April 17, 2024

We are witnessing a real boom of the electric vehicles market, especially personal electric vehicles or PEVs like electric scooters, electric bikes and electric skateboards. This is not surprising because they are no longer so expensive and they are extremely practical.

SISIGAD has so far been known as a manufacturer of cheep hoverboards under $200. They finally decided to enter the electric scooter market by launching 5 new models, 2 for children and 3 for adults. As expected, they decided on budget electric scooters, and their most expensive model costs $559.99. When it comes to the SISIGAD 851 Pro, its retail price is currently $ 499.99. You can buy it here.

To be clear, the SISIGAD 851 Pro, compared to similar models from the niche of affordable commuting electric scooters, does not bring significant improvements, but for me it was a real refreshment on the market. Conceptually and by design, the SISIGAD 851 Pro is practically identical to similar competitive models like Ninebot MAX G30, Hiboy MAX3, Turboant M10, Gotrax G4 etc. I enjoyed driving it, and if you wanna find all about its biggest pros and cons keep reading this review.

SISIGAD 851 Pro Main Specs

Size43.2” x 17” x 44.1”
Motor450W Rear Brushless Hub Motor
Battery48V, 5Ah Li-ion Battery
Charging Time~5 hrs
Weight31.9 lbs
Maximum Weight Capacity220 lbs
Top SpeedUp to 19 mph
Maximum RangeUp to 19 miles
Climbing CapabilityUp to 25%
Tires8.5” Honeycomb Solid Tires
BrakesTriple Braking System (EABS + Disc Brake + Foot Brake)
LightsLED Headlight + Taillight + 4 Reflective Stickers
FrameAluminium Alloy Frame

Design and Features

The SISIGAD 851 Pro has a sleek design that is very reminiscent of the Xiaomi Mi 365. Of course, it has some specifics, but the people at SISIGAD have obviously decided not to experiment much with this model.

The size of the wheels is the same as with most budget electric scooters. These are relatively small 8.5-inch wheels that are perfectly OK for smooth bike paths. They are equipped with Honeycomb solid tires which are excellent as they are puncture-resistant. However, I always prefer larger 10-inch wheels with pneumatic tires. Admittedly, such tires are not puncture-resistant, but the ride is far more comfortable, especially if the electric scooter does not have shock absorbers, which is the case with the SISIGAD 851 Pro. Therefore, if you drive often on uneven sidewalks with bumps and potholes be careful.

Of course, the 851 Pro is a lightweight electric scooter that weighs only 31.9 lbs and like all similar models it features foldable and portable design. With one latch folding system you will need less than 3 seconds to fold it. When you fold the steering tube, just attach it to the hook on the rear fender so that it can be carried more easily. Also, when folded, it will easily enter the trunk of a car or public transport.

Motor, Battery, Speed ​​and Range

The most pleasant surprise with this model is the 450W rear brushless hub motor. I have to admit that not even the more expensive electric scooters have such powerful motor. To this should be added a 48V battery, which completes my surprise.

However, somewhere a compromise had to be made in order to get the lowest possible price, so the battery is only 5Ah, which means that it discharges quite quickly, even on such a light electric scooter as the SISIGAD 851 Pro. After just over an hour of ride, the battery needs to be charged, so you have about an hour at full speed. When the battery empties, it takes about 5 hours to fully charge it.

The top speed of the SISIGAD 851 Pro is as much as 19 mph, with a maximum range of about 19 miles. Of course, pay attention to the terrain, speed and rider’s weight. If you often go uphill or at full throttle, the battery will discharge much faster. In SISIGAD they say that it can overcome ascents of 25%, but in that case expect the battery to drain fast and a speed of only 7 or 8 mph. The battery is located inside the standing deck, which is about the same as with similar models.


What’s new and welcome is the improved triple braking system consisting of an EABS brake, a disc brake and a foot brake (just press the rear fender against the wheel with your foot). This affects more even and efficient braking and contributes to the overall stability of the scooter.


The SISIGAD 851 Pro has a LED headlight and a rear brake light. Together with a fairly strong white LED headlight and a rear light, a total of four reflective surfaces are placed on the sides.

Final Verdict

Driving this scooter is extremely easy and just as much fun. Beware only of bumps while speeding at top speed. Larger wheels and a front shock absorber would definitely come in handy here, but that is not standard equipment for budget commuting electric scooters.

All in all, this is a very cool electric scooter, which will offer good commuting and fun. The engine is powerful enough to drive this scooter with a rider of up to 220 lbs. Range is solid, top speed is also quite sufficient, and riding is very easy.

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