October 22, 2021

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Review of IO CHIC Hoverboard

IO hoverboards are finally back. One of the most popular hoverboards back in day was IO HAWK.  Now, we are reviewing IO CHIC, its successor. IO CHIC is UL2272 certified  hoverboard with UL2271 certified 36v 2Ah 72 Wh lithium ion batteries. It has 2 riding modes: Learning Mode for beginners of slower turns with lower top speed and  Expert Mode for experts of quicker turns with higher top speed. It is pretty nice safety feature if you don’t wanna fall of the board before learning how to drive it.

IO CHIC Features

The IO CHIC runs at top speed of 7 mph which is descent speed and feels faster than it sounds. It travels distances up to 6 miles on a single charge and you will need approximately 2 hours to fully recharge the batteries.  This hoverboard supports maximum weight of the rider up to 200 lbs. It has LED Flash wheels, top LED Flashing lights with front LED lights and built-in Bluetooth speaker enabling you to connect Bluetooth enabled device of your choice to play your favorite music when riding the hoverboard. Keep on mind that IO CHIC hoverboards are not designed for bumps, gravel and grass so keep it on smooth surfaces.

And finally, maybe you can use IO CHIC to pick up girls like this guy in the video below, lol.

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