Today we will give you detailed review of Gotrax GXL V2 electric scooter. This is one of the most famous electric scooters of the well known brand Gotrax. It is an improved version of their GXL scooter which in the latest edition is simply called GXL V2 electric scooter. Gotrax is a US based company whose central, shipping and customer service is based in Dallas, Texas. This greatly facilitates their relationships with customers, fast transport of products and resolving possible complaints. Gotrax is a company that has developed rapidly in the last few years, first offering cheap and reliable hoverboards like Hoverfly ION as their most famous and best-selling hoverboard, and now as a manufacturer and distributor of electric scooters that are characterized by quality, reliability and lower prices than other manufacturers’ scooters with similar characteristics.

Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter

Main Features of the Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter

As we already said, Gotrax GXL V2 e-scooter is the second edition of GXL electric scooter and one of the best selling e-scooters nowadays. Gotrax GXL V2 is one of the medium range scooters, both in terms of performances and price. Its average price is around $250 and can be found at all major retailers, but also at Gotrax online store. Although it is medium range electric scooter , it does not affect the quality of its construction. Solid and lightweight materials have been used so that you can carry it as easily as possible while in public transport, and in the event that your battery runs out.

New features of the improved GXL scooter are the improved console, longer battery life and folding mechanism that has passed strict QC testing. Compared to the old edition, it retains comfortable 8.5 “air-filled tires that can be easily driven over bumps and cracks, making driving as comfortable as possible. Its 250W motor is powered by 36V LI-ion battery that gives enough power to reach maximum speed of 15,5 mph. When fully charged you will be able to drive it up to 12 miles, depending on driving conditions, or continuously for about 45 minutes. After that you will need around 4 hours to fully recharge the battery. High-end scooters can reach up to 45 mph and travel over 30 miles on a single charge. Of course, the power of the engine and battery life are where Gotrax has managed to save and offer quality enough, yet cheap enough electric scooter. However, if crazy speeds are not your priority and if you do not travel longer than 5 or 6 miles to work then this model can be your ideal commuting vehicle. However, Gotrax GXL V2 is probably the best choice for beginners or first-time riders who are looking for fun and not expecting load of additional features.

It is especially useful that the upgraded version has one step folding mechanism that has passed all QC tests and allows the Gotrax GXL V2 to be disassembled in just a few seconds and easily packed into the trunk of a car or carried in a hand. The dimensions of the assembled scooter are 15 ” x 44″ x 6″, and the weight of this model is 26.5 lbs.

Other features of this model are dual braking system activated by a handbreak allowing faster and more secure stops. This system uses disc braking and EABS anti-lock braking system for an efficient and highly responsive braking. Also, the steering bar has built-in bright LED headlight for night rides and central control display showing battery life and speed.

Main Specs of Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter

  • Dimension: 43.3 x 16.7 x 44 inches
  • Weight: 26,5 lbs
  • Frame: Aluminium Alloy
  • Motor: 250 W Motor
  • Tires: 8,5″ Inflatable Tires
  • Battery: 36 V Li-ion Battery
  • Maximum Speed: 15,5 mph
  • Maximum Range: 12 Miles
  • Maximum Weight of the Rider: 220 lbs
  • Braking System: Dual Braking System (EABS + Disc Braking)
  • Bright LED Headlight
  • Speed and Battery Control Display