July 21, 2024

Today we are talking about top 10 hoverboards that can be bought for less than $300! Why under $300? Well, on one hand we think that this is the price limit above which you can find only pro hoverboards and on other hand you can still find high quality hoverboards for safe and fun ride below this price. Of course, you have to understand that some of these models don’t have features and performances like high end ones. But, despite that fact, they are still quality made, ideal for fun ride and if fun is what you’re looking for and you don’t want to spend a ton of money, these next 10 hoverboards are here to meet all your expectations. Despite the fact that the higher your budget, the best are the features and specifications of the hoverboards all presented hoverboards under $300 are amazing machines, not the average low-cost, no-name products.

Whom are these hoverboards ideal for?

Well, the obvious answer might be for beginners. Why is this so? Well, if you are a beginner, than you will need to master your hoverboard skills before buying a high end hoverboard which is much more expensive, thus if you scratch it or bump it you wouldn’t be so sorry like if you do it with top price hoverboards. I remember my first steps – I destroyed my IO Hawk  in just a week or so while learning how to ride it. It was scratched all over with more than a few bumps and cracks on the outer shell. Don’t let your ego to keep you off trying to learn how to drive on cheaper model. Later you will have enough time to buy your dream hoverboard.

The second answer would be for children. There’s no need to purchase a $700 hoverboard for your kids to play with. It’s practically throwing money in garbage. They don’t know how to use them correctly and they will most likely break them pretty fast. It’s like buying a Ferrari to a person who never drove a car before.

Are These Hoverboards Reliable?

Believe it or not, these hoverboards are very reliable and all of these 10 models are UL 2272 certified and protected from fire hazard, overheating, over charging, short circuits etc. and mostly they use quality UL 2271 certified batteries. But remember, don’t try to speed them straight into rocks or other hard obstacles or to throw them of the cliff – no hoverboard would survive that.

#1 Tomoloo V2 Eagle – The Best Hoverboard Under $300

Tomoloo V2 Eagle is definitely the best and most reliable hoverboard on this list and one of the best off-road hoverboards available. It might not be the best hoverboard out there, but with this price and a huge amount of satisfied users, it’s more than worth buying it. With all features, design and quality Tomoloo V2 Eagle belongs to high-end hoverboards. You can buy it not just as beginner’s choice, but as your permanent choice!

The V2 Eagle is equipped with two electric motors (with maximum power of 700 W), one for each wheel, Lithium ion quick-charge battery pack, rubber wheels with aluminum hubs, balance level indicator, charger and as the most important feature comes smart balancing gyro-sensor technology which enables a super smooth ride.

New features of V2 Eagle include cool-RGB LED light bar, fender bumpers, LED battery power indicator, etc. Also, this is App and Bluetooth enabled hoverboard meaning you can easily track all riding parameters on the go and connect it to your smartphone and play favorite tunes using 4.2 Stereo Speaker Technology for a stereo surround sound. All this gives Tomoloo V2 Eagle new edge on the market.

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#2 Razor Hovertrax Prizma – The Most Popular Hoverboard for Kids Under $300

The Razor Hovertrax Prizma might be one of the most fun under $300 hoverboards. Why? Because it is part of a new and attractive line of Razor hoverboards for kids with multicolor LED lights, powerful motors and top speed of up to 9 mph. It was one of the best selling model during Black Friday and Christmas sale.

The Razor Hovertrax Prizma is equipped with dual 150 W brushless hub motors (one on each side) with EverBalance auto-self-balancing gyro-sensor technology and maximum output of 350 W. The motors are powered by 25.2V lithium-ion battery pack enabling the rider to run as fast as 9 mph.

The above mentioned EverBalance auto-self-balancing gyro-sensor technology is here to keep it steady while stepping on or off hoverbord. And finally, this model has two driving modes, Training mode for less experienced riders and when it’s on the maximum speed of this model is limited under 5 mph, and Normal mode

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#3 Tomoloo Hoverboard With LED Wheels & Bluetooth Speakers – The Best Hoverboard for Kids

If you search the Internet you will find that Tomoloo hoverboard is often called as the best hoverboard for kids and younger riders. Partially, it is because of their design and vivid LED colored wheels.

This is a lightweight hoverboard with basic, generic design and 6.5” wheels with LED RGB lights. In some descriptions of this model you can find that it is made for all terrains but it isn’t true. Also, don’t be fooled with some comments that it is water resistant. It is in compliance with IP56 standard (splash and light rain resistant), meaning you can’t plunge it into water.  This is the best hoverboard for your kids or as your first hoverboard, especially because you will get great price deal for the quality presented.

