May 25, 2024

In this review of the Gotrax E5 LED hoverboard we will show you one of the latest hoverboard releases by Gotrax. Gotrax is well known and renowned company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Their shipping and customer service are also located in Dallas, Texas. This is important because all your needs will be serviced in the shortest possible time.

Gotrax offers a full line of hoverboards and commuting electric scooters which are amont top 10 best selling models on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, NewEgg, Dunham’s etc. Some of their most popular electric scooters are GXL V2, XR Ultra, XR Elite, G3, G4 and others.

This time I decided to show you one of their’s best off-road hoverboards for kids. Some other blogs could say that this model is intended for adults, but despite the fact that it has great features and performance I recommended it to kids. You will see why in text that follows.

Gotrax E5 LED Hoverboard – Design

There is a good reason why the E5 LED hoverboard is one iof the best hoverboards for kids you can find on the market. Simply, its appearance is extreme and cool. This is very sturdy and rigid hoverboard with high quality aluminium alloy frame and resistant polypropylene outer shell which is resistant to scratches and it is fire retardant. Also, it has extra wide foot-stand with antislip rubber coating for better stability.

But, one thing brought the light to this hoverboard. It is 8.5″ off-road or all terrain tires with infinity effect (or wormhole effect). What is infinity effect? Well, LED lights on wheel hubs are placed in specific order to create effect of infinity tube or a wormhole like effect when riding it. This is very cool feature, especially during the night ride when this specific light effect creates impressive appearance. Beside infinity LED light it also features front LED lights for better visibility during the night.

One more coool feature that comes with the E5 LED are built-in Bluetooth speakers, so you can easily connect it to smartphone and play favorite music while riding it. It seams that many hoverboard producers are omitting this cool feature, probably in order to reduce the final price, but Gotrax keeps it alive and I really like that.

Motor, Battery, Speed and Range

The Gotrax E5 is powered with dual 250 W motors (500 W in total) enabling it to run as fast as 7.4 mph. This might seem as a bit slow, but be assure that, once you are on hoverboard, it is more than enough. As a power source it uses 36 V 4.0 Ah Li-ion battery pack and it is enough to keep Infinity Pro LED running for up to 1 hour or 7.5 miles on a single charge. Of course, maximum radius depends on your driving style. After that you will need around 4 hours to fully recharge it.

Sometimes, especially for beginners, it can be hard to step on or off hoverboard. Because of that E5 has self-balancing feature enabling the hoverboard to stay firmly on the ground while stepping on or off.

Main Specs of Gotrax E5 LED Hoverboard

  • UL2272 Certified
  • Weight: 29.7 lbs
  • Wheel Size: 8.5″ off-road solid rubber tires
  • Motor: 2 x 250W motor
  • Battery: 36 V 4.0 Ah Li-ion batteries
  • Charging Time: 4-5 hours
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 220 lbs
  • Maximum Speed: 7.4 mph
  • Maximum Driving Range: 7.5 miles
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker: YES
  • LED Headlights: YES
  • LED Infinity Lights: YES
  • Automatic Hovering (Self-balancing) Mode: YES

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