June 20, 2024

The Glion Dolly is a real refreshment among electric scooters. The design of this scooter is characterized by refined lines and functionality that are rarely found in competing scooters, I can’t even remember if any other model has any resemblance in these characteristics to the Glion Dolly. In addition, it is characterized by high quality workmanship, adaptability to all ages and excellent mobility on city streets. However, I will try to present to you in the following text whether everything is so good with this scooter, where we will look at its design, main characteristics, motor and battery, brakes, and other aspects that may be important when choosing this electric scooter.

Design and Main Features of Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

As I mentioned before, the Glion Dolly makes you just fall in love with this scooter at first sight. The designers took care of every detail, and the aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame has extremely refined lines that set it apart from the crowd and make it a very recognizable electric scooter on the street. In addition, it has adjustable handlebar, well, not really adjustable to the height you want, but to one of the three predefined positions. This can be a small problem if none of these three positions fit your height exactly and can be a little tiring. The standing deck is completely covered with antislip material to make it easier to stand and to prevent slipping while driving. But be aware that standing deck is pretty small, just for two feet.

I was blown away by how easy it is to fold a Glion Dolly. The compact and foldable design of this electric scooter is amazing. It folds extremely quickly, in just two strokes, and its weight of 28 lbs makes it highly convenient to carry. Dimensions of 36 in x 16 in x 8 in when folded ensure that it is easily packed in the car trunk, under a desk or in a closet. Another advantage of the Glion Dolly electric scooter is that it has a retractable handle trolley rarely any electric scooter has. I really liked this, because in combination with the small towing wheels, which are located on the rear wheel, you can easily tow it like luggage, that is, you don’t have to carry it in your hand. This is a simple and ingenious solution because it makes much easier to move this scooter in case its battery runs out or when you don’t want to ride it.

Of course, it is important for electric scooters to be well lit, especially if you plan to ride them at dusk or at night because it is important that car drivers spot you on time. The Glion Dolls is equipped with a bright headlight and taillight. But somehow it seems to me that this is not enough to leave an impression. The form has been respected, but some extra detail is missing that would make Glion Dolly even more striking in the night ride. The sophisticated design and appearance during the day is not reflected during the night ride. I think it’s a real shame that a bit more attention wasn’t paid to the lighting.

When it comes to controls this is exactly what most riders of Glion Dolly have objections to. Also, I think they’re right. For a $460 scooter, I expected that controls are far better designed, with better functionality and more informative. It all comes down to the red start button located on the right handlebar. Next to it, there is a simple display where you can see how much battery you have left and the expected distance you will take. Very basic, simplified and too small for an electric scooter in this price range. When it comes to throttle and brakes, they are regulated with two spring loaded twist handles. You regulate the throttle with the right, and activate the electronic anti-lock brake with the left handle. Also, there is a rear fender foot-activated press brake, and since the maximum speed of the Glion Dolly is 15 mph it is enough to stop safely.

Motor, Battery, Speed and Range of Glion Dolly

In one of our previous reviews about the characteristics of commuting electric scooters, we also stated what features and performance an average electric scooter should have. I was very surprised when I realized that Glion Dolly is at the lower limit when it comes to the performance of commuting electric scooters. But let’s see what surprised me most.

First a motor that has a power of only 250 W. I say only because it is a commuting electric scooter after all, and the Glin Dolly presents itself as such. Just to note that some more advanced scooters for kids have 250 W motors. Further, this motor is powered by a 36v, 7.8ah LG lithium ion battery, which all together affects its speed and range. The top speed of the Glion Dolly is a modest 15 mph. It’s not that bad either, especially while driving through congested city streets. It’s quite a decent speed enabling you to glide between cars and probably reach the finish line before the car driver, especially in rush hour traffic. However, I couldn’t believe that the maximum range of this scooter was only 15 miles. So if you want to use it for commuting take into account how far you plan to go. The good side is that it only needs 3,5 hours to recharge, so you can easily recharge while you are at the office.

Also, pay attention to whether the terrain is flat or with numerous slopes. Glion Dolly can handle climbs up to 15 degrees, but in that case it consumes significantly more battery and goes much slower. If the ascents are steeper, its speed drops below 5 mph, and you will often have to push off with your foot to overcome the ascent. At the same time, the battery drains quickly, so the maximum range drops to below 7 miles when driving on slopes. All in all, this is a big complaint because a commuting scooter should be more reliable in such conditions.

Glion Dolly Pros and Cons


  • Aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame gives necessary sturdines and durability, so Glion Dolly will pass all kicks and bumps with no obvious damage.
  • Refined, compact, lightweight and foldable design that puts it above competition. Compact and lightweight design is all you need to easily pack this scooter or to carry it around with no fuss.
  • Fast folding mechanism, pull-out trolley handle and luggage wheels for easy moving and vertical standing. Great solution I loved the most about this scooter.
  • Very bright headlight and taillight for extra security and better visibility during night rides.
  • Integrated kickstand that won’t be annoying you during the ride.
  • Fast charging, you will need just 3,5 hours to fully recharge Glion Dolly.
  • Maximum weight of the rider of 255 lbs.


  • Motor of only 250 W, it’s just not enough for my perception of a commuting electric scooter.
  • Maximum speed of 15 mph (and much lower on tilted terrains) could be a problem for speed lovers.
  • Maximum range of 15 miles makes you think twice how far will you go.
  • Low speed and fast battery drain on slopes, putting it far behind maximum declared speed and range.
  • Basic controls and battery life display with minimum info and no upgraded rider experience.
  • Small standing deck enough just for two feet.

Main Specs of Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

Dimensions38 in x 15 in x 10 in when unfolded
36 in x 16 in x 8 in when folded
Weight28 lbs
Tires8″ Honeycomb tubeless tires
Motor250 W (600 W maximum output)
BatteryLG Li-ion, 36V, 7.8Ah
Charging Time~ 3,5 hrs
Maximum Speed15 mph
Maximum Range15 miles
Maximum Rider Weight255 lbs
LED HeadlightYES
Integrated KickstandYES
Built-in Trolley HandleYES
Built-in Luggage WheelsYES

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