April 17, 2024

I must admit that I really like small sized electric bikes and ANCHEER folding electric bike is as small as you can get. This is up-scaled version of their 12-inch pedal-less electric bike. Pedal-less electric bikes are so meaningless and it is a good thing that people at ANCHEER have realized that fact.

What is even better, the ANCHEER 14-inch is an ultra-affordable $489 electric bicycle. For the buck you will get one small and a surprisingly capable bike. Read on to see my full review.

What are you getting for $489?

First of all, you need to know that ANCHEER 14-inch e-bike is a commuter and last mile vehicle best suited for urban surroundings and flat terrains. Since it features only one speed, after the battery drains, it is very hard to pedal uphill. So, forget about off-road riding and hilly surroundings.

The ANCHEER 14-inch e-bike is definitely small, tipping the scales at just 26.5 lbs (12 kg). But, I was pleasantly surprised with its load capacity of 265 lbs. This is more than some full grownup models are able to support. This is possible thanks to its durable chassis. So, larger riders are more than welcomed to this e-bike (except the height, if you are over 6 feet it’s better to avoid this small sized electric bikes).

This model features 500W high-speed brushless motor with very good torque. If you are not impressed with this better be, because lost of 26-inch electric bikes don’t have motors powerful as this electric bike. This motor gets me up to the bike’s top speed of 20 mph in no time. Keep in mind that you need to use pedal assist mode to reach this speed., so that acceleration.

The maximum range is rated at 20 miles, but it depends on rider’s weight. Larger riders (over 200 lbs) will probably go as far as half of this maximum on a single charge. Still, 10 miles or so isn’t bad for this tiny e-bike, and since this is last mile vehicle it is more than enough. The motor is powered via 48V 7.5AH removable Lithium battery. So, when it’s needed to be recharged just pull the battery and take it to the power station without need to take the whole bike.

Surprisingly, this model features dual (front and rear) disc brakes. Surprisingly because lots of similar models on the market are using only single disc brake.

The ANCHEER 14-inch e-bike has integrated front and rear LED lights. These lights are integrated into the frame and powered by the main battery pack. When it comes to folding feature it folds only at the handlebars, not in the middle. However, since this is small sized electric bike it’s more than enough to fold handlebars to fit it anywhere you need.

Final Verdict

For the price of only $489, ANCHEER 14-inch electric bike is an awesome ride. It’s not an amazing e-bike, but it will drive you from A to B. If you are looking high end electric bikes, fat tire and mountain electric bikes than this one is not for you. In that case you can check our reviews of Delfast Top 3.0, Hunting Fat Tire Electric Bikes, Gotrax EBE1, Ecotric Hammer etc.

This e-bike would be best for city riders or students on a college campus. If you’ve been considering an electric bicycle for commuting but haven’t wanted to invest much money, this could be your answer.

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