June 20, 2024

It seams that Hyper GoGo hoverboard brand storms the market as none of the competitors did. The latest addition in their product range is Formula 1 look alike GoKart Kit. Also, they have released a whole new family of Hyper GoGo hoverboards. Today we are giving you interesting review of Hyper GoGo GoKart Kit with all the specs, pics, pros and cons.

Hyper GoGo GoKart Kit Specs

  • Supported Hoverboard Models: Most models available on the market
  • Maximum GoKart Size: 51.2×27.5×19.7 in (1300×700×500 mm)
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 198 lbs
  • Height Requirements of the Driver: 51-79 in (130-200 cm)
  • Front Wheels: 8″ solid rubber tires
  • Maximum Driving Range: Depending on hoverboard model
  • Maximum Speed: Depending on hoverboard model
  • Suitable Terrain: Hardened road, flat road surface, slopes below 15°
  • Steering Wheel: YES
  • Shock Absorber: YES
  • Brakes: Mechanical brakes
  • Acceleration: Fast speed up by booster
Hyper GoGo GoKart Kit

Main Features of Hyper GoGo GoKart Kit

Hoverboard go kart kits are very popular on the market and when you choose which one to buy you should ask yourself why are you buying one? There are two main reasons are for buying go kart kits and seats. The first one is that riding a hoverboard while seating is far more comfy than standing on it and without chance to fall down. And the other reason is to look mas cool as possible. Both requests are satisfied with Hyper GoGo GoKart kit. What are the features and how it works? Well, it is very simple to attach this GoKart kit on any hoverboard since the manufacturer had in mind that it should be available to all hoverboard owners and not just to Hyper GoGo hoverboard users. This is one big Yes for Hyper GoGo.

The Hyper GoGo GoKart itself is adjustable and its maximum size after stretching is 51.2×27.5×19.7 in, and the minimum size is 43×27.5×19.7 in. It means that all riders between 8 and 80 years will fit the GoKart if they do not weight over 198 lbs since this is the maximum weight limit.  Front tires are 8″ solid tires. The maximum speed and battery life of this GoKart depends on hoverboard model assembled with the kart. Under the seat there are shock absorbers for a smooth ride on any surface and on the front end there are dual disc brakes that add an extra sense of safety.

Hyper GoGo GoKart Kit Red

But, the thing that we liked the most is design in Formula 1 style with ergonomically designed seat for comfortable ride. This GoKart kit is available in red, white and grey color. Also, you can purchase it as separate piece or as a bundle with hoverboard included. If you alredy don’t have a hoverboard the best is to buy a bundle because the price is much lower. Also, there is simlar Segway go kart, but it is more expensive and it fits only Ninebot S and Ninebot miniPRO.

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