June 20, 2024

At $800, the Ninebot E45 electric scooter is among Segway’s most expensive scooters and costs pretty the same as their top models Ninebot MAX G30 and Ninebot ES4. Why? Basically, because of its additional external battery, increased top speed and doubled range comparing to Ninebot E22 electric scooter. After all, the Ninebot E45 is nothing else but the Ninebot E22 upgraded with external battery pack. This extra battery is the main reason why the E45 is $300 more expensive than the E22. Is it worth the money? Just keep reading this review and discover is it good enough for your needs.

Other Scooters to Consider

There is a whole range of similar electric scooters available on the market and lots of them are cheaper than the Ninebot E45. So check:

More Electric Scooter ModelsTop SpeedRangeWeightPrice
Turboant X7 Max20 mph32 miles34 lbs$429.98
Gotrax G420 mph25 miles36 lbs$499.99
Fiat 50015.5 mph20 miles30 lbs$499.00
Hiboy MAX318.6 mph17 miles40 lbs$459.00

Ninebot E45 Electric Scooter: Design and Frame

The Ninebot E45 has the same basic design as the Ninebot E22 electric scooter. So, it features simple yet elegant compact and foldable design with comfortable and nicely designed handles and centrally positioned LCD display where you can track your speed, mileage, and battery life.

Ninebot E45 electric scooter

Thanks to 9″ high-elastic tires (filled with PU – polyurethane foam) and front shock absorber (this feature is not available at the E22) comfort is guaranteed in urban environment. I don’t recommend to use this model in off-road rides since it is designed and produced for flat surfaces and serves as a city commuter.

The main battery pack is placed inside steering rod, and additional battery is attached to the rod on outer side facing the rider. This is the main advantage of the E45. Also, you get bright front LED lights and brake light for better visibility during the night rides and for extra safety. Also, there are atmosphere light under the deck for WOW effect as well as for better visibility.

Ninebot E45 electric scooter features

Motor, Battery, Speed and Range

With a top speed of 18.6 mph, you won’t be winning the Grand Prix, and experienced riders will probably avoid this model. However, if you are looking for stable and reliable city commuter the Ninebot E45 might be the right e-scooter for you. Also, its top speed is 50% higher than at the E22, and believe me, 18 miles is more than enough for city streets and lanes.

The Ninebot E45 features 700 W motor powered via 36 V, 10.2 Ah lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to additional external battery the maximum range of the E45 of 28 miles is more than doubled comparing to the E22 (13.7 miles). This second battery pack and more powerful motor are the main advantages of the Ninebot E45 and a reason for its price of $800.

Maximum Load Capacity

Since the Ninebot E45 is basically the same as E22 maximum load capacity stays the same. Maximum rider’s weight is 220 lbs. But don’t worry, I am around 220 lbs and there were no problems to ride the Ninebot E45 on flat terrains, mainly thanks to an extra battery pack. However, if you live in hilly environment than this is not the best choice for you. Maybe you should choose some more powerful city commuters like Apollo City.


There is always one question when you are buying an electric scooter, is it worth the price tag? I can say Yes… and no.

What I mean is that it depends on what you’re looking for in an e-scooter. If you are looking for low price or speed, off-road trill, extreme design and endurance, this isn’t the scooter for you. But, if you are looking for reliable city commuter with decent range of 28 miles than this is the thing for you. One of the main downsides of this electric scooter is its price tag of $800. For that money you can have some hybrids combining urban and off-road capabilities like Hiboy Titan electric scooter.

Ninebot E45 vs E22

The Segway Ninebot E45 boasts a whole bunch of features same as the E22 with the main difference in top speed, maximum range and additional external battery enabling these upgrades.

For this reason, I recommend the Ninebot E22 for younger teens, and the E45 for those needing a real city commuter. In table bellow you can compare these two models.

Ninebot E45Ninebot E22
Size Unfolded45.7 × 16.5 × 46.1 in (116 × 42 × 117 cm)45.7 × 16.5 × 46.1 in (116 × 42 × 117 cm)
Size Folded46.9 × 16.5 × 14.2 in (119 × 42 × 36 cm)46.9 × 16.5 × 14.2 in (119 × 42 × 36 cm)
Weight36.2 lbs (16.4 kg)29.8 lbs (13.5 kg)
Maximum Load Capacity220 lbs (100 kg)220 lbs (100 kg)
Top Speed18.6 mph (30 km/h) 12.4 mph (20 km/h)
Maximum Range28.0 miles (45 km) 13.7 miles (22 km)
Incline Capability20%15%
Traversable Terrainasphalt/flat pavementasphalt/flat pavement
IP RatingIPX4 
Duration of ChargingUp to 7.5 hUp to 3.5 h
BatteryLithium-ion 36 V, 10,2 AhLithium-ion 36 V, 5,1 Ah
Number Of Batteries21
Motor700 W300 W
LightsFront + Rear LED lightBrake Light
Shock AbsorberFront/
Riding ModesSpeed limit mode, Standard mode and Sport modeSpeed limit mode, Standard mode and Sport mode
Atmosphere LightCustomizable colour/
Tires9” high-elastic tires9” high-elastic tires

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