June 16, 2024

Hello Marty McFly, are you ready for a ride? Imagine asking this very question to the hero from “Back To The Future”. Now, the future is live with the Hendo Flying Hoverboard. Unlike the two-wheel self-balancing scooters often referred to as ‘hoverboards’ (despite lacking actual hovering capabilities), the Hendo is the real deal. It defies gravity, hovering effortlessly above the surface, free from the constraints of wheels or friction.

How it works and where is the catch?

The Hendo Flying Hoverboard is the brainchild of Arx Pax and its visionary co-founder and CEO, Greg Henderson. This revolutionary hoverboard harnesses the power of Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) to achieve its remarkable levitation and seamless gliding capabilities. However, it’s important to note that the Hendo Hoverboard is designed to operate exclusively over special copper surfaces. These copper surfaces are conductive and, in conjunction with the hoverboard’s proprietary engine, generate a magnetic field that creates what are known as “eddy currents”. These eddy currents, in turn, generate a secondary magnetic field that mirrors the initial one. The resulting interaction between these two magnetic fields leads to repulsion, enabling the Hendo Hoverboard to effortlessly glide over the conductive surface.

Hendo Flying Hoverboard 2.0

The whole project started back in 2013 and it’s still in developing status. The Hendo Flying Hoverboard 2.0 as the latest edition of this project, and Tony Hawk helped to design it. The 2.0 version now uses a real board as a deck, better battery life and has improved maneuver possibilities thus enabling the rider easier maneuvering and longer stay on the board.

Hendo Flying Hoverboard vs similar products

There are similar projects on the run like Lexus Hoverboard and ArcaBoard. But, while Lexus uses straight linear and predefined tracks for gliding, Hendo uses wide copper surfaces. These surfaces are giving the rider oportunity to choose which way to glide and freedom to make more complex figures and acrobatics. Also, ArcaBoard has box shape with lots of ventilators implemented inside the box. Basically, these vetilators lift the rider and the box of the ground. Because of that ArcaBoard requests very powerful engines and lots of batteries. Hendo doesn’t need that because it uses magnetic fields and classical board look is achievable. Enjoy the video below showing Hendo Hoverboard.

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