July 21, 2024

Electric bikes are more popular than ever and getting one for yourself is a must if you love free spaces, speed, fun and wind in your hair. Someone might think the motor does all the work, but those are mistaking an electric bike for an electric scooter. However, I often had a feeling that this might be true when it comes to ENGWE EP-2 Pro Fat Tire e-Bike. I must admit, I am a real sucker for fat tire rides and ENGWE is my cup of coffee.

The price of ENGWE EP-2 Pro is $1399.99 and you can order it on their web-store. The ENGWE essentially works like every other electric bike, or does it? Let’s see what is so special about this model that impressed me so much.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro Electric Bike Main Specs

Motor750W Brushless Gear Motor
Frame6061 Aluminium Alloy Frame
Bike Weight70 lbs
Battery48V 12.5Ah Removable Lithium Battery
Charging Time~6 hours
Maximum Speed28 mph on Throttle only Mode
Maximum RangeUp to 35-45-80 miles (Throttle Only – Pedal Assist – Sport Mode)
Maximum Weight CapacityUp to 330 lbs
Tires20″ x 4.0″
BrakeTektro Dual Disc Brakes
SeatSport saddle
Driving Modes4 Driving Modes (Full Electric, Pedal Assist, Sport Mode, Pedal Only)

First of all, the EP-2 Pro Fat Tire Electric Bike comes almost fully assembled, so I had no problems to finish assembling. I just hate when the bike comes all in parts and than I need to spend hours assembling it before I can go for a test run. This time that wasn’t an issue and I liked it a lot.

As all similar models, the ENGWE EP-2 Pro comes with pedals and the motor kicks in to assist. However, there are three levels of assistance available with EP-2 Pro which can be adjusted by a controller. You can choose between Pedal assist mode, Throttle only mode and Sport + eTech mode. Sport + eTech mode is the most challenging one because you will need to do the most of the work by yourself and engage the motor only in those situations where you can’t pull it with your own legs.

Of course, at Sport mode the battery last longer and you can go up to 80 miles on a single charge. WOW, right? But, when you are using Throttle only mode than the battery runs out after 35 miles (depending on terrain and your riding style). I sucked the juice out of the battery after only 20 miles, but I used full throttle all the way. So, avoid this if you need battery to run longer.

if you are facing a hill you can work the gears like you normally would (it is a Shimano 7-speed and has disc brakes) and engage the motor with the pedals to make even lighter work of it.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro Electric Bike: Motor, Speed and Battery

What I liked the best at ENGWE EP-2 Pro was its ability to ride it with no apparent difficulties, despite the fact that I weigh more than 220 lbs (maximum weight capacity of this model is 330 lbs). The EP-2 Pro still showed its power even when riding up hills.

It’s not really a surprise when you know that EP-2 Pro electric bike features powerful 750 W brushless gear motor enabling the rider to achieve top speed of 35 mph (even faster with pedal assist).

Thanks to a 48V 12.5Ah lithium removable battery, you will be able to travel as far as 35 miles on a single charge (throttle only mode). But, as I already said, it depends on your weight, riding style and terrain (are there uphills or not). I have managed to ride it 20 miles continuously using Throttle only mode and over flat terrains with no uphills.

The battery is placed inside the frame and it’s removable, so you don’t need to take the whole bike when you wish to recharge it.

If you like to extend battery life than use pedal assist or Sport mode and than you can ride it for 80 miles on a single charge.

ENGWE EP-2 Pro Electric Bike: Other Cool Features

Some other really cool features are 6061 aluminium alloy frame with compact and foldable design. This way there will be no problem to store the bike anywhere in the house or take it into your car trunk.

Also, there is an LED display right in the middle of the handlebars which offers at a glance everything you need to know about your ride like current speed, battery level and travel distance.

Mechanical Lock Front Suspension Fork will make your ride more comfortable and comfy sport saddle helps a lot over bumps.

But, my favorite are aluminum alloy 20 inch wheels with all terrain fat tires for top riding experiences over flat surfaces as well as while riding it off-road. I like that chubby fat tire look. With these tires you can confidently ride in all terrains – including the park, off-road tracks, sand and shallow puddles.

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