June 16, 2024

The Hiboy W is the newest addition to Hiboy’s hoverboard lineup and their only hoverboard made specifically for kids. Beside model W they offer knee controlled sport hoverboard with 10″ tires and Hiboy A5 hoverboard in shape of a football (you can check all Hiboy models here).

First of all, the Hiboy W model is an inexpensive hoverboard that’s primarily a kids’ toy. It´s powered by a dual 100 W motor or 200 W combined. More serious hoverboards for adults are propelled by at least 350 W motors. Lower motor power means lower performances, but you don’t need hoverboard monster for your kids anyway.

However, I think that Hiboy W suits its intention to satisfy kids and younger riders as very entertaining electric vehicle with good performance and low price of only $139.

Main Specs of Hiboy W Hoverboard

Weight16 lbs
Maximum Load Capacity120 lbs
MotorDual 200 W Motors (2 x 100 W)
Tires6.5″ Rubber Tires
UL2272 CertifiedYes
Charging time~4 hours
Maximum Speed7.5 mph
Maximum Range5.5 miles
Incline Capability20 degrees
LED LightsTriple LED Lights
Buil-in Bluetooth SpeakerYes

Eye Catching Design

Design of Hiboy W hoverboard is the first thing that will draw your attention. In essence, it is 6.5″ hoverboard with a twist. And the twist lies in its design and triple LED lights. Central part of this model consist of narrower central axis and two distinctive non slip footpads. This is the main difference comparing to other 6.5″ hoverboards available on the market.

One more cool features when it comes to design is its carrying handle placed between footpads. So, the rider will be able to carry it around with no problem, especially when you know that this is compact and super lightweight model weighing only 16 lbs. After all, it is made for kids.

Also, the Hiboy W hoverboard is equipped with triple LED lights positiond on central axis. above wheel hubs and on wheel rims. This way it realy stands out in dark, and safety of the rider enhances since he is more visible while riding it.

The Hiboy W hoverboard features built-in Bluetooth speakers, so the rider can easily connect his smartphone and play favorite tunes while riding it.

Remember, this is kids’ hoverboard meaning the maximum speed, range and load capacity are adjusted to kids between 7 and 10 years. Dual 100 W motors are able to speed up to 7.5 mph, which is more than I expected, and on a single charge it will run up to 5.5 miles or around 40 minutes of constant riding. This is more than enough for this class of hoverboards. After the battery drains 4 hours will be enough to fully recharge the battery. It supports a 120 lbs weight although, with just 200 W output, I’m sure the performance would be affected badly at the upper limits.

Final Verdict

The Hiboy W features very interesting and eye catchy design. Its performance is more than satisfying, especially if you have in mind that this model features only 200 W motor. However, maximum speed of 7.5 mph is close to some cheaper adult models. If you choose to buy this model I’m sure that your kids will have tons of fun. It is available in black and pink color.

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