July 21, 2024

The Powerboard by Hoverboard is one of the leading hoverboards (or if you prefer better two-wheel self-balancing electric scooters) on the market. And guess what, it is making a comeback with UL2272 certification (it means that this model is in compliance with new strict safety regulations). The main advantage is that Powerboard by Hoverboard is from a US based company. Why this is so important? First, company uses more advanced technology and more quality materials than most of the competition which makes this hoverboard user friendly and much safer. Some of the main features, advantages and disadvantages of Powerbord are explained in text below, so, if you have a minute or two read it and decide if it is made for your needs or not.


Main Characteristics of Powerboard by Hoverboard

As already mentioned, The Powerboard by Hoverboard is based in the USA which means that all orders will be shipped to US buyers fast. Also, there is help line available for all customers with USA based customer service. But, the main feature of this hoverboard is long lasting battery which lasts for 6 hours and you will need just 60 minutes to recharge it, amazing isn’t it? If you use it sparingly you can ride your hoverboard days before it needs to be recharged. Powerboard by Hoverboard has weight of 30 lbs and it is built to carry maximum of 220 lbs with maximum speed of 8 mph. Because it is pretty heavy (30 lbs) producer included carry-on bag in the package for easier transport.

And if you are asking yourself who can ride this hoverboard the answer is almost everybody. It is constructed for both kids and adults. It has wide foot panels covered with anti-slip material enabling kids to stand firmly without slipping of the hoverboard. Anybody can master it in just 5 minutes because it has smooth and simple acceleration enabling users with simple leaning forward or backward to move forward or reverse and when you need to master cornering just lean side to side.


Powerboard comes with one year warranty as well as US customer support.

Now, you probably ask yourself what are the disadvantages of Powerboard. Well, since this is so amazing product lots of competitors are producing look-alikes or imitations of Powerbord. These imitations are, on the first glance, same as the original. But be aware that they are not built as sturdy as the original and they last much shorter than Powerboard, just a month or so. Also, they have least quality batteries which are fire hazard. The best way to be sure that you are buying an original is to use certified sellers. You can choose between white, red, blue, green and black Powerboard. Powerboard by Hoverboard is available in white, black, red and blue color.

Till you decide to buy one Powerboard watch the video below about use and possibilities of the Powerboard by Hoverboard.

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