in 3 production lines as K, Q and V lines of hoverboards. Among these lines V line represents off-road or all terrain hoverboards and includes 2 models, V1 Poleaxe and V2 Eagle. Tomoloo V1 Poleaxe is inspired by Nordic Poleaxe referring to power and authority this model will give to its rider and V2 Eagle is inspired by the strength, magnificent endurance and power of an eagle while flying.

Tomoloo V2 Eagle Features


As we already said, Tomoloo produces high end hoverboards with superb and innovative design using best available components and parts. Like other Tomoloo models V2 Eagle is UL2272 certified and uses high quality UL2271 certified Li-ion batteries with Intelligent Management Battery System as a power source for 400W dual motors thus giving the V2 Eagle possibility to develop maximum speed of 12 mph, much more than similar products available on the market. The chassis of V2 Eagle is designed to resemble on eagle with spreaded wings. Materials used for chassis are resistant to high-temperatures and fire retardant possessing high strength and toughness. This will allow to rider to be more stable and secure while riding it. Also, standing surfaces are equipped with foot pedals made of thickened rubber in order to reduce vibrations and ti ensure extra comfort.

V2 Eagle has LED headlights with RGB LED design allowing the rider to adjust the color of LED lights (16 million colors) through personal Tomoloo App. Also,  through intelligent App System the rider can  control on/off switch, standby/riding mode, steering sensitivity, maximum speed limit, battery status, mileage, music and finally already mentioned color, brightness and effect of integrated LED lights. Built-in Bluetooth speakers are using Bluetooth 4.0 technology providing Stereo surround sound for maximum joy and fun while riding and listening your favorite music.

This model uses 8,5″ all terrain wheels suitable for gravel, grass, tiles, concrete giving sense of stability and power both on slopes and flat surfaces. Maximum driving range of V2 Eagle is 12 miles or approximately 1 hour of ride. After that you will need about 2,5 hours to fully recharge batteries.

Tomoloo V2 Eagle Main Features

  • UL2272 Certified
  • UL2271 Certification for the batteries
  • Wheels:8,5″
  • Motor: 400 W Dual Motors
  • Top Speed:12 mph
  • Maximum Range:up to 12 miles
  • Charging Time:~2,5 hours
  • Maximum Load Capacity:265 lbs
  • Maximum Climbing Angle:15o
  • LED Headlights:RGB LED Headlights with 16 million colors
  • Built-in Bluetooth:5 Watt Bluetooth Speakers
  • Ride Control App:YES
  • Water Resistant:Up to IPX4 Standard
  • Warranty:1 Year Warranty

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Gyroor G-F1 Racing Hoverboard – High Quality 8.5″ Aluminium Off-Road Hoverboard

Today we will introduce to you one of the most exciting and wanted hoverboards among hoverboard riders nowadays. It has aluminium frame and all necessary features for ultimate hoverboard experience and fun. Are you guessing what are we talking about? Not yet? Prepare yourself for Gyroor G-F1 Racing Hoverboard, 8,5” off-road hoverboard suitable for all ages.

Gyroor F1 Racing Hoverboard is one of the top sellers and one of the most discussed two-wheel self-balancing scooters. You’re asking yourself why? As we said in intro this model has inovative design in order to meet all requests and wishes of younger market, has 8,5” rubber and wider wheels, superb sturdiness with the board consisted of 85% aluminium, LED lights, variety of colors, great performances and affordable retail price. Exciting? It is definitely different on so many levels than similar products available on the market with superb “value for money” ratio.

Technical Details And Safety Of Gyroor F1 Hoverboard

Gyroor F1 hoverboard is mid-sized hoverboard, 29.6-inch wide x 8.8-inch deep x 9.9-inch high and it is equiped with portable (removable) batteries, so it can be removed by hand to charge with no need to carry the whole hoverboard.

Because of its’ size, high quality materials like aluminium are used in production, 8.5” tires and built-in features Gyroor F1 is slightly heavier than other similar products and weighs 27.8 lbs (around 13 kg). So, in order to ease the rider to carry the hoverboard it has built-in carrying handle for easier grip. This model is powered by dual 700 W motors enabling it to go as fast as 12 mph with maximum radius of 12 miles/1,5 hours on a single charge and continuous ride. After that you will need approximately 1,5 hours to fully recharge the batteries.

The turning radius of Gyroor F1 hoverboard is 0 degrees and it can handle 30-degree inclines which puts it on the top of the hoverboards list when it comes to incline capability. Also, we have to mention that this model is UL2272 certified and Electrical Safety Certified, meaning it meets all safety regulations and it is 100% safe for use.

