July 13, 2024

Experience the thrill of outdoor adventure with the Hyper GoGo 3D Wormhole hoverboard. This off-road hoverboard is perfect for those seeking excitement and fun on any surface. We put the 3D Wormhole to the test, pushing it to its maximum speed of 7.5 miles per hour on various terrains. Our findings revealed that this hoverboard performs exceptionally well on grass, gravel, mud, sand, and even snow. However, for optimal performance, smooth surfaces are recommended. Get ready to embark on thrilling rides and explore the great outdoors with the Hyper GoGo 3D Wormhole hoverboard.

Hyper GoGo Wormhole Hoverboard Main Specs

  • UL 2272 Certified
  • Weight: 22.5 lbs
  • Size: 632x 165 x 176 mm
  • Tires: 6,5 ” Rugged Tires
  • Maximum Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Maximum Speed: 7.5 mph
  • Maximum Driving Range: 12 miles
  • Maximum Angle Exceeds: 15°
  • Battery: Li-ion
  • Charging Time: 2 – 3 hours
  • Bluetooth: YES
  • App Enabled: YES
Hyper GoGo 3D Wormhole Hoverboard

Design and Features

This model is made for kids and adults and has maximum speed of 7.5 mph. The best thing about the Hyper GoGo Wormhole is that it can handle riders with maximum weight as high as 200 lbs and we loved the fact because even our colleagues could have a grip on it.

The maximum driving range of Hyper GoGo Wormhole is 12 miles or about 1 hour on maximum speed and after that it takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to charge it back. Riders can travel an impressive distance of up to 10 miles on one full charge. Its durable construction, interesting and functional design, 6,5″ rugged tires and slip-resistant foot pads makes riding, balancing  and mastery easy, fun and simple. The 3D Wormhole is Bluetooth and mobile app enabled (App is available for Android an iOs), allowing the rider to sync music from their phone to the scooter. Also, you will be able to track your speed, battery level and directions.

It features strong LED headlights and cool LED rear-lights for better visibility and more cool factor. It comes with an easy to use instruction manual, certificate, AC power adapter and one li-ion battery, and you will get  1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty. This hoverboard is  safety tested and UL 2272 Certified, so don’t worry about safety issues. It is available in red, gold, silver and black color.

In summary, the Hyper GoGo Wormhole hoverboard is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to get fun time on different surfaces and to look cool.

Try Hyper GoGo Wormhole Hoverboard & GoKart Kit Bundle

This hoverboard is available with Hyper GoGo GoKart Kit as a bundle and we loved it! Formula 1 look of GoKart kit is something that will bring you possibility and joy of real Formula 1 experience, but suited for your fun and safe for both kids and adults. You can easily add hoverboard to GoKart kit and just in a minute you will have your personal Formula 1. The kit itself has Driving Control System with brakes and throttle , seat belt, shock absorber with anti vibrating seat for more comfort while driving it and a steering wheel. The adjustable length of your GoKart kit will enable you to easily adjust the size of the kit for your height. Also, we loved the fact that this go kart is suitable for almost any hoverboard available on the market.

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