April 16, 2024

Cyber Monday as the last big sale event in 2020 before Christmas is already here, and don’ wait for the official date (it is November 30th) because all hoverboard Cyber Monday deals 2020 are already on. Actually, they didn’t stop for the whole November. Now, you have just a day or two (depending on seller) to grab last deals on hoverboards. Here we will give you best hoverboard Cyber Monday Deals you can find at the moment.

#1 Save $500 on Halo Rover X Off-Road HoverboardHalo Rover X by Halo Board is the ultimate off-road hoverboard with 8.5″” rugged off-road tires enabling the rider to drive over tarmac, gravel, grass, snow, sand etc. This is a successor and improved version of their last model Halo Rover. It has dual 800 W motor which will speed the Rover up to 10 mph and on a single charge you can go as far as 10 miles.

#2 Save up to $100 on Hover-1 Hoverboards at Amazon check the latest deals on Hover-1 hoverboards. Hover-1 is a leading brand when it comes to hoverboards for kids and off-road hoverboards as well as electric scooters. It is US based company that will expedite all shipments and take care of your needs. Some of the most opular models of Hover-1 brand are Hover-1 Helix, Nomad, H1-100 LED hoverboard etc. More about Hover-1 hoverboards read here.

Hover-1 H1-100 LED Hoverboard

#3 Save up to $1000 on Segway Ninebot Hoverboards, Electric Scooters and Dirt eBikes – check the latest Cyber Monday Deals on Segway Ninebot S, S-Plus, Loomo Personal Robot and Hoverboard, Electric Scooters MAX G30, ES4, ES2, ES1, Air T15, Dirt eBikes X160 and X260 and more.

#4 save up to $100 on Gotrax Hoverboard Cyber Monday Deals 2020
Hurry up for Gotrax hoverboards. Some of the most popular models are Gotrax Glide Chrome, Infinity Pro LED, Hoverfly ION, SRX A6 etc.These hoverboards are usually sold much before Cyber Monday. Why? It’s simple, these hoverboards go as low as $89 and you will get high quality, durable and cool hoverboard for that price. Gotrax has lots of hoverboards for kidsm, as well as off-road hoverboards. Gotrax Hoverboards are perfect Christmas gift!

Gotrax Glide Chrome

#5 save up to 50% on leading hoverboard brands at Amazon – check for the latest Cyber Monday Deals on leading hoverboard brands like TOMOLOO, Swagtron, Gyroor, Hover-1, Segway, Gotrax etc. and save up to 505, depending on model.

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