December 10, 2022

Razor is known for the production of quality hoverboards and electric scooters, and it has been in business for 20 years, was founded in 2000. During these 20 years it has grown from classic kick scooters and mopeds company to a leading producer of electric scooters for kids and adults as well as other electric rideons. Razor produces original models of electric scooters that are recognizable by their design, quality of workmanship and very affordable prices.

The E Prime line of electric scooters is intended for commuting and consists of three models, of which the Razor E Prime III and Razor E Prime Air electric scooters stand out. Also, the Razor E Prime electric scooter belongs to this line of electric scooters. They represent the top of Razor electric scooters. Today I will present you the Razor E Prime Air electric scooter.

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Design and Main Features of Razor E Prime Air Electric Scooter

The first and foremost to say about the Razor E Prime Air is not to be disappointed that it has lower performance than the E Prime III. However, this is an electric scooter that is primarily intended for teenagers, which was officially marked by the Razor company, which intended this model for those ages 14 and over. But, let me first say a few words about the design.

The Razor E Prime Air features the classic Razor design of the E Prime line of electric scooters. The frame is made of aluminum alloy with a large 8″ front pneumatic wheel that immediately catches the eye. The 8″ front pneumatic wheel distinguishes the E Prime Air (air-filled) from the ordinary E Prime Electric Scooter. Everything else is more or less the same, including the battery, engine, dimensions, except maximum weight capacity. The E Prime can carry up to 176 lbs of weight, and the E Prime Air up to 200 lbs.

Furthermore, the aluminum frame is durable and strong enough to withstand accidental bumps, falls etc. The overall quality of this model made me especially impressed, although it is a scooter intended for younger riders, at first glance it looks like a very serious commuting scooter that has performance in line with most commuting scooters, except for the battery. It’s also one of the biggest disappointments I’ve experienced with the E Prime Air, but I’ll talk about that later.

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Like I said, the front wheel is an 8″ pneumatic wheel that is great for driving over slightly rougher terrain that features bumps and dents, so it is great solution for a more comfortable and stable ride. At the rear is also an 8″ wheel, but made of hard and durable non inflatable rubber, which is very important because this model uses a foot activated brake by pressing the rear fender on the rear tire. Hard and durable tire should not wear too quickly during braking. This kind of brake solution may seem a bit inadequate, but since it is a scooter for people over 14, it is very efficient and easy to use. Beside foot activated brake you can brake with control handle on the right side of the handlebar buy pushing it down or up.

Also, I really liked some small details, such as the height-adjustable handlebar and kickstand. The ability to adjust the height is especially important with this model because it can be used by teenagers who are still growing and adults, but also children. In addition, the kick stand is cheap, and yet an important accessory that is not offered by all manufacturers. When you get off the scooter and park it, it is very important to have a kickstand so that the scooter stays upright, and not falls and lies on the ground.

And as I was delighted with these details, I was disappointed by the overly simple controls on this model. They consist of a throttle lever, a brake lever and a battery level indicator located at the very bottom, just above the front wheel and a standing deck. In addition, this model comes without built-in headlights and taillights, so you will have to get them and add by yourself in order to be visible while driving in night. Since the Razor takes care of the driver’s safety, this lack of LED lights completely caught me unprepared.

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The Razor E Prime Air has compact design. It is lightweight electric scooter weighing just 21.5 lbs. Also, it is foldable and with quick lock folding mechanism placed behind the front wheel you can easily assemble/disassemble it in just couple of seconds. When folded it is easy to pick up the and carry it or put it in a car trunk, under the bed or office desk.

Motor, Battery, Speed and Range of Razor E Prime Air

The Razor E Prime Air is equipped with 250 W high-torque, brushless hub motor, powered by 36V lithium-ion battery pack enabling the rider to run as fast as 15 mph. This is a kick-off model, so in order to start the motor you need to press down the throttle and kick off with your leg. After the scooter accelerates a bit motor kicks in.

On a single charge it will run for a 40 minutes continuously or around 10 miles (depending on riding style and terrain, on slopes it will run much slower and on lower speeds). After the battery runs out you will need around 4.5 hours to fully recharge the battery. And this is my biggest disappointment, just 40 minutes of continuous ride, if you are not riding uphill, in that case the riding time decreases.

Main Specs of Razor E Prime Air

  • Scooter Dimensions When Folded: 40.08″ x 18.19″ x 41.54″
  • Weight: 21.78 lb
  • Motor: 250 W
  • Battery: 36V lithium-ion battery pack
  • Charging Time: ~4.5 hours
  • Tires: 8″ pneumatic front tire and 8″ rear hard rubber tire
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 200 lb
  • Maximum Speed: 15 mph
  • Maximum Range: 10 miles or 40 minutes of continuous ride
  • Incline capability: up to 15 degrees
  • Electronic Brake + Rear Foot Activated Brake
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Kickstand
  • 5 Level Battery Indicator