June 20, 2024

This Gotrax G MAX Ultra review is a detailed insight into one of the most popular commuter electric scooters. As a part of popular Gotrax G Series of electric scooters the G MAX Ultra is their flagship scooter. Gotrax G Series of electric scooters consists of three models: the Gotrax G4, the G MAX Ultra and the G PRO 3 (3-wheeled electric scooter). G Series of electric scooters by Gotrax are designed as more powerful long range commuter electric scooters with upgraded batteries and motor. So, they are a significant leap up comparing to some cheaper Gotrax models like the XR Ultra, XR Elite, GXL V2 etc. So, let’s see what makes the G MAX standing out.

Gotrax G MAX Ultra electric scooter

Gotrax G MAX Ultra vs Gotrax G4

First of all, the G MAX Ultra is based upon the G4 model. At the first glance you can’t even make difference between these two models. Why? Because, the G MAX Ultra basically is just an upgraded G4 boasting a bigger battery, thus it has greater efficiency, and extended driving radius.

In comparison to the G4, the G MAX Ultra maintains a clear advantage in both speed, power & distance. So, for extra $200 you will almost double your driving radius from 25 miles to 45 miles on a single charge. The price of G MAX Ultra is $799, but often you can find it on discounts. Check the best price here.

Size42.3″ x 17.9″ x 47.4″42.3″ x 17.9″ x 47.4″
Weight36 lbs36 lbs
FrameAluminium AlloyAluminium Alloy
Motor350 W350 W
Tires10″ Inflatable Tires10″ Inflatable Tires
Battery36 V 17.5aH LG battery36 V 10.4aH
Charging TimeUp to 6 hoursUp to 5 hours
Maximum Speed20 mph20 mph
Maximum Range45 miles25 miles
Incline Capability15 degrees15 degrees
Maximum Weight of the Rider220 lbs220 lbs
Braking SystemDual Braking SystemDual Braking System
WaterproofUp to IP54 StandardUp to IP54 Standard

Design of The Gotrax G MAX Ultra Electric Scooter

When it comes to design and features the Gotrax G MAX Ultra electric scooter has portable and foldable design, and thanks to an unique one touch latch it can be folded in a few seconds. Its frame is made of a high quality aluminium alloy and weighs only 36lbs, allowing riders to quickly and easily, fold, hold and carry the G MAX Ultra. This high level of portability adds another positive when using it for commuting.

Gotrax G MAX Ultra electric scooter specs

Since the G4 is known as one of the most secure and hardest to steel electric scooters on the market, same applies for the G MAX Ultra. The G MAX Ultra combines combination lock with digital lock, and this dual safety system allows you to safely park/store worry free against theft.


Regenerative braking is another awesome feature. These brakes essentially convert kinetic braking energy into battery power, increasing ride time and helping you push for that extra mile. Also, it features 10″ inflatable tires. Big inflatable tires are great when you ride the G MAX Ultra over the bumps and cracks making the ride more comfortable. However, I was disappointed that it has no suspension and this is one of the main complaints about this model. With integrated suspension system it would perform much better over uneven terrains such as park trails etc.

Dual braking system at the G MAX Ultra is very useful when you need sharp stopping power, allowing riders to make instant stop. Be aware that is always better to stop gently if you can, as sharp braking could compromise control, especially on wet terrain.


Some other useful features are present at the G MAX Ultra like bright LED headlight, coupled with a responsive rear brake light. This improves safety of the rider during night rides and helps other participants in traffic to easily spot the rider. However, we still heavily recommend riders to wear adequate safety gear; ranging from a high-visibility jacket, gloves, smart helmet, etc.


The G MAX Ultra has superbly designed digital LED display showing all important info while riding it. On LED display you can monitor your speed, battery level, speed setting etc. Right to the display is thumb throttle and on the left side is a speed selector.

Motor, Battery, Speed and Range

As at the G4, the G MAX Ultra uses same 350W motor. It alows the rider to speed up to top speed of 20 mph. It accelerate fast and steadily, even on uphills. 20 mph for commuter electric scooter is great and you probably won’t be riding often at the top speed. There are 3 riding modes/speeds the rider can choose among and we recommend lower speed to prolong battery life.

Gotrax G MAX Ultra Battery Design

As I already said, the G MAX Ultra has upgraded high capacity battery enabling it to almost double the range comparing to the G4. This battery allows the rider to ride as far as 45 miles on a single charge. To fully recharge the battery you will need 6 hours.

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