May 24, 2023

When it comes to Levy e-scooters I need to say that these scooters are generic e-scooters made under different brands. One of the most popular brands and models available on the market is Turboant X7 Pro. However, all these brands are sharing one really cool feature, detachable battery pack, meaning you can easily swap batteries and keep riding without stopping (of course, you need to have 2 battery packs for this trick). I really like the possibility to swap batteries because maximum range is doubled this way with no sweat. In this review of Levy electric scooters we will bring closer to you these midrange budget e-scooters and show you what you can expect if you choose to ride’em.

Models and Features

Levy electric scooters are available in two variants at the moment: The Levy ($429), and the Levy Plus ($729), with a larger battery pack for extended range. Both variants are available in grey with black, green and red details.

With a top speed of 19 mph and maximum range of 20 miles on a single charge these Levy e-scooters are midrange scooters which main purpose is city cruising and commuting. But, if you have spare battery pack, in just few seconds you can double the range and go as far as 40 miles. This is great feature that lots of scooters are’t offering yet. Levy scooters are reliable and sturdy enough to carry a rider up to 275 lbs. Also, these scooters are great for first-time riders as it packs together many of the portability and user-friendly features that we appreciate most, including a small folded footprint, lightweight build, quick folding that locks into position for easy carrying, an ergonomic thumb throttle, and a high-mounted headlight.

The main difference between the Levy and Levy Plus is in battery capacity. While Plus uses 6.4aH LG Battery, the Plus version uses 12.8aH Panasonic battery. Thanks to a larger battery the Extended variant is a bit faster and has a bit greater driving radius. However, these differences are so subtle and if you are planing to use it on flat terrains choose cheaper version. But, if you are planing to use your Levy scooter on terrains with up and downhills than I recommend to buy Extended version since more battery power means better performance and durability on harsher terrains.

The Levy Plus has a maximum climbing ability of 15°. This holds true to my own tests as well. It should be noted, that as the battery level decreases the climbing ability will fall as well.

The Levy Plus is one of the sleekest scooters I’ve ridden. The front steering tube tapers elegantly from the bottom. The standing deck has clean, minimalist lines and it is pretty long offering comfort and stability. The top of the deck is coated in a rubber; my feet never slipped.

This scooter features portable and lightweight design, it weighs only 33 lbs. The stem locking mechanism feels particularly solid and the locking clasp is very easy to clip to the fender when folded. When folded you can easily carry it into the public transport, pack it inside car trunk or just store it under the bed or in the closet.

Since the Levy Plus is a budget e-scooter something must be missing and at this model there are no spring suspension systems in place. But, in order to compensate this lack of spring suspension Levy Plus comes with upgraded 10″ pneumatic tires for better traction and more comfort when riding it over the bumps, curbs and potholes.

Motor, Battery, Speed and Range

Levy advertises the Levy Plus as having a 20-mile range, but as with all electric scooters, it’s a figure based on the most optimistic of circumstances. In my riding, which involved going up and down hills, I was able to get about 10 miles out of the Levy’s battery. As, previously said, these figures are much better over flat terrains.

When it comes to battery you can choose between 10.4aH LG battery present (Levy Plus) or 12.8aH Panasonic battery (Levy Plus Extended). A removable battery pack weighs around 6 lbs.

With 350 W front motor, the Levy Plus delivers a ton of power. While its top speed is 19 mph, I could feel that it was ready and willing to go much faster on flat terrains and downhills.

The Levy Plus vs Turboant X7 Pro

SpecsLevy PlusTurboant X7 Pro
Unfolded Size42.6 × 16.5 × 46.7 in42.6 × 16.5 × 46.7 in
Folded Size42.6 × 16.5 × 18.1 in42.6 × 16.5 × 18.1 in
Weight30/33 lbs30 lbs
Motor350 W brushless motor350 W brushless motor
BatteryDetachable Li-ion 36V, 10.4 Ah LG Battery Pack/12.8aH Panasonic Battery PackDetachable Li-ion 36V, 10.4 Ah Battery pack
Charging TimeUp to 4 hoursUp to 6 hours
Tires10″ pneumatic tires10″ pneumatic tires
Max Speed18 mph/19 mph19 mph
Maximum RangeUp to 20 miles (doubled with additional battery pack)Up to 30 miles
Max Climbing Capability15°15°
Max Load Capacity230 lbs275 lbs
Foldable DesignYESYES
Brake SystemElectronic throttle control, disc brake and foot brakeElectronic throttle control, disc brake and foot brake
Riding Modes3 Riding modes (Beginner, Eco, Sport)3 Riding modes (Beginner, Eco, Sport)
LED LightsLED headlight + taillight (3 W)LED headlight + taillight (3 W)
Warning FunctionBellBell
Waterproof Up to IPX4 StandardUp to IPX4 Standard
Price$729/$749$699.98 $499.98

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