July 13, 2024

There are thousands of different electric bikes on the market designed for different riding styles and rider needs. When it comes to fat tire electric bikes there are also thousands of models, foldable, with 20 inch tires, with 26 inch tires, mountain bikes, cargo bikes, with motors of 500 W, 750 W, 1000 W or even stronger etc. How do you decide which of these fat tire eBikes best suits your needs? In order to make it as easy as possible I decided to write this Ultimate Buyers Guide which I hope will help you and shorten the process of deciding and buying the right fat tire electric bike.

What You Need To Know

Before you buy one (or more) fat tire of electric bikes, first research the market and read buying guides, reviews of specialized forums and blogs, such as ours, user ratings and comments, characteristics and features of models you like, and their prices.

When it comes to the price of an electric bike, I must mention that the price is often the main benchmark that indicates the quality of the bicycle. The higher the price in most cases, the significantly higher the quality of eBike. However, there are some great fat tire electric bikes priced between $ 800 and $ 1500 like ECOTRIC and ANCHEER bikes that fall under affordable yet quality eBikes.

It is best to start with specialized reviews and shopping guides like ours. These guides and reviews will give you the basic idea which eBike would best suit your wishes and needs. The next step in the selection is user ratings because you will get insight to specific models based on previous experiences of old users. User ratings are very useful for new users because they are objective and will clearly highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each model. And yes, each model has its advantages and disadvantages, but the most important thing is that the disadvantages do not outweigh the advantages.

When you reduce the choice to only a few potential models, then you should compare them, that is, compare the quality of workmanship, the manufacturers of components that are built into the bike (for example, the best derailleurs for electric bikes are produced by SHIMANO). You should opt for those that give you good control, safety, speed etc.

Main Features of Fat Tire Electric Bikes

The most important for a good fat tire electric bike are frame, motor, batteries and at the end tires. Why? Because if it has good frame, motor and batteries no one will place crappy tires on it.


The frame is perhaps the most important for the right choice of fat tire electric bike. The frames are made of various materials such as carbon steel, aluminum, steel and others. You can already guess from the material from which it was made what the quality of that frame is and what kind of ride it is intended for. Carbon steel frames are best because they are the strongest and the lightest. They provide exceptional durability on the toughest terrains and are often used to make frames for fat tire mountain electric bikes. Frames made of different aluminum alloys are also good with the best ones being those marked as aircraft grade aluminum which means that they are very durable, and yet light enough. The worst frames are made of plain steel and you should avoid bicycles with such frames. Of course, the better the bike frame, the more expensive the bike.


The speed of an electric bicycle is a feature that, as a rule, all customers pay attention to immediately. However, keep in mind that you will often not reach the maximum possible speeds of a particular bike due to the simple fact that traffic conditions will not allow you to do so. This is especially true of bikes that you buy for commuting. Traffic jams, cars, pedestrians, traffic lights and the like very often affect the fact that you do not reach even half the maximum speed. The best fat tire electric bikes can go well over 60 mph, but the average customer doesn’t need that. For the average user, those bikes that reach around 30 mph are also great, believe me, you often won’t even ride at 20 mph.


The maximum speed of the fat tire electric bike is most influenced by the engine power. 250 W motors are most often installed on models for less experienced drivers, up to 1000 W for more experienced drivers. Professional fat tire electric bikes like the Delfast Bike Top 3.0 have motors with a power of over 3000 W. But for the average user, bikes with motors from 500 W to 1000 W are great, you won’t need better ones. Of course, if you want a professional racing bike then buy the aforementioned Delfast Bike Top 3.0. Another important thing about engine power is the price of the bike. The more powerful the engine, the more expensive the bike.

Delfast Bikes


It is easy to see which battery is better. Batteries from well-known manufacturers such as LG and Samsung are the best, but also more expensive than competing batteries. In addition to the battery manufacturer, the battery capacity is also important. Why? Because higher battery capacity means longer duration on a single charge, and higher driving radius.

Main Concerns About Fat Tire eBikes

Are Fat Tire eBikes worth the money?

They are if that is what you need. This is a purely subjective assessment, and whether it is worth the money invested depends on whether you are a fan of such products or not.

What is the Difference Between Fat Tire and Other eBikes?

That is clear as soon as you see them. They have an overemphasized tire thickness and are easy to distinguish from other electric bikes. The reason for thick tires lies in greater driving comfort, better stability and easier driving on difficult terrain, sand or snow. When you ride fat tire eBike you seem to be riding on a cloud. Of course, not all fat tires are the same. Some are intended for urban conditions, others for off-road driving, and some for driving on snow.

Are Fat Tire eBikes Good for Sloping Terrain?

They are if you have the right model. To drive on sloping terrain, you need to get models with more powerful engines and a larger battery capacity. If you buy a model with a weaker engine and a smaller battery volume, you will not achieve the best performance and the battery will wear out quite quickly. therefore, choose an electric bicycle according to the terrain on which you will ride it.

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