May 20, 2023

Hiboy company is one of the leading hoverboard and electric scooter manufacturers. When it comes to safety and customisation they have introduced some revolutionary solutions into the world of hoverboards and electric scooters. Their popular electric scooter models S2 Pro, Titan, Titan Pro, NEX3, MAX3 etc. are among best sellers.

New 2021 Hiboy J5 is the best and biggest hoverboard in the line of Hiboy hoverboards. You may say that hoverboards are old news, but Hiboy decided to introduce its new J5 model in 2021 as the leading 10-inch hoverboard on the market and to compete with Segway’s Ninebot S Plus, as the best known 10-inch hoverboard nowadays. Why? The main reason lies in Hiboy’s determination to lead the story behind 10-inch hoverboards with knee controler. There is still large demand after this type of hoverboards and it is expected to rise even higher in 2022.

Hiboy J5

The J5 features knee control lever enabling precise steering. 10-inch anti-skid tires can drive smoothly on rough roads, giving you a safe driving experience. Top speed of the J5 is 10 mph and on a single charge it will provide you 9.3 miles of continuous fun. Thanks to Intelligent App Management you can connect it to the smartphone to control the balance, adjust the ambient light, monitor the battery status, speed limit, and remote control of the vehicle, etc. You just need to download the App and it’s all set. Retail price of this model is $469.99 and you can buy it here. Below you can read more and find everything you need about this newest Hiboy hoverboard.

Main Specs of the Hiboy J5

Dimensions24.41” x 13.59” x 12.41” (620 × 345 × 315 mm)
Recommended Age12 ~ 54 years old
Weight25 Ibs
Maximum Load Capacity220 Ibs
Tires10” Pneumatic Tires
Nominal Power350 W x 2
MAX Power700 W x 2 (1400 W)
Max Speed10 mph (16 km/h)
Max Climbing Capability15°
Charging Time3.5-5 hours
LightsLED Headlight, Fully Customizable Sidelight and Rear light
WaterproofUp to IP 54
Bluetooth App ControlJ5 App

Design and Main Features of Hiboy J5

The Hiboy J5 is a new and improved variant of the previous J3 model. The J3 was discontinued earlier in 2021. Whilst the design is more or less the same, the J5 features significant improvements, with a greater speed and distance and a few extra features thrown in. Firts of all, the J5 has 2 miles greater range than the J3 model. The innovative knee controller allows riders to operate the J5 completely hands-free just swiveling knees to the left or right.

Beside larger and thicker knee controller, the first thing you will notice about the J5 are its 10-inch wheels with pneumatic tires enabling the hoverboard to perform well on different terrains including gravel, grass, snow (of course, you can’t expect to ride it in deep snow), concrete etc.

This is lightweight and compact hoverboard weighing only 25 lbs with. With its size of 24.41″ x 13.59″ x 12.41″, the J5 packs up neatly into any space. However, this is full grownup model able to support weights of up to 220 lbs!

One of the coolest features in the J5 are light effect, especially during night rides. It has built-in headlights, and customizable rear lights and side lights on the wheel rims. This gives powerful light effects while riding and secures additional safety thank to a better visibility.

Also, the J5 is packed with J5 App which you can use to monitor battery life, adjust speed, record your miles, customize rear and side light for extra light effects. Thanks to a Bluetooth connection you can adjust the J5 to follow you or just use the phone to move it around.

Power, Speed and Range of Hiboy J5

Featuring a top speed of 10 mph (16 km/h) and a range of 9.3 miles (15 km) on a single charge, when it comes to quality and functionality of hoverboards, the J5 really does go the extra mile. Thanks to two powerful 700 W motors that allow for a total discharge power of 1400 W , the J5 is one of the most powerful hoverboards on the market. This serious level of Wattage enables a top speed 2 mph faster than the J3 model. Thanks to this power, the J5 easily handles inclines of up to 15 degrees.

On average, you can expect a range of approx. 9.3 miles (15km). However, this is dependant on variable factors such as rider weight, style, speed, terrain, incline and more. Hiboy recommends riders to be of a minimum age of 12, and maximum age of 54.

Final Verdict

The J5 is a solid device, with a great power and sturdy design. My opinion is that for the price of $469.99 it’s worth the money. It’s behind the Ninebot S Plus as its main competitive, but also as twice as cheaper. Its IP54 waterproofing ensures that riders are able to withstand a number of elements thrown at them by mother nature, protecting the battery. Alongside this, cool light effects thanks to fully customizable LED tail/side lights are nice final touch. Whilst this model may be a bit expensive for some budgets, I still feel it is both an exciting and compact method of transportation. Furthermore, top speed & range offered from such a small model are more than satisfying.

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