July 13, 2024

In this review of the Hiboy MAX V2 electric scooter we will dive into one of the best budget commuting electric scooters you can find on the market. The MAX V2 is the 2020 edition of Hiboy’s popular MAX model. Hiboy is well known and established producer of electric scooters and MAX line of commuting electric scooters consists of the MAX, the MAX V2 and the Hiboy MAX3 electric scooter.

The MAX V2 since this is one very reliable and affordable electric scooter with lots of perks. However, don’t expect a beast on wheels, but sturdy and trusty companion on your urban rides.

Sturdy, Compact and Foldable

Don’t expect anything revolutionary when it comes to Hiboy MAX V2 design. It is pretty much standard eScooter design with dark grey coating, 8.5″ wheels with solid rubber tires and some red details. However, I liked its wide standing deck with enough space to comfortably stand with both feet. It seems that some manufacturers are getting cheep with standing decks, but not Hiboy. It is very important to for extra comfort as well as for more stability while driving it. And of course, fenders on both wheels, I just hate when scooter don’t have fenders.

It seems that the most elegant part of MAX V2 is its steering stem with nicely shaped LED headlight on very top of the stem. The handles are beautifully shaped with gentle lines and in the center stands basic, but well shaped LED display providing information about speed, riding mode and battery life.

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And when we speed about riding modes Hiboy MAX V2 has 3 riding modes or speeds: Beginner, Normal, and Sport. Depending on a selected mode you will be able to achive maximum speeds od 9 mph, 13 mph or 18 mph. Of course, the fastest is Sport mode, but if you use exclusively this mode battery will drain much faster.

As most of commuting electric scooters the MAX V2 is compact, portable and foldable. It has interesting foot-activated folding mechanism, and finally you don’t need to bend down to fold the scooter. How this mechanism works? Easy, just press your foot on the latch and pool steering handles towards yourself and it is folded. Never been easier. And when unfolding it you need to pull steering handles in opposite direction until you hear a snap sound and it is unfolded. So simple and easy solution, love it. However, MAX V2 weighs 35 lbs, so you will need to use your muscles while carrying it.

One more thing shows that people at Hiboy thought about details is a suspension system. Since this scooter has 8.5″ solid rubber tires all vibrations would be transferred to a rider if there wasn’t suspension system And MAX V2 is equipped with dual shock absorbers on front and rear wheels.

The MAX V2 has dual braking system consisted of rear disc brake and electric brake. They work just fine and you will stop this scooter in just a few meters. Beside LED headlight MAX V2 has blue sidelights and brake light for additional security on night riding.

Dual Braking System: Disc Brake on the Right and Electric Brake on the Left

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Motor Battery, Speed and Range of Hiboy MAX V2

The MAX V2 is powered by 350 W motor and as a power source it uses 36V 7. 5 Ah battery pack. All-together it’s enough to speed up to 18.6 mph with maximum driving range of 17 miles or up to 1 hour, depending on your driving style and terrain. The manufacturer states that it can climb slopes up to 15 degrees, but if you try that speed reduces extremely and battery drains super fast. To achieve better results, it’s best to drive it on flat terrain or gentle uphills up to 5 degrees (of course, when you go downhill it shows its best).

Main Specs of Hiboy MAX V2 vs MAX

You can customize riding experience through HIBOY MAX APP. The App is iOS and Android compatible and via Bluetooth connection you can easily connect MAX V2 scooter to a smartphone and check the scooter before every use, lock the scooter and view other riding statistics.

Hiboy MAX V2Hiboy MAX
DimensionsDimensions Unfolded: 44.5″ x 18.8″ x 47.8″
Dimensions Folded: 44.5″ x 18.8″ x 17.6″
Dimensions Unfolded: 44.5″ x 18.8″ x 45.9″
Dimensions Folded: 44.5″ x 18.8″ x 15.7″
Weight35 lbs34 lbs
Maximum Driver Weight220 lbs220 lbs
Motor350 W350 W
Battery36 V, 7.5 Ah li-ion battery36 V, 7.5 Ah li-ion battery
Charging Time~6 hours~6 hours
Tires8.5″ solid rubber tires8.5″ solid rubber tires
Maximum Range17 miles or up to 1 hour17 miles or up to 1 hour
Maximum Speed18.6 mph18.6 mph
Incline CapabilityUp to 15 degreesUp to 15 degrees
BrakesDual braking systemDual braking system
SuspensionDual front and rearDual front and rear
LED HeadlightsYESYES

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