August 16, 2022

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Save on Electric Scooters With Apollo Black Friday Sale 2021

We have one good news for you about Black Friday 2021. This time it’s about Apollo Scooters Black Friday Sale 2021 and possibility to make significant save depending on model you choose to buy. Yes, you can save without hidden codes, actions, questionnaires or anything else.

By the way, if you don’t know, Apollo Scooters is Canadian based company that produces high quality electric scooters for urban or off-road experience. The good news is that Apollo has free shipment included for all deliveries in Canada and continental USA. So, delivery is totally free and it is included in discounted price. But, first things first, lets see how can you benefit from this Black Friday sale and what electric scooter models you can buy at Apollo. Some of these models we have already reviewed earlier on our blog.

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All You Need to Know About Apollo Scooters Black Friday Sale 2021

As you know Black Friday 2021 date is November 26th, but good thing about Apollo Black Friday Sale 2021 is that it’s not restricted to only that day, actually it already started and it lasts through whole November and finishes on November 29th with Cyber Monday event. So, you can already buy all Apollo models on discount while you reed this text. Let’s see what other benefits you will get through this sale:

#1 Apollo Scooters Black Friday Sale 2021 Lasts Throughout November

That’s right, it’s the whole month event and it has already started on November 2nd. Go and grab your electric scooter now, because some models could be sold before the ending of the Sale!

#2 Get Additional Discounts When Buying Multiple Apollo Electric Scooters

As we said, you can get significant discount if you buy one of Apollo Electric Scooters, depending on specific model. Of course, biggest discounts are on most expensive off-road electric scooters. Also, lowest discount is $50 on Apollo Air, a lightweight urban electric scooter.

Also, You can get additional discounts if you decide to buy multiple scooters and those don’t have to be same models. Any two or more electric scooters you buy is enough to get additional discounts. Also, if you buy two electric scooters you have the right to choose any two accessories or upgrades for free, no charge. And remember, any two, no matter what is the price of these accessories or upgrades!

#3 There Are No Hidden Discount Codes

All prices are shown with displayed discounts and you don’t need any discount codes, questionaries filled, facebook or insta likes and follows or any other BS. Just click and buy the model you like.

Available Apollo Electric Scooters

Here we give you short description of available Apollo electric scooters in order to help you to choose easier which one is best for you. They are listed from cheapest to most expensive. In-deep reviews of Apollo scooters you can find in our Electric Kick Scooters Section.

#1 Apollo Air/Air Pro – Lightweight Electric Scooter For Urban Experience

Apollo Air/Air Pro is a lightweight (weighs 35/38.5 lbs), compact and foldable electric scooter with recognizable Apollo design and aircraft-grade aluminum frame. This frame makes it resistant to accidental falls, bumps and possible damages. It stands on 10″ pneumatic tires (at the Air variant rear tire is 8.5″, don’t ask me why) for more comfortable ride over cracks and bumps on the road. It is designed for urban riding, but it is good enough for gravel paths in parks and other surfaces like low grass, running tracks, bike lanes etc.

Apollo Air

It features 250W/350W motor and it’s enough to achieve maximum speed of 15/18 mph, what is very impressive for commuting scooter.

Apollo Air & Air Pro Specs

Apollo AirApollo Air Pro
Motor250W brushless rear motor350W brushless rear motor
Scooter Weight35 lbs38.5 lbs
Maximum RangeUp to 12 milesUp to 18 miles
Maximum Speed15 mph18 mph
Max Load220 lbs (100 kg)220 lbs (100 kg)
Climbing Capability15o15o
Braking SystemRear disc brakeFront drum brake
LightingFront headlight, rear red LED lightFront headlight, rear red LED light
Tires10-inch pneumatic tires10-inch pneumatic tires
SuspensionFront spring suspensionDual fork suspension in the front
Water ResistanceIPX4IPX4

#2 Apollo City – Upgraded Urban Experience

Apollo City is characterized by lightness and compact design that corresponds to the intention of its designers to be an aid in navigating the city streets and to make it easier for its users to break through the city crowds, and when necessary, quickly assemble and easily carry it in a hand. This is achieved by a quality forged aluminum frame, so the Apollo City is the lightest electric scooter with dual brake system. Its total weight is 39 lbs, and thanks to the simple folding mechanism, it can be folded and carried in just a few seconds.

This urban electric scooter is equipped with a 600 W motor with a maximum output of 800 W. This allows it to easily reach a top speed of 25 mph, with acceleration from 0 to 15 mph in 4.1 seconds, and up to a top speed of 25 mph in 11.5 seconds. Apollo City has a riding radius of 28 miles on a single charge or about an hour and 15 minutes of continuous driving. Of course, pay attention to the fact that with lighter drivers, the battery will last longer and you will be able to achieve the predicted maximum speeds and radius of movement, but if you weigh around the maximum load capacity of this model, which is 265 lbs, you will probably achieve slightly lower maximum speeds.

