June 16, 2024

This review covers the Varla Pegasus electric scooter. It represents a premium city commuter electric scooter built for those looking something extra while commuting. The Varla Pegasus features dual 1000W motor (2 x 500W) with maximum output of 1600W making it a real little beast among city commuters. It is much faster and more powerful than other city commuters like Gotrax GXL V2, Hiboy MAX3, Turboant X7 Max etc. Thanks to the warehouse in California, Varla electric scooters delivers fast (in 3 days after order). Also, except the Pegasus, Varla offers several more models like the Eagle One, Eagle One Pro, Wasp and Falcon. The Eagle One and Eagle One Pro are fully loaded off-road electric scooters. But, let’s start from the beginning and see what makes the Pegasus so different than other commuter eScooters.

Main Specs of Varla Pegasus

MotorDual Hub Motor, 2 x 500 W with 1600 W Maximum Output
Battery48V/15.6Ah Lithium-ion battery
Tires8 x 3.5 Inches Puncture Proof Solid Fat Tire
SuspensionDual Suspension
BrakeDual Disc Brakes
Max Range28+ Miles
Max Speed28 MPH
Climbing Angle25 Degree
Weight66 lbs
Maximum Load Capacity280 lbs
Frame MaterialAluminum+Magnesium Alloy
DisplayLCD Display
LightingHeadlight & Taillight
Water ResistanceIP54
ThrottleThumb Throttle
Folded Dimensions49.4” x 20.8” x 18.9”
Deck Pad MaterialSilicone
Warranty2 Years

Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter Design & Main Features

The Pegasus has an off-roadish, sleek and minimalist design and it resembles to more robust all terrain scooters like the Hiboy Titan Pro, Eagle One, Inokim OX etc. Its dual suspension is durable, ultra-quiet, and very comfortable for ride even over bigger bumps. If I need to find a low side of ride comfort than it would be 8″ solid tires. 10″ tires are much more comfortable, especially when they come as pneumatic tires. But, since this is city commuter than solid tires are performing more than good in urban environment.

Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter

Where some buyers may have reservation is its price. For $1,099 most riders expect a cheaper off-road electric scooter. However, the Varla Pegasus does deliver extra with its 28 mph tested top speed, which is more than so other cheaper models available on the market. Also, it uses high quality and durable components, so its 24 months warranty is not a surprise. You can even try to use it as a light off-road scooter, I did with my 240 lbs and it went great. Of course, don’t expect super beastly off-road scooter.

The overall design of the Pegasus is eye catcy. Its folding mechanism and stem shape are atractive and together with the standing deck and wheels it feels robust and stable.However, this is not so light electric scooter since it weighs 66 lbs, but thanks to simple yet effective folding mechanism you will be able to fold/unfold it in just couple of second and it is ready for storage or to carry it upstairs or into the public transport.

Varla Pegasus Scooter Folded

While the stem does fold, the handlebars do not. I was still able to fit the folded Pegasus into the trunk of an average passenger vehicle with no problems.


The Pegasus has a fantastic, very clean, but straightforward cockpit. The LCD display is centrally positioned and on the right handle is a thumb throttle. I love thumb-controlled throttle because this is much more ergonomic than the trigger throttle, which is uncomfortable for longer rides. The throttle feels and function and smoothly, and you’ll never have to worry about cramped hands with this scooter. On each handle there are brake handles for front and rear disc brakes. The LCD display provides all necessary information during the ride like battery level, speed, and range.

Motor, Battery, Range & Speed of The Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter

I was fairly surprised with the speed & power offered. The Varla Pegasus is propelled to speeds of up to 28 mph by a dual 500W (1000 W combined) motor, powered by the beefy battery. The maximum output is amazing 1600W. Riders should expect an average ride distance of approx. 28 miles before requiring a recharge. Of course, variables such as terrain, incline & rider weight will impact overall performance.

This decent range & top speed combined with its light weight also makes the Pegasus a great electric scooter for commuters. With a fair amount of torque, this ride can also tackle a variety of hills, tested up to 25 degrees.

The Pegasus features 48V/15.6Ah battery able to deliver enough juice for top speed of 28 mph and maximum range of 28 miles or approximately an pour of ride on maximum speed, depending on above mentioned variables.

Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter – Final Verdict

No, the Pegasus is not for buyers looking for the cheapest city commuter electric scooter. It is for those looking for a scooter that works great out of the box, doesn’t need frequent repairs, and has incredible quality and design. If this is you, then the Pegasus might be tour cup of coffee (I don’t like tea).

The Varla Pegasus with its weight of 66 lbs is not a portable scooter, but it makes up for that in power, speed, and range. Thanks to the scooter’s durable build and fat solid tires, it works for both urban riding and off-roading. The suspension makes the ride comfortable, even over bumpy roads. If you’re looking for a powerful and sturdy city commuter scooter built to last for many years, consider the Pegasus.

All in all, this is an excellent electric scooter with not too many weak points. However, for the specs you’re getting, it is on the steep end price-wise.

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