May 25, 2024

Finally, we have some really nasty hovering bikes or hoverbikes already in motion. Scorpio 3 hoverbike has passed series of tests in order to be deployed as patrol vehicle of Dubai police forces. This model of hoverbike is made by Hoversurf, a Russian company specialised in production of human carrying drones. The latest in their line of flying or hovering bikes is already mentioned model which is able to lift and carry grown man up to 28.5 meters  in the air. At the moment operational hovering altitude would be approximately 6 meters with maximum speed of around 40 mph and for the period of 20 minutes. After that you will need to recharge the batteries.

So far, Scorpio 3 was mainly used as recreational vehicle, but, after the Dubai police test it is obvious that it could be used in more practical way. The test showed that Scorpio 3 could be used as unmanned drone or man driven vehicle.

One more good news for all you flying enthusiasts, there is a possibility to preorder this hoverbike and to personally enjoy its possibilities. Till then enjoy in video of Dubai police test bellow!!!

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