June 20, 2024

A06 represents a line of 6.5″ hoverboards made by SISIGAD. The SISIGAD A06 hoverboard is a 2021 model offered by this well known hoverboard producer. It is a whole new series of hoverboards in different colors (metallic colors are really nice and cool looking as well as 3D wormhole effects on wheel rims).

Main Features of SISIGAD A06 Hoverboard

FeaturesSISIGAD A06
UL2272 CertifiedYES
Weight22 lbs
Wheels6.5 inches
Top Speed9 mph
Maximum Rangeup to 9 miles
Charging Time~4 hours
Maximum Load Capacity220 lbs
Maximum Climbing Angle15o
LED HeadlightsYES

Design and Main Features of SISIGAD A06 Hoverboard

The SISIGAD A06 hoverboards come with ABS outer shell in different color combinations, including metallic colors. This hoverboard is UL2272 certified (both with or without wormhole effect). Design is pretty generic but you will get some extra features for the reasonable price (lower than competitors’ price for this extra features – check prices). Also, it is powered by 37V/2AH rechargeable lithium battery for longer riding experience and certified chargers in order to prevent fire hazard.

I really like the fact that the SISIGAD A06 6.5” hoverboard features Bluetooth speakers. You can play music through its Bluetooth speakers. The sound quality is great, and setting the Bluetooth sound system up is not difficult. The speakers are placed on the bottom and positioned in the way to maximize sound effects.

With or Without Wormhole Effect?

Where is the difference between these two variants of SISIGAD 6.5″ hoverboards? Well, the main difference are LED lights placed on wheel rims creating wormhole effect while riding it. Everything else is the same.. The base model of A06 series does not come with wormhole feature. Both variants are equipped with Bluetooth for smart phone connectivity.

Motor, Speed and Range

The SISIGAD A06 has fairly powerful 300W motor able to deliver enough power for top speed of 9 mph. This is prety fast for kids’ hoverboards. I was surprised because lots of competing models are equipped with 250W or even 200W motors.

Lithium-ion battery is OK, but provides energy for just 6 to 9 miles of continuous ride. It depends on speed, terrain, rider’s weight and riding style. After the battery drains you will need up to 5 hours to fully recharge the battery, I needed around 4 hours. This is one of my main complaints about the SISIGAD A06, I just hate slow chargers for kids’ hoverboards.

Also, be aware that this is mainly hoverboard for kids and maximum load capacity is 220lbs, so it’s ideal for teenagers and kids 8 years or older.

Final Verdict

This is not the fastest or the best hoverboard you will find, but for the price of $239.99 it offers more than you can expect from kids’ hoverboard.

Powerful 300W motor, Bluetooth speakers and wormhole effect are the main reasons to buy one for yourself or for your kids. Enjoy the ride.

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