April 21, 2024

The Gyroor G11 LED hoverboard with flash wheels is a remarkable evolution in hoverboard design. With its all-terrain 6.5″ wheels and flashing LED effect in six different colors, this model pushes the boundaries of style and innovation.

One of the standout features of the G11 is its built-in Bluetooth speaker with smart app control. This allows users to easily switch between adult and kid mode, making it more suitable for younger riders. The self-balancing feature adds extra stability, even when the hoverboard is turned off, ensuring a safe experience for children.

Gyroor G11 LED Hoverboard Main Specs

FeaturesGyroor G11
UL2272 CertifiedYES
DesignFuturistic design with LED flashing wheels
Weight18 lbs
Wheels6.5 inches
Top Speed7.5 mph
Maximum Range7.5 miles
Charging Time~3 hours
Maximum Load Capacity220 lbs
Maximum Climbing Angle20o – 25o
LED HeadlightsYES
Bluetooth SpeakersYES
Mobile AppYES
Built-in Carrying HandleNO
Warranty1 Year Warranty on Hoverboard and 6-months Warranty for the Battery
Gyroor G11 LED wheels

Gyroor G11 LED Hoverboard Features

The Gyroor G11 LED hoverboard is UL2272 certified, guaranteeing its safety and reliability. It has a futuristic design with LED flashing wheels that add a touch of excitement to every ride. Weighing 18 lbs, it strikes a balance between portability and durability. The G11 boasts improved motion detection with gyro sensors, enhancing its responsiveness and maneuverability. It comes in two variants: one designed for adults and another with enhanced security features specifically for kids.

Gyroor G11 LEd hoverboard for kids

With a top speed of 7.5 mph and a maximum range of 7.5 miles, the G11 offers a thrilling and enjoyable ride. The hoverboard can be fully charged in approximately three hours, allowing for quick turnaround times. It has a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs and can handle climbing angles of 20o to 25o.

Additional features include LED headlights for improved visibility, Bluetooth speakers for entertainment on the go, and a mobile app for easy control and customization. However, it does not come with a built-in carrying handle.

Gyroor G11 hoverboard app

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Gyroor G11 LED hoverboard with flash wheels is an exciting and innovative choice for hoverboard enthusiasts. Its unique design, flashing LED wheels, and smart app control set it apart from other models on the market. With its stability, safety features, and impressive performance, the G11 offers an exhilarating ride for riders of all ages.

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