May 28, 2024

Apollo electric scooters belong to the high end electric scooters, which are characterized by high quality workmanship, top performance, excellent customer support and a slightly higher price compared to competing electric scooters, but considering what they provide, it is worth the money.

Apollo Scooters is a Canadian brand of high-quality electric scooters based in Montreal, Canada. But don’t worry, in addition to free shipping in Canada, delivery is also free throughout the continental USA.

Apollo Explore is one of the urban electric scooters and is part of the line of electric scooters that Apollo introduced to the market in 2020 (4 models were introduced in 2020 and you can check all models and prices here). In essence, these scooters are based on Titan’s models, but with interesting improvements introduced by Apollo Scooters.

If we wanted to describe the Apollo Explorer in just a few words, we could say that it is an advanced urban model of electric scooters. It features a 1000 W motor that allows it to go up to 31 mph and overcomes inclines up to 20 degrees. In addition, it easily withstands even heavier riders because it can carry riders weighing up to 265 lbs, and high-performance disc brakes and an electric re-gen brake allow it to stop quickly, which is essential for such powerful scooters. Also, driving comfort is guaranteed thanks to the high-performance hydraulic dual spring suspension in the rear and an additional spring suspension in the front.

Apollo Explore Urban Electric Scooter

And of course, what sets Apollo scooters high above the competition is the 24-month warranty, which shows that they are completely confident in the quality of their scooters. The 24-month warranty applies to the frame, steering wheel, gas, controller, while the engine and battery warranty is twice as short and is 12 months. If we have all this in mind, then it is clear why the price of this model is as much as $1300, but it is worth every dollar you spend on it. One of the benefits that Apollo offers, and since it costs $ 1300, is a good 6-month financing of interest-free purchases. However, let’s start from the beginning and present Apollo Explore, game changing urban electric scooter.

Design and Main Features of Apollo Explore

As we said, the Apollo Explore belongs to the line of urban scooters, ie it is intended for urban driving and commuting. But don’t worry, driving comfort is also guaranteed on slightly off-road terrains thanks to 10-inch pneumatic tires, high-performance dual spring suspension on the rear wheel and additional spring suspension on the front wheel. The standing platform is wider than you are used to giving excellent support and stability to the driver, especially when entering larger curves, and two sets of brake handles, one on each handle (separate for the rear and front wheels), allow almost instantaneous and safe stopping of this scooter (on a dry surface, the braking distance is up to 8 feet, depending on speed).

Since this scooter is intended for riders weighing up to 265 lbs, Apollo made an effort to introduce an adjustable steering column on the Explore model, so that you can adjust it according to the height of the rider. This feature is to be commended because, regardless of your height, you can enjoy riding an Apollo Explore scooter as comfortably and safely as possible.

As one of the main objections to this model, we can mention the weight of as much as 52 lbs. It is true that this may not be a problem, if you need to take it a few meters to the office and the like, but if you have to carry it for ten or more minutes it can become very tiring. I don’t think I should mention that it is foldable, but let’s still say that. We understand that the slightly higher weight is the result of higher quality workmanship and a larger number of accessories compared to competing models, but we had to mention this for those who do not like to carry a load in their hand.

In addition to the brake levers, on the right side of the steering handle is placed a true control center next to the throttle lever. With this center you can share the current parameters such as speed, distance traveled and battery life that appear on an interesting round display. Also, there you choose instant acceleration or kick-and-go acceleration, include cruise control for longer battery life and the like.

Apollo also thought of the visual experience when they designed this scooter. The visual effects of Apollo Explore have a dual function, the first is aesthetic and the second is safety. Thus, the Apollo Explore has dual headlights, flickering dual tail lights, two side-mounted LED strips under the standing platform and a centrally placed LED bar on the front of the control bar. All this together gives a very cool impression and appearance, and you and your scooter are more visible to cars and other road users, which increases the overall safety of Apollo Explore scooter drivers.

Let’s not forget that Apollo Explore is water resistant up to IP54, meaning it is fully protected against splashing of water from any angle. So, do not immerse the dag in water to check how water resistant it is.

Motor and Battery of Apollo Explore

Perhaps what impresses most about the Apollo Explore electric scooter is what we can’t see, but we can really feel while driving. The impressive high-efficiency (86% energy conversion rate) brushless 1000W motor with 1400W peak output and high quality batteries Dynavolt. The 1000 W motor allows the Apollo Explore to speed up to 31 mph with an acceleration from 0 to 15 mph in an incredible 3.5 seconds. Also, on a fully charged 52V 18.2aH battery powered by Dynavolt cells, the Apollo Explorer can go up to 36 miles. This would mean about 1 hour of constant driving at top speed, and if you use the cruise control option the ride length can be significantly extended. When it runs out, you need about 8 hours to recharge the battery, or twice as short, about 4 hours with a speed charger. Dynavolt cells are among the highest quality battery cells and are on a par with Samsung or LG batteries. Simply, engine and battery performances delight and allow you to go to work and return from work without recharging.

Main Specs of Apollo Explore Electric Scooter

Dimensions47 in x 13 in x 48 in when ready for riding
46 in x 7.7 in x 17 in when folded
Weight52 lbs
Motor1000 W Brushless Motor
(1400W peak output)
Maximum Speed31 mph (50 km/h)
Acceleration0-15 mph in 3.5 secs
Incline Capability 20 degrees
BatteryDynavolt 52V Li-on Battery Cells
Maximum Range36 miles (55-60 km)
FrameForged aluminum
Tires10″ Pneumatic Tires
BrakesDisc brakes (front and rear)
Re-gen BrakeYES
SuspensionSpring front, hydraulic back
Water ResistanceUp to IP54
WarrantyUp to 24 Months

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