IO HAWK is one of the top hoverboards on the market. It is equipped with remote with two buttons which are enabling you to switch it off and lock/unlock the hoverboard. Pretty nice safety feature if you don’t wanna fall of the board before learning how to drive it. Also, using remote you can adjust on beginner mode and calibrate the IO HAWK.


As most of other hoverboards IO HAWK comes fully charged so you can test it immediately after unpacking but just to be sure your battery will last longer you can recharge it before driving.


This board runs at top speed of 6.2 mph which is descent speed and feels faster than it sounds. But keep on mind that hoverboards are not designed for bumps, gravel and grass so keep it on smoth surfaces.

And finally, maybe you can use IO HAWK to pick up girls like this guy in the video below, lol.

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