July 21, 2024

In today’s comprehensive review of the Apollo City urban electric scooter, we are thrilled to introduce you to the remarkable Apollo City electric scooter. This exceptional urban electric scooter is widely recognized for its extraordinary lightness, making it a breeze to maneuver through crowded city streets and navigate tight spaces with ease. Equipped with either a single or double 500W motor, this scooter delivers an impressive amount of power, ensuring a thrilling and exhilarating ride every time you hop on.

Apollo electric scooters have become one of the leading brands in the market of electric scooters, thanks to high quality workmanship, premium features, reliable engines and a 12-month warranty. The price of Apollo electric scooters is slightly higher than the competition, but since you get a lot more, then it is fully justified.

While the performance of the Apollo City may be slightly more modest compared to its counterpart, the Apollo Explore urban electric scooter that we have previously showcased, it still offers an impressive range and speed that will undoubtedly enhance your urban commuting experience. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, the Apollo City is the perfect choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient mode of transportation in urban environments.

Design and Main Features of Apollo City Electric Scooter

The Apollo City electric scooter has two versions available: the Apollo City with single 500W motor, and the Apollo City Pro with dual 500W motor. Also, the City Pro delivers faster speeds and higher torque, and features larger battery for an improved range.

Apollo City Single 500W Motor


Apollo City Dual 500W Motor

Single 500W motor
Weight: 57 lbs
Top Speed: 27 mph
Range: 40 miles in eco mode
Suspension: Triple Spring
Brakes: Dual Drum and Regen Brake
Dual 500W motor
Weight: 65 lbs
Top Speed: 32 mph
Range: 43 miles in eco mode
Suspension: Triple Spring
Brakes: Dual Drum and Regen Brake

Apollo City is characterized by compact design that corresponds to the intention of its designers to be an aid in navigating the city streets and to make it easier for its users to break through the city crowds, and when necessary, quickly assemble and easily carry it in a hand. This is achieved by a quality 6061 Aircraft grade aluminium frame. Its total weight is 57-65 lbs, depending on the variant. Thanks to superbly designed folding mechanism, it can be folded and carried in just a few seconds, in case the battery run off the juice or you need to take it to the elevator, up the stairs etc. Thanks to the fact that it is compact and foldable, it can be easily stored in the house, car trunk or in the office.

Apollo City Scooter Frame and Motor

Like other Apollo electric scooters, it features a wide standing platform that provides additional stability, especially during faster entry into curves and when crossing bumps.

Note that the Apollo City is an urban electric scooter, so it is not intended for off-road driving or terrain with many holes, bulges and deflections. We are not saying that this model is not well made, far from it, just when buying pay attention to the basic purpose of the electric scooter you are buying. The frame and steering handlebar of this scooter are made of forged aluminum, which withstands falls, shocks and other situations in which this scooter can be accidentally hit.

Motor, Battery, Speed and Range of Apollo City Electric Scooter

This urban electric scooter is equipped with a single or dual 500 W motor. This allows it to easily reach a top speed of 27-32 mph. The City has a riding radius of 40-43 miles on a single charge when using ECO mode. Of course, pay attention to the fact that with heavier, the battery will last shorter and you will not be able to achieve the predicted maximum speeds and radius of movement. But, if you weigh around the maximum load capacity of this model, which is 220-265 lbs, you will probably achieve slightly lower maximum speeds. We think that a speed of 27 mph is quite enough for commuting.

Apollo City provides additional stability, comfort and speed with 10″ self-healing tires. Thanks to them, bumps on the road are significantly absorbed and driving is far safer and more comfortable. In addition, it is equipped with a triple spring suspension. The dual barking system is responsible for a quick and safe stop and consists of a dual disc brakes and a rear regenerative brake.

Apollo City Electric Scooter Riding Modes

Both, the Apollo City and City Pro are featuring 3 riding modes: Eco, Normal and Sport mode. In the Eco (Economy) mode, where the maximum speed is set at a comfortable 9 mph, riders can enjoy an astonishingly impressive range that stretches up to a remarkable 40-43 miles.

Switching over to the Normal mode, which offers a higher top speed of 20 mph, riders can still expect a commendable range of up to 33 miles, ensuring a satisfying journey. However, for those who crave an even more exhilarating ride, the Sport mode takes the experience to another level with its thrilling maximum speed of 27 mph. Although this mode sacrifices some range, riders can still cover up to 23 miles of travel distance, guaranteeing an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

LED Lights and Turn Signal Lights

Apollo also adhered to its tried and tested recipe and recognizability when it comes to lighting. With 500 lumen LED headlights, rear LED light, and turn signal lights embedded into the handlebar and the standing deck, be sure that you will be visible in traffic and that you will leave an impression on passers-by and drivers at the same time. The IP66 standard guarantees that Apollo City is water resistant for spraying water from all directions.

Apollo City Electric Scooter Lights
Apollo City Electric Scooter

Main Specs of Apollo City/City Pro

SpecsApollo City / City Pro
Weight57/65 lbs
Max. Weight of the Rider220/265 lbs
Motorsingle 500W/dual 500W motor
Maximum Speed27 mph / 32 mph
Acceleration0-15 mph in 4.1 secs
Incline Capability 10 degrees/ 20 degrees
Battery48V 20Ah for both variants
Charging TimeUp to 4,5 hrs
Maximum Range40 miles / 43 miles
Frame6061 Aircraft grade aluminum
Tires10″ Self-healing Tires
BrakesDual Drum Brakes
Re-gen BrakeYES
SuspensionTriple Spring
LightsLED Headlight + Rear LED light + Turn Signal Lights
Water ResistanceUp to IP66
WarrantyUp to 12 Months

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