June 16, 2024

We already wrote about features and uniqueness of EPIKGO Classic hoverboard in our Hoverboard Reviews. So, we won’t be making another turn on EPIKGO Classic hoverboard and instead of that we will present to you possibilities and upgrades available at the EPIKGO Sport Series. What makes sport version of EPIKGO even better than classic one? There are two lines of EPIKGO sport series. First one is EPIKGO Sport and the second is EPIKGO Sport+.

epikgo sport hoverboard

Design and Main Features

Both, EPIKGO Sport and Sport+  hoverboards are UL2272 certified and thus safe for riding. EPIKGO Sport Series passed 159 separate test which are determining if this product is fire safe and fire resistant as well as vibration, crash and drop resistance of the product. EPIKGO Sport Series have successfully fulfilled all UL2272 requirements.

Also, sport series are equipped with UL2271  certified LG smart battery with intelligent protection. EPIKGO company is based in Silicon Valley which is great plus for maintaining close relation with the customers and quick reaction for their needs. At the first glance you will notice that EPIKGO Sport and Sport+ are heavy and very well built.

epikgo sport+ hoverboard

One could think that heavier construction is the downside of EPIKGO because carrying it wouldn’t be much fun. But, sturdy and durable aluminium alloy chassis, aluminium wheel fenders and 8,5″ alloy rims and wider foot pads (all influencing bigger weight of EPIKGO than the competition products) are here to make the ride more aggressive and at the same time to prevent serious damage on your hoverboard. The EPIKGO Sport is a machine that will power you anywhere, and I recommend it if you need a hoverboard that is going to last.

EPIKGO Sport Vs Classic Hoverboards

What is so different at the EPIKGO Sport and Sport+ than at the EPIKGO Classic? Well, we could say that the main difference is in their design, where Sport Series have more aggressive look (it doesn’t mean that Classic is not aggressive enough) and they are equipped with performance tires which transfers more power from the board to the ground instead of all-terrain tires present at EPIKGO Classic.

Also, EPIKGO Sport+ have higher ability to scale slopes up to 30 degrees instead of 15 degrees at the Classic Series. One more additional feature are built-in Bluetooth 4.0 speakers to make your ride even more fun. The EPIKGO Sport+ can travel at speeds up to 12 mph for 12 miles on a single charge and you will need approximately 2 hours to fully recharge it.


Take a look at the chart below to see and compare main features and performances  of EPIKGO Sport and Classic Series.

  EPIKGO-Grey epikgo-sport1 epikgo-sport-plus1
Size27.5×8.7x.9.1 in27.5×8.7x.9.1 in27.5×8.7x.9.1 in
Weight30 lbs/ 14 kg30 lbs/ 14 kg30 lbs/ 14 kg
Maximum Load265 lbs/120 kg265 lbs/120 kg265 lbs/120 kg
Motor400W Dual Motors with independent Gyros400W Dual Motors with independent Gyros400W Dual Motors with independent Gyros
Tires8,5″ All-terrain8,5″ Performance8,5″ Performance
UL2272 CertifiedYesYesYes
UL2271 Battery CertificateYesYesYes
Water Resistante IP56 Waterproof Certified IP56 Waterproof Certified IP56 Waterproof Certified
Maximum Speed10 mph10 mph12 mph
Maximum Range10 miles10 miles12 miles
Incline Capability15 degrees15 degrees30 degrees
Charging time~2 hours~2 hours~2 hours
LED HeadlightsYesYesYes
Buil-in Bluetooth SpeakerNoNoYes
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty

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