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And now comes the real treat for all electric self-balancing scooter fans and users. The Jetson Rover V8 with new and improved robust design for ultimate ride over all terrains. 8.5 inches inflatable all-terrain tires are here to make the rider feel more powerful and free to ride over  gravel, grass and other surfaces. This way hoverboard riders will be able to experience the fun of hoverboard riding like never before!!!



The Jetson Rover V8 hoverboard except robust tires and futuristic design has front and rear LED lights enabling rider to use it more safely in dark. The Jetson hoverboard is driven by two 400W motors (one for each side) with independent Gyros. Also, this model is equipped with 3 driving modes (learning, standard and pro mode), so the rider could be more comfortable on the hoverboard before mastering it.

Naturally, free app comes with the Jetson V8  and all the power and fun will be managed through this app. This model has built-in Bluetooth speakers in case that you wish to hear your favorite tunes while riding it. The Jestson Rover V8 is released on October 1, 2016 and you can buy it on Amazon.



You have probably noticed some models looking exactly like Jetson Rover V8 on the market and probably asked yourself what is happening. And you were right, in September EPIKGO and Halo Rover were released on the market with similar prices like Jetson Rover V8. Actually, these 3 models are exactly the same with exactly same characteristics (EPIKGO is also available in white and pink color). All three are with 8,5″ all terrain tires and extra durable chassis. Main characteristics for all 3 models are given here:

  • 400W Dual Motors with independent Gyros
  • 8.5″ all terrain tires
  • All 3 models are UL 2272 certified
  • Each model has personal mobile app through which the rider manages his hoverboard
  • ipx4 water resistant
  • Maximum speed up to 10 mph
  • Maximum range up to 12 miles
  • Charging time 1-1.5 hours
  • Hill grade up to 18 degrees
  • LED head lights available on all three models
  • Backlight also available
  • Bluetooth
  • Maximum load 231 lbs
  • Weight 20 lbs

Buy Jetson Rover V8 on Amazon 

Buy Halo Rover on Amazon

Buy EPIKGO on Amazon 

Buy EPIKGO Elite Silver on Amazon 

Buy EPIKGO Premier Series Rose Gold Edition on Amazon

Buy EPIKGO Sport Series Edition on Amazon






  1. Annette Ullberg

    Who manufactures the battery in the Jetson Rover 8?
    Are the tires on the Epikgo inflatable or solid rubber?

    • admin

      The tires on EPIKGO are solid rubber. We are not sure about Jetson Rover V8 battery but its is UL2271 Certified, which means it passed all the tests.

  2. Christopher Martinez

    Can it go through cracked streets, sand, grass, mud, dirt, and snow?

    • admin

      cracked streets yes, dirt yes.
      Grass, snow and sand- Depends how deep the snow (grass or sand) is. One inch yes, 10 inches not really

  3. Jarvas

    So the boards are the same, but the batteries are different? Are any of the UL 2272 batteries better than the others?

    • admin

      Actually, batteries are UL2271 certified, the boards are UL2272 certified. As we know all EPIKGO hoverboards are using LG certified batteries.

      • J

        I spoke to Jetson. They are also using certified LG batteries. Are there any differences between Epikgo, Jetson, and Halo?

    • admin

      Actually, EPIKGO is also there in that table,but the name of the company that distributes Epikgo is ENDLISS TECHNOLOGY INC (Hayward, CA 94544 USA ). That is why certification is under their name

  4. SuicidalLabRat

    These are all the same white label product.

  5. Leif Lindahl

    I was able to buy a Kiwano KO-X last November during their $400 promotion. It has a Samsung UL(same as the other 3) listing. After less than 10 hours of riding, my 80 pound daughter managed to crack the right foot pad housing, wide open. She doesn’t know what happened…? I know the Halo Rover claims to be unbreakable… Jeston Rover and Epikgo just say durable off-road. If I don’t hear back from Kiwano, about replacement parts or repair, does anyone know where parts can be ordered for any of these models?


      Hello M. Leif Lindahl,
      I’ve the same problem with my KIWANO KO-X (buy one month ago).
      After less than 5 hours of riding, my 90 pound son has crack the top Platform cover, just on the edge of the foot pad (just near the 2 screws under the top).
      My retailler change it but the problem come back on the new top Platform only after 2 hours of riding ! (Smalls cracks appear always near the 2 screws under the top). KIWANO seems to be the first to offer this type of all-terrain smart scooter but is it really a good product ? Have you find a new part more robust ?
      For the ADMIN, Is the Jetson Rover V8 is better and really “unbreakable” ? Has this problem ever been reported for the Jetson Rover V8 or the EPIKGO ?

      • admin

        So far we didn’t have any complaints about Jetson Rover V8.

      • brokenjetson v8 rover

        metal frame on my jetson v8 rover has cracked in two. Jetson has not replied in 2 weeks . I can verify it is not unbreakable. 100 lb girl broke it. false advertising. the insides of all these different brands appear to be the same. they just place their name on it but the parts are all the same.

        • Leif Lindahl

          After another assurance that they would send me an invoice to order new parts, still no invoice. But they did send me several emails about being a KIWANO dealer for their new single wheeled electric scooter… NO THANKS!

  6. Showtan

    Any idea where I can buy replacement body parts for Epikgo Sport ?
    My twin 9yr old boys each have one and the plastics as well and BOTH frames have cracked.

      • Leif Lindahl

        I was able to contact Kiwano KO-X on their facebook page, but after a few days of supposedly sending me an invoice by email, that I never received, and not telling me over facebook messenger what the parts would cost, my contact has gone silent and won’t respond to my messages. If I can get Halo, Epikgo or Jenson parts to fit just as well, and they don’t crack like hard shell chocolate, I would buy them, as long as they are reasonably priced. There’s no excuse for Kiwano blowing off my request for new parts, especially since I was willing to pay something that should have been covered under their warranty.


    Hello M. JEAN CHRISTIAN or M. Leif Lindahl
    Do you have a picture of the KIWANO KO-X problem because I just bought one and I do not see where the cracks appear.
    My adress mail to send picture :

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