June 16, 2024

The Hiboy KS4 Pro electric scooter is a part of the KS line of Hiboy eScooters consisting of 2 variants, the KS4 and the KS4 Pro. The Hiboy KS4 Pro is strong, big, powerful and with a 10″ honeycomb tires, and for the price of $449.99 on Black Friday sale is one of the best deals among high-end commuting electric scooters. Check price here.

It is a premium urban electric scooter, and by all objective and subjective criteria a better and more affordable electric scooter than similar competing models. In its class are Ninebot G30 Max, Gotrax XR Ultra, Turboant M10, Xiaomi Mi365, Unagi One etc. In this Hiboy KS4 Pro electric scooter review we will see why is expected the KS4 Pro to be one of the best sellers this year.

Hiboy KS4 Pro Main Specs

SizeUnfolded: 45.3” x 16.5”x 47.6”
Folded: 45.3” x 16.5” x 19.3”  
Weight38.5LB (17.5KG)
Battery42V 11,6 Ah Li-ion Battery Pack
Charging Time5-7 Hours
Tires10” Honeycomb Tires
Maximum speed19 MPH
Maximum Load Capacity220LBS / 100KG
Maximum RangeUp to 25 miles (40km) on a single charge
Incline Capability15°
LightsLED Headlight + Taillight + Deck Lights
SuspensionRear Dual Shock Absorbers
BrakesDual Electronic Brake  + Disc Brake
ip ratingIPX4

Hiboy KS4 Pro Design

The Hiboy KS4 Pro electric scooter can withstand 220 lbs of weight and its standing deck is wide enough to comfortably place both feet on it. Its chassis is incredibly durable, made of aluminum alloy, which makes it extremely light and weighs only 38.5 lbs. The steering rod is also super strong, and the folding mechanism is very durable and guarantees long-term use. The one-latch folding mechanism allows you to fold or unfold the Hiboy KS4 Pro in just a few seconds.

Apart from the indisputable robustness and strength, I am also pleased with, in my immodest opinion, the most attractive look for this type of vehicle.

The cables are mostly hidden inside the chassis, but still not completely because the red cables are visible at the top and bottom of the steering rod. However, this is not a bad thing either, because red cables with red details on the front and rear wheel raise the overall visual impression.

Tires and Brakes

The large 10 ″ honeycomb tires are intended for urban riding. The ride is quiet and comfortable primarily because of the tires, and even greater comfort is contributed by dual rear shock absorbers.

Hiboy KS4 Pro Suspension

In the front wheel there is a strong 500 W motor and electronic brake, while in the rear wheel there is a mechanical brake disc. The rear disc brakes very well, but it can squeak, so it gets on my nerves. However, with a little care when dosing, you will find a compromise between silence and braking power.

Hiboy KS4 Pro Brakes

Motor, Battery and Speed

The 500 W motor is more than enough to powerfully pull a rider with a maximum weight of 220 lbs. Of course, the lighter the driver, the more agile the engine will be and it will reach maximum speed well before than in the case when the rider weighs close to the upper limit. I have about 220 lbs and I drove this electric scooter without any problems. Also, the speed depends on the slope of the terrain. Maximum speed of the KS4 Pro is 19 mph, but on smaller hills it drops to 15 mph, on more serious ones the maximum speed drops to about 10 mph.

Hiboy KS4 Pro Motor

The Hiboy KS4 Pro features high capacity 42V 11,6 Ah li-ion battery pack able to deliver up to 25 miles of continuous ride or approximately 1,5 hours of ride before recharging. Luckily, this model is equipped with fast charger enabling full recharge in just 5 hours.

Hiboy KS4 Pro Battery

LCD Display and App

The LCD display is large and clear, making it easy to read the most important data while riding the KS4 Pro. The display shows all important parameters such as speed, battery status, speed mode, cruise control, App connection etc.

Hiboy KS4 Pro App

The Hiboy KS4 Pro can be easily connected to a smartphone via the App. Within the App you can manage the status of the scooter (lock/unlock), riding statistics, battery power, cruise control, system self-checking, choose riding modes etc. Practically, everything that matters is available through the App.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an affordable electric scooter for urban environment and commuting then the Hiboy KS4 Pro electric scooter is the right choice for you. For only $599.99 you get a durable electric scooter that has enough autonomy to go and get back from work. However, if you are looking for an electric scooter that can be used for off-road entertainment in addition to the urban environment, then it is better to choose another model such as Hiboy Titan or Titan Pro, YUME D4 +, Kaabo Mantis Pro SE and Varla Pegasus.

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