August 16, 2022

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Review of City Cruiser – The Best Off-Road Hoverboard Under $200

City Cruiser hoverboards are among best selling off-road hoverboards in 2021. In this review we introduce to you a well known concept of off-road hoverboards already presented at Halo Rover X, Jetson Flash and EPIKGO hoverboards. Actually, it seems to be the same off-road hoverboard with 8.5″ tires mounted on aluminium rims. However, we made some research and here is the full review of City Cruiser and comparisons with above mentioned Halo Rover X, Jetson Flash and EPIKGO off-road hoverboards.

Main Features of City Cruiser Off-Road Hoverboard

The first cool thing about City Cruiser are different color patterns which are very suitable for off-road hoverboards. The City Cruiser model has 8.5″ wheels with rubber tires mounted on black aluminium rims enabling it to go over toughest terrains like dirt, sand, gravel, grass, snow and mud. But don’t forget that it can’t go through deep snow or mud, keep it real!!! As we review only UL2272 certified hoverboards it’s understandable that City Cruiser has passed all necessary UL requirements and tests. For extra stability it is equipped with AINiCo magnets with 100% copper wiring. Also, it is powered with 36V Li-ion battery pack and with fully charged batteries you can drive as far as 6 miles (depending on riding style and terrain) with maximum speed of 6 mph. Be aware that you will need approximately 2.5 hours to fully recharge batteries.

The City Cruiser has built-in Bluetooth speakers in order to give buyers extra experience during the ride, so you could play your favorite music. Also, it’s been equipped with self-balancing mode for better stability while stepping on it. Check battery life indicator with 4 level battery indicator indicates how much juice is left in the batteries. Also, City Cruiser has integrated bright LED headlights for safer ride during the night.

Keep in mind that City Cruiser is best for beginners and kids since maximum weight limit is just 198 lbs. If you are heavier than this I highly recommend Halo Rover X off-road hoverboard as the best off-road hoverboard for adults in 2021. But, because of these limits City Cruiser is much cheaper than similar competitor products.

City Cruiser vs Halo Rover vs Jetson Flash vs EPIKGO

Here we will give you main characteristics of City Cruiser, Halo Rover X, Jetson Flash and EPIKGO Classic hoverboards in order to compare them and ease your choice. Basically, they look the same with a touch.

HoverboardCity CruiserHalo Rover XJetson FlashEPIKGO Classic
Tires8.5” all-terrain tires8.5″ Off-Road Indestructible Tires6.5” all-terrain tires8.5” all-terrain tires
Maximum Speed6 mph10 mph10 mph10 mph
Maximum Driving Range6 miles10 miles12 miles12 miles
Charging time2.5 hours1.5 hours3 hours1.5 hours
Maximum Load Capacity198 lbs260 lbs220 lbs240 lbs
Maximum Climbing Angle15 degrees20 degrees18 degrees18 degrees
AppWireless MusicYESYESYES

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