Lamborghini hoverboard by Italy based Two Dots is a new sport hoverboard available on the market.  Actually, it is a version of EPIKGO Sport series but with a twist. Where is the twist? Well, first of all it has improved and more aggressive sport design which resembles the popular Lambo with  6.5″ wheels and sport tires.

Features of Lamborghini Hoverboard

You could expect that Lamborghini is a real speedster, but its maximum speed is just 6 mph.  You can ride it up to 6 miles with one charge on full throttle. If you ride it less aggressive than the ride can last for maximum 2 hours.  It will take approximately 2 hours to fully recharge Lambo hoverbord. As we said, it has sports design with protective wings above tires and it comes with LED headlights. Also, it has built-in Bluetooth speakers which you connect to your smartphone through iOS and Android compatible App. Using the app you can control speed, power, steering sensitivity, LED lights, music and choose between normal, advanced and learning mode. Also, you can set the Lambo to ROAR like real life Lamborghini and make way for you on the streets. It is UL2272 certified meaning it has passed numerous safety tests like overcharged test, short circuit test, over discharge test, vibration test, shock test, drop test, crash test and many more. The Lamborghini hoverboard is water resistant to IPX4 standard and available in jet black color with green, white and red stripes for Italian flag.

Lamborghini Hoverboard vs Epikgo Sport

First of all, both models are sport hoverboards made for all terrains like grass, mud, snow, sand. But we think that both models are best for smooth surfaces where they will perform the best. The major difference between these models is that Lamborghini is primarily made for kids since the maximum weight limit is just 165 lbs. In a table below you can find main characteristics of Lamborgini and Epikgo Sport hoverboards so you can decide which one is best suited for your needs:

Characteristics Lamborghini Epikgo Sport
UL 2272 Certified YES YES
UL 2271 Certified Batteries YES YES
Charging Time 2 hrs 2 hrs
Tires 6.5” sport tires 8.5” sport tires
Maximum Speed 6 mph 12 mph
Maximum Range 6 miles or 2 hours, depending on ride 10 miles or 2 hours, depending on ride
Maximum Weight 165 lbs 265 lbs
Maximum Climbing Angle 20 degrees 20 degrees
LED Headlights YES YES
LED Rear Lights YES YES
Bluetooth Speakers YES YES
App Control YES YES

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