June 16, 2024

Hiboy electric scooters are among best selling and most popular electric scooters on the market. Since, e-scooter riders are looking for more powerful and better performing scooters than few years ago, people from Hiboy responded with the whole new line of TITAN electric scooters which are fast and powerful. The TITAN line of electric scooters consists of Hiboy Titan and Hiboy Titan Pro. Both models are fast, reliable featuring unique design that will make you stand out on the road. The Hiboy Titan is elegant and foldable electric scooter made for dynamic urban ride and specially developed for ride over more hillier terrains or as a long range commuter. Be sure that this beastly e-scooter won’t go unnoticed. Even it was made for urban environment the Titan is able to bring you on any terrain.

The Hiboy Titan folding electric scooter is a true 25 mph folding electric scooter that flies down the pavement, and glides over single tracks thanks to integrated dual shock absorbers on both wheels. The Titan is packed with 800 W motor, full suspension, an integrated headlight, a foldable stem, 10-inch pneumatic anti skid tires, wide standing deck with foot rest and strong double disc braking system. This machine is ready to tackle practically any urban environment and some light off-road trails too.

Hiboy Titan Electric Scooter: Main Specs

  • Unfolded Dimensions: 47.3″ x 24.4″ x 47.6″
  • When Folded: 47.3″ x 24.4″ x 20.9″
  • Weight: 50.7 lbs (23 kg)
  • Motor: 800W DC brushless motors
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 48V 12.5Ah Battery
  • Charging Time: 6-8 hours
  • Top speed: 25 mph (40 km/h)
  • Maximum Range: Up to 28 miles (45 km)
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Brakes: Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
  • Tires: 10″ anti-skid tires
  • Suspension: Front and rear adjustable spring suspension
  • Front Light
  • Taillight
  • Waterproof: IP53 standard

Hiboy Titan Electric Scooter: Lightweight and Foldable Design with Wide Standing Deck

The Titan comes pretty much assembled. You need to unfold it and lock the folded handlebar into its unfolded place and you are almost ready to go. When it comes to weight, the Titan e-scooter weighs around 50 pounds. This is is not the lightest electric scooter scooter, no doubt, but when folded it’s not too difficult to carry. The folding mechanism on the frame is also of good quality, with a two-stage locking mechanism to ensure the stem does not collapse even if the primary locking mechanism fails or comes unlatched while riding.

Being aimed at adults, the Titan electric scooter has a large and wide deck. The deck is 19 inches long and 8 inches wide with foot at the ending, for more stable ride. This allow the rider to take small bumps without worrying about stability. This simple feature makes the electric scooter more agile and durable.

Hiboy Titan Electric Scooter: Motor, Battery, Speed and Range

The Hiboy Titan folding electric scooter features 800 watts of power. This puts the Titan in the upper echelon of urban or commuting electric scooters and comparing to popular Hiboy NEX3, Ninebot MAX G30, Xiaomi Mi, Gotrax G4 etc. the Titan is a real beast. It gets going incredibly quick and can reach top speed of 25 mph in just a few seconds. There are also a variety of different configuration options including eco mode and turbo mode.

As already said, the Titan has a top speed of 25 mph, which is extremely fast for urban scooters and we strongly recommend wearing at least a protective helmet for better protection. There is a wide variety of smart helmets for electric scooters, so you can find one that suits your riding style. Despite the high top speed, the Titan feels surprisingly stable, thanks in part to the 10-inch pneumatic anti skid tires. The full suspension setup also helps and keeps the scooter riding smooth even over the smaller potholes.

The Hiboy Titan electric scooter runs on a 48 volt system and has a 12.5 Ah Li-ion battery pack for an estimated maximum range of around 28 miles. As with all electric scooters, the range will depend largely on rider weight and style, terrain conditions, and speed. Riding at full speed will drain the battery far more quickly than casually riding at around 15 mph. After the battery drains you will need 6 to 8 hours to fully recharge the battery.

The battery itself is housed in the deck, keeping the center of gravity very low and making for a well balanced scooter. The battery is also protected from dirt and debris and some water. The Titan is IP53 rated for water resistance, which protects it from dust and water spray, meaning you can ride it in the rain and go through small puddles, but you can’t entirely submerge it in water.

Hiboy Titan Electric Scooter: Brakes and Tires

Since the Titan electric scooter has dual disc brakes they provides enough stopping power, and even without the electronic braking this scooter will come screeching to a halt. It would be even better with the electronic braking, however, the overall stopping power is absolutely fine.

I like a lot thick 10’’ pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires combined with full suspension on both wheels provide comfort and speed on any type of terrain. This wide and thick tires in particular offer stability and performance on flat terrain but also on rough ones. Even though they are not 100% puncture-proof, they are extremely resistant.

Hiboy Titan Electric Scooter: LCD Display and Handlebars

The Titan electric scooter has centraly positioned and nicely shaped LCD display. The display works well and it shows battery level, speed, range, and gear indication. You can easily shift between gears using the key buttons. There are 3 gears available, and when in Turbo mode it means the fastest speed, also in Turbo mode battery drains faster.

The handlebar follows the robust style of the Titan electric scooter. There are a lot of controllers, however, all are reachable without losing grip on the handles. Brake levelers are located on both sides since this electric scooter features a front and rear brake.

On the left side of the handlebar, you will also find the On/Off button and the other to switch between riding modes. Two more buttons are located below the handlebar and they are reachable with your thumb. They are for a horn, and headlight button.

Final Verdict

I really enjoyed riding the Titan. This is one beastly commuter packed with all sorts of equipment and able to deliver fun and joy while riding it. It allows great performance in terms of speed, balance and stability, and range. With maximum range of 28 miles and top speed of 25 mph, the Titan is above other popular competing models. It can be ridden on almost any type of terrains.

What I like the best are 10″ pneumatic tires for enhanced performances, wide standing deck and full suspension for more stable riding, even over the bumps. The Titan is affordable and costs $899. The only downside of this model is its maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs, so if you are over that limit maybe you should look for Yume D4+ or Hiboy Titan Pro.

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