May 25, 2024

Segway Ninebot electric scooters are among the most popular and best-selling electric scooters on the market. The most popular and best models are Ninebot ES2, Ninebot ES4 and Ninebot MAX. If you own one of the Segway Ninebot electric scooters or just planning to buy one, you should take a look at the some very practical accessories for Ninebot scooters. Thanks to these accessories, you will stand out from other electric scooter drivers. Accessories for Segway Ninebot electric scooters are important both for safe driving and as a stylish addition to your scooter. These accessories are very practical, easy to install and serve to make riding a scooter as comfortable and easy as possible. Below you can see an overview of top 5 accessories for Segway Ninebot electric scooters.

1. Extend Your Ride – External Battery Pack For Ninebot ES1, ES2, ES4

Thanks to this additional external battery pack, you will be able to significantly extend the time of driving your scooter, even twice as long as without this useful accessory. This external battery is easily mounted on the steering rod and is compatible with Ninebot ES1, ES2 and ES4 models. Thanks to this battery, you will also be able to increase the maximum speed of Ninebot electric scooters up to 18.6 mph, and the maximum range up to 28 miles, depending on the model on which it is mounted.

2. Make The Ride More Comfortable With Ninebot Adjustable Seat Saddle

If you are tired of standing on a scooter for a long time, don’t worry. Ninebot electric scooters also have a seat for you. The ergonomic design of the shock-absorbing seats and soft cushions ensure full comfort while driving, even over larger bumps on the road. The seat is designed to be mounted on a scooter platform and it is compatible with Ninebot ES1, ES2, ES3, ES4 and MAX electric scooters. Also, this seat is compatible with most electric scooters available on the market. Especially useful feature is that it can be adjusted in height for different ages, but it is recommended that the driver is at least 14 years old.

3. Upgrade Security With Ninebot 5-Digit Combination Cable Lock

Increase the security of your electric scooter with a special lock with a 5-digit code. This lock allows over 10,000 combinations to protect your electric scooter from potential thieves. It consists of a cable made of solid braided steel that is resistant to cutting and is very strong. It is coated with PVC coating so as not to damage your scooter. In addition, it has a special lock with 5 safety cylinders with numbers and an mounting bracket that can be mounted on any scooter, bicycle, motorcycle etc.

4. Make it More Convenient With Ninebot Waterproof Storage Bag

Segway Ninebot Waterproof Storage Bag

The waterproof Ninebot storage bag is a very useful accessory for Ninebot electric scooters and you will immediately love it. This storage bag mounts easily to the electric scooter steering wheel and is compatible with all Ninebot electric scooters as well as most other scooters available on the market. It consists of a hard case that has a volume of 0.8 gallons, so you can easily put your wallet, smartphone, water and anything else you carry. You can also put all other accessories such as a charger for your scooter, external battery pack, security cable lock etc. in it. It is a multifunctional waterproof bag that is intended to protect all your personal belongings. You can easily mount it on and remove it from the scooter, which makes it portable. The case can be adjusted in length and width, as well as the straps, so it can be turned into a handbag or backpack. You can also use it when riding a bike or hiking.

5. Hold Your Smartphone With Attachable Phone Mount For Ninebot Electric Scooters

Whit this ergonomically designed smartphone holder for Ninebot electric scooters you will be able to perfectly hold your smartphone during the ride. The smartphone holder can easily be placed on a steering bar, right next to central display. It has adjustable clamps, so you can adjust it any smartphone with screen size between 4. 7″ and 6. 5″ (iPhone and Samsung compatible). Also, the clamps are equipped with high-strength spring lock to grip each corner of your phone tightly. 360 degree rotation enables you to adjust phone to any angle for better view and comfort during the ride.

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