If you are tired of riding your hoverboard and your legs hurt, but you still wanna ride and have fun than we have one interesting solution for you. While your hoverboards are attached on hoverboard chargers and you are waiting for batteries to be fully charged there is still possibility to have fun ride. Here is the ultimate list of apps and games for your smartphones and guess what, they all are hoverboard or Segway related, have fun!!!

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Crazy Mall Ride 3D

Welcome to the exciting adventures of a clumsy mall security officer riding on a segway in awesome running game Crazy Mall Ride 3D! Check

Hoverboard Russian City 3D

Ride on the Hoverboard in the Russian city! Fly above the street, perform stunts! Jump on your Hoverboard above the Russian car. Earn points and venture in different modes in the Hoverboard simulator! Check

SmartRunner – Ninebot Danmark

App for SmartRunner Denmark, Check

Suv Hoverboard OffRoad Pro

Take a ride on the offroad in the Hoverboard simulator! Complete missions and perform stunts on a mini Segway! Check

3D Segway Rider

It’s Segway simulated game in mega city. You have to collect candy(pick up object) within limited time, you have to deal with barricade ( an obstacle) and edges of road. Check

Hoverboard Rider Simulator

Hoverboard Rider game will experience you to ride a hoverboard at city road. You have to collect coins (pick up object) within limited time to collect coin, you have to deal with barricade ( an obstacle) and edges of road. Check

Hoverboard Rider 3D:Santa XMas

Santa has decided to give the Reindeer and the Elves a day off. It’s your job now. Sharpen your driving skills while you’re at it, too. Swivel around corners and park gracefully. Check

Girl Hoverboard Simulator – Makeup & Dressup Salon

There are 4 roads for the princess to play. Choose your favourite road and help her control the hoverboard. Don’t make her fall from it.
She has a lot fun with the hoverboard, but she is really tired. Could you please give her a full SPA to make her relax?

Hoverboard City Racing 2016

Hoverboard City Racing 2016, one of the best racing games, crammed full of venture and fun for hoverboard games lovers. Check

Hoverboard Stunts Hero 2016

This game is all about weaving through a dangerous arena while keeping your cool. Suit up and pick your own unique riding style. Check

Hoverboard Surfer

This Indie Game is more dynamic than your average surfing game! Full-tilt control and swipe animation bring out a complexity never before seen in a skate or surf application. Check

Hoverboard Rush

Get on your Hoverboard Rush with the new super brave gang and helps Noah, Liam, Luke and Sophia to escape the tiny bird that pursues them in every city of this new tour sprint around the world. Check

Diva Mall Run

Play as a Diva collect as much cash as you can and compete with others in hilarious, fast-paced challenges in order to Jump, fly, dodge obstacles! You can use three different vehicles scooter, skateboard or segway Check

Hoverboarder 3D

 Hoverboard Sim 3D is a solution for those of you who would like to feel what it’s like to fly over the Earth surface! Check

Hoverboard Bounty Hunter

Explore an open wild future fantastical world, bandits and

more unnatural enemies in Hovevrboard Bounty Hunter, the

third class shooter adventurous game.


Zombie Ride Road Games

If you like stunt ride road games, drifting, crushing, eat banana and jump zombie adventure try it. Check