June 20, 2024

The Apollo Air is an entry level electric scooter by Apollo Scooters. So far we have presented to you their more powerful electric scooters like the Apollo Pro, Apollo City, Apollo Explore etc. With the Apollo Air you won’t get tremendous power and speed. After all, this is a single motor electric scooter with top speed of 21 mph. However, with the Apollo Air you will get solid range for entry level scooters, slick design, wide standing deck and first class craftsmanship.

Apollo Air Electric Scooter: Reliable and Agile

This entry level electric scooter from the Canadian company Apollo Scooters is not the beastly off-road electric scooter, it’s commuting scooter made for those who don’t have enough experience to step on more powerful electric scooters. With the Air the rider will be able to master the electric scooter ride calmly and securely. Also, this is a good solution for teenagers. That’s probably where the thing gets its name.

It features 500 W motor with surprisingly strong kick and top speed of 21 mph. It doesn’t screem speed, but the good thing is that the speeds is in line with the legal speed limits for electric scooters. For example, in New York City electric scooters are only allowed to go up to 15 mph in bike lanes. Also, most states cap speeds between 15 and 30 mph.

The $949 price tag for the Apollo Air may be too high for some people. Still, it is probabaly the best and one of the most well-built entry level electric scooters. After all, this is the reason why people from Apollo offer 24 month warranty on all their electric scooters. More about warranty details you can find here.

Apollo Air Electric Scooter Main Specs

Apollo Air
Motor500W brushless rear motor
Scooter Weight38.5 lbs
Maximum RangeUp to 34 miles (on Eco mode)
Maximum Speed21 mph
Max Load220 lbs (100 kg)
Climbing Capability10o
Braking SystemFront drum and regenerative brake
LightingFront headlight, rear brake light, handlebar turn signals
Tires10-inch self-healing tires
SuspensionFront dual suspension
Water ResistanceIP66

Design of Apollo Air Electric Scooter

The Apollo Air electric scooter features classic design. What makes the Air special and above the competition is the wide standing deck with super wide front end and thick tires, giving the scooter a bulky look that makes you feel solid and stable during the ride, even over smaller bumps.

Durable and Foldable

The Air is very durable, made of aircraft grade aluminium alloy, and foldable, meaning it’s ideal for commuters. Just pull the folding hook and its folded in less than 3 seconds. However, the scooter weight of 38.5 lbs could be too heavy for someone (especially kids or teens). This shouldn’t be a problem if you are going to lift a scooter once in a time while you are traveling to school or work, but I don’t recommend you to carry it around because in that case you will need to engage a lot of muscle power, 35 lbs can become a very uncomfortable to hold in your hands.

The maximum weight capacity is 220 lbs. So, this is in line with current electric scooter standards when it come to entry level scooters.


The Apollo Air electric scooter features a T-shaped handlebar with rubberized handgrips and centrally positioned rounded display. This way, the display is visually a part of the handlebars with only essential data displayed on it, battery status and a current speed. Also, I didn’t like the removal of the ON/OFF bution from the display because at the previous variant an ON/OFF button was visually incorporated to seems like a part of the display. But, at the 2023 variant of the Apollo Air it is on the right side above thumb throttle. This button, except of ON/OFF function has a toggle function between riding modes. There are 3 riding modes available: Eco mode limits your speed to 9 mph, Normal mode limits your speed to 15 mph, and Sports mode enabling maximum speed of 21 miles.

The main controls on the handlebar, other than the display and ON/OFF button, are the throttle and brake. The thumb throttle is positioned on both left and right handlebar and it’s very intuitive and easy to use. On the left side, the brake lever is placed in the front of the left hand-grip and you can pull it just like you’d do on your bike.


The Air is equipped with a front drum and regenerative brake. These brakes are more than enough to guarantee a safe stop since its top speed of 21 mph is not so challenging.


Interesting thing about the new 2023 Air is the fact that tires are the same size. In some previous variants rear tire wasn’t the same size as the front tire. Now, both tires are 10″ in size with self-healing function, meaning you can’t puncture the tires.


The Apollo Air comes with an integrated light system. It includes a front white headlight with ability to adjust the angle up or down. It is a powerful headlight of 500 lumen which will enable the rider to better see in the dark when riding at night.

Rear brake red light is very helpful in signaling your presence on the road. Also, on both sides of the rear wheel you will find orange light reflectors. Also, I love the new feature when it comes to lights. The new 2023 Apollo Air is equipped with turn light placed on side of the handlebars, so the rider can signal when he turns left or right.

Final Verdict

The Apollo Air is a great entry level electric scooters, and even the best available on the market for the price. For $999 you can have a durable and well-performing electric scooter with wide 10″ self-healing tires and maximum range of 34 miles on a single charge.

This is very stable and durable electric scooters ideal for teenagers and beginners.

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