May 25, 2024

You probably won’t find any other electric scooter that matches the Fiat’s design. Fully incorporated Fiat 500 design with beautiful finish, tactile refinement, and refined frame stands out against any other electric scooter. Thanks to its recognizable design the Fiat 500 electric scooter is a real feast for the eyes, from the ultra-stylish command center to the frame and wheels.

But there’s one question going through my mind: is it style over substance? The short answer is no. It is fully loaded commuter scooter with powerful 350 W motor able to speed up to 15.5 mph, same as some more expensive e-scooters like Ninebot e-scooters, Gotrax XR Ultra, Gotrax G4, Turboant X7 Pro, Apollo City etc. Let’s see why I loved this scooter so much.

Main Specs of Fiat 500 Electric Scooter

Unfolded Size41.53 x 18.32 x 45.27 in
Folded Size41.53 x 18.32 x 20.47 in
Weight30 lbs
Motor350 W brushless motor
BatteryLi-ion 37V, 7.5 Ah Battery Pack
Charging TimeUp to 4 hours
Tires8.5″ rubber tires
Max Speed15.5 mph
Maximum RangeUp to 20 miles
Max Climbing Capability15°
Max Load Capacity265 lbs
Foldable DesignYES
Brake SystemDisc Brakes
Riding Modes3 Riding modes (Beginner, Eco, Sport)
LED LightsLED headlight + taillight
Warning FunctionBell
USB Charging PortYES
Smartphone HolderYES
Waterproof Up to IPX4 Standard

Design and Main Features

The Fiat 500 e-scooter is ideal for adults who are searching for a sleek commuter scooter for shorter distances. It boasts comfort, style, and safety but if you are an adrenaline junkie, this probably isn’t your slice of pie. This is not all-terrain scooter and it doesn’t like being forced on or off curbs, and certainly isn’t a fan of off-roading. So if you’re looking for a thrill-seeking scooter then you should look for Varla Eagle One, Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ or Hiboy Titan Pro.

Fiat 500 electric scooters

The Fiat 500 features ultra-light aluminium alloy frame (it weighs only 30 lbs, so there is no problem to carry it around when it’s folded) with unique design especially at the rear wheel, giving clear resemblance to Fiat’s famous 500 model. Sleek and sexy lines are extending further all over to the top bar and creates seamlessness found in few electric scooters.

With the safety bell, LED headlight, and command center integrated into the top bar, the elegance of the Fiat 500 e-scooter is without question. Also, right bellow command center you can find USB charging port for easy charging.

Fiat 500 elecric scooter cockpit

However, there is one thing I didn’t like at the Fiat 500. It offers no suspension. The good thing about this, if you can find any good here, is tha fact that the lack of suspension means that the scooter is incredibly light and reduces maintenance processes. But on rough roads, the ride quality is subpar in comparison to other scooters that have suspension.

Despite the lack of shock absorption, the Fiat performs well on smooth surfaces like asphalt, concrete and similar. Plus the ergonomic, rubberized handlebar grips are comfortable and don’t feel rough on the hands.

The rubberized throttle paddle, located below your right thumb, feels smooth when accelerating, unlike many other throttles. This level of responsiveness is ideal for beginners enabling them smooth and enjoyable ride.

Also, I liked the extra-wide standing deck. But, it is also relatively short if your feet are on the larger side and you need to leave one foot half-hanging of the deck. But, even with this issue I had no problems to ride it with ease and surprisingly comfortable. This won’t be a problem for younger and riders with average feet.

This model features 8.5″ rubber tires. They’ll do a good enough job on smooth asphalt but anything more challenging and you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Classic retro lines of Fiat 500 design are at the heart of the Fiat electric scooter. It’s portable and foldable scooter with simple yet effective and easy to use folding mechanism, you simply push the latch down at the base of the stem, fold it, and wait to hear the ‘click’.

Fiat 500 electric scooter folded

Motor, Battery, Speed and Range

The Fiat 500 features 350 W motor able to speed up to 15.5 mph. It uses 37V, 7.5Ah lithium ion battery as a power source. When fully charged you can ride up to 20 miles, depending on terrain, rider weight and riding style. The best performance is over smooth flat terrains, and if you ride it over hills and if the rider is close to maximum weight limit than the battery runs out faster.

Three riding modes are included and this feature is useful for inexperience and first time riders.

Mode one is suitable for beginner riders, or eco riding to maximize battery performance, with a top speed of 9 mph. Mode two is ideal for daily riding or commuting and has a top speed of 12 mph. Finally, the third mode gives you a more aggressive acceleration and has a top speed of around 15.5 mph.

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