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#4 Hover-1 Hoverboards – The Most Versatile Hoverboards under $300

Hover-1 hoverboards are made in several models as a part of Hover-1 series of self balancing scooters slightly different in performances and design. Their most popular models are Hover-1 Titan, Rogue, Helix, Ultra, and Chrome hoverboards. Beside hoverboards Hover-1 offers full range of electric scooters and one of their best selling models is Hover-1 Alpha electric scooter.

Hover-1 hoverboards are coming with built-in Bluetooth speakers for more fun while riding them. With very attractive design they are available in different colors. Also, all Hover-1 hoverboards are equipped with LED lights as signal and warning lights. They are designed for everyday fun and transport in urban environment.

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#5 Gyroor T581 Hoverboard – The Best Wormhole Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers

Gyroor T581 is the best hoverboard with wormhole LED lights. The Gyroor T581 hoverboard comes with 6,5″ off road all terrain wheels. Also, it has improved design with sturdy and modern hubs and LED lights. Since it is app enabled you can adjust your speed using an app.

Be aware that the maximum speed of this hoverboard is 10 mph, so, make sure that you have adjusted speed making it suitable for kids and beginners. With remote integrated Bluetooth speakers, wormhole LED lights and app control this is one cool and affordable hoverboard.

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#6 Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6

The Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 is the high end off-road hoverboard and one of the safest models on the market. It is equipped with 10″ inflatable rubber tires mounted on aluminium rims (look at the pic below) and powered with two 350-watt motors (slightly weaker than EPIKGO Classic).

Swagtron T6 is made of fire retardant hard ABS casing with aluminium wheels and strong rubber tires. It has maximum speed of 8 mph and maximum driving range of 12 miles. One really superb feature of this hoverboard is its cargo capability with maximum load capacity of 420 lbs which is almost twice as more than the majority of other available hoverboards on the market. The climbing capability of this hoverboard is just impressive and it is 30 degrees. Bright LED headlights are here for better look as well as for better visibility during the night ride.

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#7 Razor Hovertrax 1.5

Razor’s Razor Hovertrax 1.5 is one of the top hoverboards on the market. Razor is well known and trusted company established in 2000 and till today has grown to one of the leading companies on hoverboard and electric scooter market. Some of their best known electric scooters are Razor E300, Razor E Prime III and Razor Air electric scooters.

The Hovertrax 1.5 uses dual-hub motors with gyro-sensor technology to reach maximum speed of 6 mph with maximum driving radius of 5 miles and maximum climbing capability of 30 degrees. Also, for better visibility and look this model is equipped with sporty upgraded bright blue LED headlights.

The producer says that this hoverboard is for kids and adults but be aware that its maximum load capacity is only 178 lbs.

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#8 Gyroor G-F1 Racing Hoverboard – The Best Designed Hoverboard under $300

Finally, we have some evolution happening in hoverboard design!!! Gyroor G-F1 hoverbord with 8.5″ wheels and replaceable battery pushes hoverbord design to new grounds. New look is not just for the eye of the beholder, it is very practical too. The design is based upon three-sections with central section containing replaceable and removable Samsung battery and two side sections containing electronics, motors and wheels. Also, central section has carrying handle with digital display and smart LED light.

The modular structure of this hoverboard gives extra stability making it stable even in off mode thus being safe for children. Beside 8.5″ wheels it is powered by dual 700 W motors enabling it to go as fast as 12 mph with maximum radius of 12 miles/1,5 hours on a single charge and continuous ride. The sturdy aluminum board and lunar LED headlights and rear lights are designed in such matter to provide maximally aggressive look.

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#9 Gyroor Warrior 8,5″ – The Meanest Looking All-terrain Hoverboard under $300

We stumbled upon this hoverbord by pure accident and we liked its design at the first look. It has 8,5″ wheels with solid tires on beautifully designed chassis. But be aware that not everybody would like and appreciate this design. However, we liked it a lot.


It is UL2272 certified and uses UL2271 certified Li-ion batteries. Its 2x350W motors are enough to provide you maximum speed of 9,95 mph and maximum driving range of 9,5 miles. How not to love this model when it looks as mean as possible and has 4.0 Bluetooth speakers and colorful LED lights. Also, it is water resistant up to IP54 standard meaning it is protected from dust particles and water sprays. Gyroor Warrior is made for kids and adults since it can handle up to 265 pounds. The limited warranty of Gyroor Warrior is for 1 year and 6 months for battery. Enjoy the ride!

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#10 CHO Spider Wheels LED Hoverboards – The cheapest hoverboards with LED lights

CHO Spider Wheels Hoverboard Series is among cheapest UL2272 hoverboards available on the market. It doesn’t mean it is not good, it’s just not as good as high-end hoverboards. It has passed all necessary safety tests and it has UL2272 certification. It will give you about 9 miles of ride with one charge and we liked it because these are really cheap hoverboards ideal for learning process, kids and beginners. This way you will avoid any damage on your favorite hoverboard before mastering the ride. This model is available in different colors.

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