September 6, 2023

In this review we will sow you why the Inmotion V10F is one of the most wanted and best electric unicycles available today. It represents next stage in electric unicycle development concerning performances, durability and design. You might sense that you have already met this unicycle earlier and this is not too far from the truth. It has great resemblance to earlier model, the Inmotion V8 when it comes to design – check more about Inmotion V8 unicycle.

Main Fatures of Inmotion V10F:

  • Weight: 45pounds
  • Motor: 800 W
  • Battery: 960 WH Li-ion
  • Charging Time: up to 8 hours
  • Wheel Size: 16″
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 260 pounds
  • Maximum Speed : 25mph
  • Maximum Driving Range: 43miles
  • Maximum Climbing Angle: 30degrees
  • App: YES

Inmotion V10F Design

The cool thing about Inmotion V8 and V10F are customizable side LEDs in different colors placed across the outer black shiny shell. The side pads on V10F are made of hard plastic with grip tape for better traction and soft ankle pads included in the packaging for soft and comfortable ride. It comes (as most of other electric unicycles) with foldable built-in trolley handle for easier handling and moving around (after all, V10F weights around 45 pounds). Beside trolley handle V10F also features a fixed handle with physical button that turns off the drive which is very useful. Strong and bright lamp is placed on the front side of the Inmotion V10F for safer ride during the night. It is up to IP55 standard water resistant, so light rain and puddles are fine, but it’s not designed to be immersed.

Motor, Battery, Speed and Range of the Inmotion V10F

The V10F has pretty good start and it runs fast thanks to a motor with maximum power output of approximately 1800 W. Its maximum speed is 25 mph (sustainable speed is a less lower, about 15 mph) and maximum driving range is approximately 43 miles. The motor is powered with 960 Wh battery pack and the charging port is protected with rubber cover to keep it out of the reach of water and rain. Decorative side LEDs are placed in 3 circular shaped rows around pedal. Also, there is a battery indicator close to the power outlet.

App Enabled

The V10F has an app for smartphone through which you can turn on/off the lights and adjust LED settings on the side of the V10F unicycle.  Also, the light can be turned off via power button when you press and hold the button and then press other button below the handle. The app enables us to track hardware diagnostics, connect to a rear speaker and adjust/turn off system sounds, to set a speed limit, track our speed and vehicle mileage.

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