Good news for all you drifters and hoverbord lovers!!! Vecaro has released its DRIFT X model of hoverboard for 2018. DRIFT X model is the newest addition to Vecaro line of hoverboards. Acctualy, we can say that this is the upgraded version of already reviewed TREK X model we did couple of months ago. Both models are made for off-road experience but DRIFT X version comes with some upgrades and innovations. Read below to find out what they have upgraded and innovated.


What’s new about Vecaro DRIFT X?

Well, first of all, DRIFT X has more edgy and aggressive look with sharp edges. Also, LED headlights and rear light are in the same design pattern giving the DRIFT X angry look like it is shouting “get of my way or I will make you to do so”. This look will add some extra power to your riding style. As we said, this is all-terrain model suitable for all types of surfaces like gravel, dirt, river-banks, snow, and grass, but unlike TREK X, this model has sport tires which perform the best on smooth surfaces where you will experience maximum speeds and performances of DRIFT X. Talking about the speed maximum speed of this model is 10 mph with maximum driving radius of 11 miles (or 2 hours, depending on your driving). After that take a break because you will need approximately 2.5 hours to fully recharge the batteries

DRIFT X has passed all necessary UL requirements and tests and it is powered with Samsung 36V Li-ion battery pack as most reliable power source for hoverboards. This model comes with Vecaro mobile app through which you can control speed and force, set steering sensitivity, shift between beginner and advanced riding modes, check battery life indicator with 5 level battery indicator, turn on/off the music on built-in Bluetooth speakers etc.

We think that the biggest difference about DRIFT X is its sport and aggressive look as well as cool metallic colors. And, at the moment you can get it at great promotional price, so hurry up!!!

Main Features of Vecaro DRIFT X Hoverboard

  • UL2272 Certified
  • Weight: 27.5 lbs
  • Size: 27 x 9 x 9 in
  • Tires: 8.5″ Sport Tires
  • Batteries: Li-ion Samsung Battery Pack
  • Charging Time: ~2.5 hours
  • Maximum Speed: 10 mph
  • Maximum Driving Range: 11 miles
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 240 lbs
  • Maximum Climbing Angle: 18 degrees
  • Integrated LED Headlights: YES
  • Integrated Rear Lights: YES
  • Integrated Bluetooth Speakers: YES
  • App Control: YES

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