Some thoughtful design touches shows us that this model is more for younger riders, but also, it can be used by an adults because the maximum weight limit is 220 lbs. The sturdy aluminum board and lunar LED headlights and rear lights are designed in such matter to provide maximally aggressive look.

Main Features Of Gyroor F1 Racing Hoverboard

  • UL2272 Cetified
  • Passed CE,RoHS and FCC Certifications
  • Electrical Safety Certified
  • Size: 29.6 x 8.8 x 9.9 in
  • Net Weight: 30 lbs
  • Wheels: 8.5″ Rugged Rubber Tires on Aluminium Hubs
  • Motor: 2 x 700W
  • Maximum Speed: 12 mph
  • Maximum Driving Radius: 12 miles
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 220 lb
  • Turning Radius: 0 degrees
  • Incline Capability: 30 degrees
  • Charging Time: ~1,5 hours
  • LED Headlights
  • App Enabled

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Swagtron Swagboard Duro T8 – The Best Budget Hoverboard For 2019

When searching for the perfect gift for your kid you are looking for  affordable, sturdy and quality hoverboards in compliance with UL2272 certificate. We decided to do this quest for you and finally gave a test to the Swagtron Duro T8 hoverboard since we know it is marketed as the best choice for kids and saw that it ranked high among younger riders. After running the idea we are delivering to you this review. You can read our reviews on Swagtron T6, Swagtron T580, Swagtron T1 and Swagtron T5 as well.


Swagtron Duro T8 Hoverboard Characteristics And Features

It’s no surprise that the Swagtron Duro T8 hoverboard was on the “must-have” list of countless hoverboard enthusiasts heading into 2019. Why? Well, first of all this hoverboard represents a whole new level in Swagtron hoverboards because this is first LITHIUM-FREE Swagtron hoverboard meaning it uses lithium-free batteries bringing safety on a higher level and together with SentryShield protection it meets all UL2272 requirements regarding safety and fire issues.

Also, Swagtron Duro T8 uses 200W dual motorized wheels for better performance and stability. However, this feature spends batteries on much faster pace so you will have about 45 minutes of continuous ride before batteries recharged. Sturdy and durable design of Swagtron T8 is revolutionized through central one-point connection enabling two halves to act separately giving the T8 faster change of direction and 0 degrees turning radius.

With its bold and sleek features, the Swagtron T8 hoverboard is hovering at the top of the hoverboard rankings in price, durability, safety, speed, and ease of mastery. Ideal for commutes to the office, running errands or to school. In addition to the crazy fun in riding the Swagtron T8 hover board, riders are boasting of improved balance and a tight core.

Swagtron T8 has 6″ tires mounted on rectangular frame with steel casing giving T8 extra durability and 200W dual motorized wheels are strong enough to conquer inclines of up to 30 degrees.

But, if you are crazy about fast and adventurous ride, maybe you will find Swagtron T8 as pretty slow because the maximum speed of Swagtron T8 is “just” 7 mph (have in mind that 7 mph on hoverboards, especially for beginners, looks like crazy fast). Below you can find our pros & cons…

Swagtron Duro T8 Hoverboard Pros And Cons

Here’s a list of the awesome swag appeal of the Swagtron T8,  for kids and kids at heart. While there are pros and cons with every product, I must say the Swagtron T8 hoverboard has just two potential cons. We’ve also listed those below.


  • The Swagtron Duro T8 hoverboard is UL Certified, environment-friendly with lithium-free batteries, has a slip-resistant rubber platform and steel casing.
  • It is semi-waterproof, up to IPX4 standard—it can handle slight splashes.
  • Modern and apealing design with improved safety features and at the same time easy to master.


  • It is semi-waterproof, up to IPX4 standard—it can handle slight splashes, but not a full-on downpour. (you will see that this is also on pros side)
  • Only capable to lift persons up to 200 lbs but this may not be important because Swagtron T8 is intended primarily for kids.
  • Charging time of batteries 5,5 hours – this is definitely a problem because you can ride it on maximum speed for just 5,8 miles.

Main Features Of Swagtron Duro T8 Hoverboard

  • UL2272 Certified
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Maximum User Weight: 200 pounds
  • Tires: 6” Hard Rubber Tires w/Aluminum wheel covers
  • Batteries: Lithium-Free Batteries
  • Design: Rectangular Design With Steel Casing & Slip-Resistant Rubber Platform
  • Maximum Speed: 7 mph (not too fast, but fast enough to stay safe.)
  • Charging Time: 5.5 Hours
  • Distance Per Charge: 5.8 Miles
  • Water-resistant: Up to IPX4 standard (Can handle slight water splashes well)
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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Review of NHT 6,5″ LED Hoverboard for Kids

So far, NHT hoverboards were grown into one of the leading self balancing scooters or hoverboards. There are several series of self balancing scooters among which LED self balancing scooters or hoverboards are designed for everyday fun and transport in urban environment.