Main Specs of Apollo City:

Dimensions44 in x 7.7 in x 42 in when ready for riding
43 in x 7.7 in x 15 in when folded
Weight39 lbs
Max. Weight of the Rider265 lbs
Motor600 W (800W peak output)
Maximum Speed25 mph (40 km/h)
Acceleration0-15 mph in 4.1 secs
Incline Capability 15 degrees
BatteryDynavolt 48 V 13.2aH Battery Cells
Charging TimeUp to 8 hrs
Maximum Range28 miles (40-50 km)
FrameForged aluminum
Tires8.5″ Pneumatic Tires
BrakesDisc brakes (front and rear)
Re-gen BrakeYES
SuspensionSpring front, hydraulic back
Water ResistanceUp to IP54
WarrantyUp to 24 Months

#3 Apollo Explore – The Ultimate Urban Electric Scooter

Apollo Explore is one of the urban electric scooters and is part of the line of electric scooters that Apollo introduced to the market in 2020 (4 models were introduced in 2020 and you can check all models and prices here). In essence, these scooters are based on Titan’s models, but with interesting improvements introduced by Apollo Scooters.

If we wanted to describe the Apollo Explorer in just a few words, we could say that it is an advanced urban model of electric scooters. It features a 1000 W motor that allows it to go up to 31 mph and overcomes inclines up to 20 degrees. In addition, it easily withstands even heavier riders because it can carry riders weighing up to 265 lbs, and high-performance disc brakes and an electric re-gen brake allow it to stop quickly, which is essential for such powerful scooters. Also, driving comfort is guaranteed thanks to the high-performance hydraulic dual spring suspension in the rear and an additional spring suspension in the front.

Main Specs of Apollo Explore:

Dimensions47 in x 13 in x 48 in when ready for riding
46 in x 7.7 in x 17 in when folded
Weight52 lbs
Motor1000 W Brushless Motor
(1400W peak output)
Maximum Speed31 mph (50 km/h)
Acceleration0-15 mph in 3.5 secs
Incline Capability 20 degrees
BatteryDynavolt 52V Li-on Battery Cells
Maximum Range36 miles (55-60 km)
FrameForged aluminum
Tires10″ Pneumatic Tires
BrakesDisc brakes (front and rear)
Re-gen BrakeYES
SuspensionSpring front, hydraulic back
Water ResistanceUp to IP54
WarrantyUp to 24 Months

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#4 Apollo Ghost – The Best Selling Apollo Electric Scooter

We could say that the Apollo Ghost is a successor and younger cousin of previous model the Apollo Pro. The Apollo Ghost has dual 800 W brushelss motors with nominal power of 1600 W and maximum peak output of 2000 W. This is very impressive feature and with this kind of power it reaches maximum speed of 34 mph, with acceleration from 0 to 15 mph in just 3.1 seconds.

Thanks to 10″ pneumatic tires it combines urban and off-road experience bringing the fun to the maximum. For the first time, Apollo Ghost introduces collapsable handlebar which is very cool feature as well as aluminium wheel fenders and dedicated rear footrest for better control and stability. As other Apollo electric scooters Ghost has wide standing deck with deck lightning and Apollo logo. It features a 947 watt hour battery (52V 18.2aH) providing enough power for maximum range of 39 miles (on conservative settings, on maximum power maximum range decreases to 14 miles). Two LED front lights are integrated into a standing deck, one on each side.

Main Specs of Apollo Ghost:

Dimensions47 in x 13 in x 48 in when ready for riding
46 in x 7.7 in x 17 in when folded
Weight64 lbs
MotorDual 800 W motor (1600 W)
Maximum output 2000 W
Maximum Speed34 mph (50 km/h)
Acceleration0-15 mph in 3.1 secs
Incline Capability 20 degrees
BatteryDynavolt 52V 18.2aH Battery pack
Maximum Range39 miles
FrameForged aluminum
Tires10″ Pneumatic Tires
BrakesDual disc
Re-gen BrakeYES
SuspensionDual spring
Water ResistanceUp to IP54
WarrantyUp to 12 Months

#5 Apollo Phantom – A Superb Off-Road Electric Scooter

Even at the first glance at the Apollo Phantom you immediately realize that you are dealing with one great off-road electric scooter often used by experience riders. This is fast and very well made and it is beautiful and a bit intimidating at first. It is designed for an off-road experiencefast driving and enjoying the wide spaces around you. It is not for traffic jams, narrow city passages and alleys, stairs etc.

The Phantom can speed up to 38 mph and this is possible thanks to 1200 W dual motor (each) and with a peak output of 3200W. You will be able to enjoy on this scooter up to 40 miles of continuous driving, depending on terrain and driving conditions.

Main Specs of Apollo Phantom:

Dimensions51″ x 27″ x 49″
Weight77 lbs
Maximum Load Capacity300 lbs
Motor1200 W Dual Brushless Motor
(3200 W peak output)
Maximum Speed38 mph (60 km/h)
Incline Capability 45 degrees
Battery52 V 23.4 Ah Battery Cells
Maximum RangeUp to 40 miles (64 km)
FrameAviation-grade Aluminum Alloy
Tires10″ Hybrid Tires
BrakesDual mechanical or hydraulic brakes with 160mm discs
SuspensionQuadruple spring suspension
Water ResistanceUp to IPX4
WarrantyUp to 24 Months

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