NHT 6,5″ LED hoverboard is a part of LED series of self balancing scooters and this particular model has been certified by UL 2272 for electrical systems, batteries and main charger in order to ensure maximum safety for the users. It has basic design and it is available in variety of colors like red, blue, white, pink, purple. Also, it has front LED lights as signal and warning lights. The outer shell is made of ABS+PC and it weights 22 lbs/10 kg and maximum weight of the rider is 180 lbs/85 kg thus making it ideal choice for kids. The maximum speed of NHT 6.5″ LED hoverboard is 6 mph with maximum driving range of 12 miles. Have in mind that NHT 6,5″ hoverboard is among the cheapest UL2272 certified hoverboards available on the market. Check the price.


UL2272 Certified

Weight: 22lbs

Maximum Rider Weight: 180 lbs

Tires: 6.5 inch

Battery: Li-ion battery

Charging Time: 3-4 hours

Maximum Speed: 6mph

Maximum Range: 10 miles (depending on riding conditions – average riding range is 7 miles)

Motor: 2 x 300 W

LED: Front LED Lights; Wheel Fender Lights

Turning Radius: 0 degrees

Incline Capability: 15 degrees

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Gyroor Warrior Xtreme Hummer – Cool Looking 8.5” Off-Road Hoverboard

If the legs could talk they would say  XTREME HUMMER HOVERBOARD. Why? Because it is a sure bet when it comes to high-quality hoverboards or scooters. The fabulous Xtreme Hummer hoverboard is the newest addition to the  canopy of off-road hoverboards. Also, one of the most popular producers of this model is Gyroor, so it is known as Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard.

The Xtreme Hummer has a fairly heavy weight of 39.9 pounds and dimensions of 12.5 × 12.9 × 29.6 inches. It comes in combination of different color but we think that coolest one is combination of white, black and red. It is loaded with a lot of features that make it a must-have in every rider’s list. Tag along as we explore these amazing features together.


Xtreme Hummer Hoverboard Features/Pros & Cons


From the strong body frame to the smart Bluetooth connection, and lots more in between, this device is equipped with loads of features making it an irresistible choice. Consider a few of these below:

  • The self balancing feature, coupled with its unique non-slip foot pad design, makes it a great choice for new riders. This feature is complemented by a steady iOS app that controls the hoverboard as well as monitors its performance.
  • The weight of the rider is no problem at all. The high quality metal body made from strong aluminum alloy frame gives it the strength to handle up to 250lbs of load.
  • It also comes with an app enabled feature, a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, making it easy for users to locate, shut down or power up their hoverboard.
  • Powered by a 700W dual motor, the Xtreme Hummer is able to achieve a top speed of 12 miles per hour, maneuver close spaces and easily climb slopes.
  • Enjoy a most comfortable riding experience on all kinds of terrains with the 8.5-inch large rubber tires, without any loss of stability.
  • The smart Bluetooth functionality allows you connect to your Smartphone for quality music while driving.
  • With the included free waterproof carry bag, you can have your scooter with you wherever you may be.
  • The LED lighting system provides it with a better illumination making it safe to drive in poor lit conditions; so if safety is what you crave for, then have no fears because we have got it covered.
  • Xtreme Hummer hoverboard is waterproof up to IP54 standard meaning it is resistible to water sprays and dust particles.
  • Other notable features include: affordable pricing, fast charging, damage indicator, and stylish casing.


Despite the fact that the Xtreme model is one next to perfection, a few cons can also be observed. Though the cons are not much to worry about but you need a complete knowledge of its pros and cons before buying one.

  • Regardless of being the best choice of hoverboards, it may fail to function properly if it hits the ground or any hard object.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity requires a pin code to connect to any device.
  • The 39.9 pounds weight may be pretty heavy for kids to handle.


The Xtreme Hummer 8.5″ is simply “Wow!” A perfect choice for riders, it packs so much great features in one device. I guess you can say, without doubt, that this device is one of the best hoverboards of 2018.

Main Features Of Xtreme Hummer Hoverboard

UL2272 Certified

UL Certified Battery

Size: 12.5 × 12.9 × 29.6 inches

Weight: 39.9 lbs

Tires: 8.5″ Rubber Tires

Motor: 2 x 350W Motor

Maximum Speed: 12 mph

Maximum Driving Radius: 12 miles

Maximum Weight: 250 lbs

Waterproof: Up To IP54 Standard

LED HEadlights

App Enabled

Bluetooth Speakers

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